Ys Celceta Log #7

This log will be updated until 12 AM EDT (North America Time).

Updated map will be coming soon but uh, part of this log will cover The Ancient Underground Ruin (古の地下遺跡) to Highland (ハイランド) so that should give players an idea of where I am.

Here’s a random screenshot before you continue:

Ys Celceta - Canlilica

  • Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the weapon you picked for the super weapon side quest is the one you will get. I wonder if the other one is available for purchase though? Wait. There’s no weapons shop in Selray. Just spent most of my money reinforcing weapons instead. ^^
  • Really wish Falcom improved the party AI since it’s almost the same as in Ys SEVEN — Your allies are typically stupid and will keep running forward or back and forth trying to get at a material that’s in a spot they can’t reach unless they attack or roll. This usually happens with harvest points. Similarly, they seem to prefer harvest points over enemies when both are near them. 9__9
  • Checking out Comodo right now to see if there are any new quests. Eh? Some travellers are at the gate. Ooh. There are 2 new quests! (Now I’m also curious if the board has been updated at Casnan too. Edit: No new quests there. :/)
  • Did the accessory quest. The accessories shopkeeper just needed 3 of a certain material. (These things.) In return, you get Life Ring II. I think finishing this quest just expanded the offerings too. Lots more stuff to create! Whoa. Accessories to increase Gold and EXP gained! I can create some of this stuff now too. Hmmm!
  • Second quest has you looking for the large white chicken. You’ll find it at the top floor. I approached it from behind to be safe in case it takes off again. ^^ Incidentally, you can visit Asad again as he’ll be out of bed. I’m not sure if the answer matters but I ended up getting a potion from him. (Can’t recall which one I chose as I’m updating this hours after actually playing that part. ^^)
  • So finally, I headed to the next main quest area which leads to some giant boulders. The party consults the diary to figure out how to progress. Notice the information on the left side of the map, particularly the cross as it’s the solution to the touch puzzle that’s about to follow.  Thank God it’s somewhat more complicated than piecing together stone fragments.
    Here’s the solution.

  • Inside the ruins now~! I like this view. I’m not going to give much direction for the first part of the dungeon since it’s pretty damn linear. Things start to branch off a little once you get to the screen that’ll require you to use the 小人の腕輪 (Dwarf Bangle?) again. Actually, at some point along the way before you get to the mini area, you’ll come across a chest that’ll require Dulen’s services. It contains another magic artifact: the Spirit Cape. It reprises its usual role in the Ys series of allowing you to restore HP anywhere as long as you stand still. (Obvious exclusion is during a boss battle … not that you can stay in one place long enough to trigger the effect anyway.)
  • Within the miniature tunnel, you can go northeast or southwest in this area. I’ll head northward first which is a linear path that leads to a chest. (Forgot what’s in it since I’m playing a save game where I already emptied it. ^^)
  • The southwest path leads to a hallway with an overpass that you can’t reach and continuing southwest won’t get you anywhere either. Going down the steps will eventually have the party end up at another hole in the wall. It’s miniature world time again. Once back in normal size, you’ll be in an area with a lot of Konprellas. Here’s a breakdown of the place:
    – The northeast chest contains a Ruby. There’s also spot at on a raised level that leads to a water area. Ozma is needed here.
    – In the south is a Guspown (the large, 4-headed stationary enemy) and an exit leading northwest.
    – The southeast has a mix of enemies and the upper floor connects to the broken hallway in the previous area which has a Dulen chest. Hooray! New weapon for Adol! Broad Edge something or rather +5.
    – The small room to the south is a chest with a Bitter Potion.
  • I’m taking the water route first~! Whoa! Lots of generations of Blubs when you get out of the water. And hey, it’s the overpass above the hallway with a gap! Oh boo. It only lead to a chest with a Sapphire. Now back to the multi-room area and through the northwest doorway.
  • Well, that was quick. A waystone! This probably means there’s a boss up ahead? Uuugggh. Why does this boss have multiple parts to take out? Well, at least Carna can stay out of harm’s way when it’s down. :3 Oh damn, there’s a second part to this where its pattern changes. Still, nothing too bad.
  • This following area is a graveyard but … huh!? I suppose this can be considered a bit of a spoiler of sorts: Do not click unless you want to be spoiled about what they find here! What could this mean?

    Ys Celceta - Group Reaction to the Tombstone
  • It’s that plane/handglider thing from before! Awww. 😦 Adol’s experiencing some flashback again.  Ahahaha. This place is called Silent Hill? ^^
  • The Path of Plateau is next and hey, that waystone is different! Also, the overworld map doesn’t seem to show the harvest points in The Ancient Underground Ruin. How weird!
  • A storm’s a-brewing in a distance!
  • Eh, the Plateau’s pretty linear. Just encountered an Eglise (lv 30) and whaling on it big time. The thing can get up on its hind legs and walk around. *_*;
  • HEY! There’s a memory fragment! ‘Twas unmarked! And I just switched Adol out too. XD Oooh! Child Adol again! ^o^~ Strength +1 get! Oh, there’s also a red chest nearby with a 戦士の刻印 II.
  • Dulen maxed out one of his 10 SP skills already. Caps at level 3. I wonder if there’s something that’ll let them go beyond that?
  • Ergh. What’s with the slowdown in framerate in some parts of the plateau?
  • Reached the end of this area and a new town (Highland)! Huh? People think Adol’s a ghost! X___x New character! I wonder if she’ll be a party member? Anyway, the mayor (I know that’s not the actual translation but “town headman” sounds silly) explains why everyone thinks Adol should be dead. Also, this mayor looks evil. :/
  • Carna’s dreaming about eating? ^^ Hmmm. Solo time again with Adol.

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