Adventures in Looking for the Right Cell Phone Case

Updated March 21st, 2018: I finally found the case that fit my needs. Now I feel like an idiot for not buying it first. -_-

I purchased a Huawei P10 Lite in January. It’s a great little no frills Android mobile phone that’s sufficient for my needs. Call quality is pretty good as well. The only issue is, like many mobile devices, its back and sides are quite slippery to hold. Naturally, I went shopping for a phone case so I could get some proper grip.

The first one I bought was the Spigen Liquid Clear Case. I love the quality but unfortunately, it’s not anti-slip. However,  it provides more grip than the bare phone.

Since I didn’t want to be constantly paranoid about dropping my cell phone, I decided to try another case. I selected the Simpeak Premium Soft Protector Back Case. It looks nice, fits well, doesn’t feel like it’ll slip out of my hands, but there’s one problem — it dries my hands. I’ve been struggling to find a proper comparison for the feel of the material but all I’ve managed to come up with is that it feels like fine sandpaper, or even a typical sheet of printer paper.

As this Simpeak case met my expectations for being anti-slip, I’ve decided to keep it for the time being. I’m still not satisfied though. What I’m hoping for is a case that’s like the one I got for my MediaPad M3 tablet by kwmobile. I can’t think of an adjective that could accurately describe the texture of this either but it’s somewhat like the plastic from a clear shampoo bottle or hand sanitizer. Basically, your skin will kind of stick to it.

I did consider getting a kwmobile case for my phone as well but opted to try different sellers mostly because I needed a case as soon as possible. kwmobile products come directly from Germany which means at least 1 to 2 weeks for delivery.

Anyway, my third phone case was by a company called MYLB. I received this one about 3 hours ago today. Here’s the link to the product on Amazon Canada: I posed a question to owners this time to get an idea of the feel of the case. They all made it sound like it was different from the Simpeak one. But, to my dismay, it turned out that it was identical to the Simpeak one. (Obviously, no one has the dry hands issue so I suppose it has to do with my own skin. :P)

I wish I took more photos but my mind was so set on getting the thing out the door to the post office for a return that I just have this one:

Simpeak and MYLB cases for the Huawei P10 Lite
The Simpeak case is on the left.

The whole “[c]arbon Fiber Pattern and stylish wiredrawing design” on the back is exactly the same as well.

Honestly, I should have looked at the photos from the Simpeak case again before buying the MYLB one as I had no memory of the spiderweb design and “The Ultimate Experience” in the interior. That alone should have been a red flag.

Speaking about clones, I must point out that the Valenth one is also made of the same mold. It even uses the same photos as the MYLB one on its product page. I’m convinced it’s one Chinese manufacturing plant making these things and packaging them under different brand names for various (possibly Chinese) companies. 😐

In the end, I ordered a kwmobile case. Crossing my fingers that it’s the perfect one for my needs.


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