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Ys Celceta Log #6

ATTENTION: ランゴアに関する情報がこのブログの下部にあります。


This log will be updated until 12 AM EDT (North America Time).

Slowly getting there~

Ys Celceta - 46.2% Done
Would have gone a bit faster had I not backtracked hardcore for underwater chests (click to enlarge)

Screenshots to be added later. Having too much fun with the game right now. ^^ Edit on Oct 4th: All done!

Actually, all the moving around allowed me to encounter random pairs of travellers. I wonder if there’s some trophy for finding them all? I know there were two near camp sites but I can’t remember if third pair was close to one or not.

Anyway, back in Casnan. Lots of soldiers here and there. D: Looks like you can report to Griselda on either Bammy & Gadis or what occurred at Selray/The Sacred Beasts’ Nest. (Actually, it seems like choosing the top option will bring the conversation to focus on the villains anyway.) I think Griselda goes on to talk about stuff regarding the Romun presence and such. Seems like political talk. ^^ Afterwards, Adol and Dulen bump into Gruhda (hey, it’s Falcom’s spelling 😛 Then again, they also write Romun as Romn. Bleh.) as they leave the building. The heroes then head on over to the bar for dinner and stuff.

  • When Dulen is asking about a hint about something, select the memory with the ominous tower. (You’re forced to anyway since everything else will just not work.) He’ll eventually take off to look for an old friend(??) which will leave Adol to go solo for a bit.
  • 2 new quests are available!
  • Bawww. The kids in front of the bar send you on a treasure hunt. >_> Second one is in the mines and has you busting rocks for gold ores while timed. I believe the ones with gold peaks have the gold ores and there are 10 in total. You get 1000 G per gold ore mined but if you get all of them, you will receive a bonus of 2000 G. :3 After the mini game, you can ask Wagner a story-related question. (You can only pick one topic.) Oh yeah, it doesn’t look like you keep any of the gold ores but I think you can for other ores and stuff that you mine.
    Video of all the locations of the gold-tipped rocks:

  • Regarding the treasure hunt, you’re looking for gold ores too. There are 6 of them but 5 different locations, 2 of which are indoors. Click here to see all locations. Ahaha. Poor Adol gets mistaken for stealing or at least suspicious behaviour by a patrolling guard at one point but Gruhda comes along and convinces the guy that Adol is just playing some game with some kids. You get to ask him about the two plot-related topics too. Same goes for one of the other NPCs. I hope you’re not supposed to ask them a specific topic since I just kind of randomly chose one for each character. ^^Video solution:

  • Muu? Is Leo making a fuss again? >_> What the? Everyone is gathered near a wall and looking up. Why, there’s someone up there!
  • LOL. The reaction after Leo yells at her a second time to get down. XD Oh geez, everyone’s cheering Leo on to go up so he doesbut Carna jumps off before he can even get anywhere near the top. ^o^~ I believe Leo starts to freak out as he’s scared of heights or something. >_>
    Adol and the leading lady.

  • Man, so many dialogue choices during this conversation with Carna. Looks like she’s been investigating Bammy and Remnos. She then asks for Adol’s help. I wonder if you can refuse her? ^^; Oh dear, she drinks herself into a stupor and then nods off to sleep. ^^ But before that, here’s an image of Carna toasting! I wish I got the shot after cuz it shows Adol kind of half-heartedly toasting back. XD
  • ??? Dulen comes in singing?????
  • After putting Carna in bed, Dulen reveals he has an old book with some info about Celceta. In particular interest is a page with a map showing specifically marked locations with notes. Wait a minute, from the looks of writing, isn’t this Adol’s diary? I mean “Statue with wings like Feena”? Who else would know that? Oh derp, I think even Dulen mentions it is?? ^^
  • Welp, it’s time to set off to the underground passage that was marked on the map! Huh. One pair of those random people I encountered in the forest are in the weapons shop. I’ve never been paying attention but were they here earlier too? ^^ Spent some time reinforcing weapons. Hirm. Maybe I should have back to Selray to do it instead. Oh well. …. I have to go there anyway to progress the story. XD
  • Haha. Totally threw on every status effect onto weapons and managed to inflict Poison, Flame, Paralyze, AND Freeze onto enemies. This kind of breaks the game (well,only when they actually work). 😛 Ooh. Just got a new trophy! Defeated 2000 enemies. ^^
  • I just realized that skill usage levelling isn’t reliant on skills successfully making contact with foes; it works if you just randomly shoot, poke, or slash air as well. 9_9 Cool. Throwing things through rocks works for player characters as well. Good old clipping!
  • Back at Selray. I was actually aiming to head north a bit since I wanted to fill up the slots of the missing materials of some of the harvest points but the game shoves you into the town.
  • Gee, 4 people now. Ooh! I can swap out Adol. XD My new party consists of Carna, Dulen, and Ozma. 😀
    Ys Celceta - No Adol in party!
    Team, um, Carduroz?


  • Sigh. Leo. 9__9 Oh hey, new quest available. I don’t like the sound of it though. A super weapon needs to be tested? Opted to take the glove weapon since Adol’s not active at the moment. Looks like I gotta go out and beat up 5 boar monsters (Rangor/ランゴア) with it? (Official XSEED translation is Rangoa.) Shame. Fight the giant crocodile monster and it couldn’t move for most of the fight cuz it was constantly inflicted with Freeze. ^^
  • Ooh. Got the Dulen-related trophy. Not sure why though. I was just standing around and switched to him while HP was replenishing.
  • Whew. Killed the 5 Rangors. Heading back to Selray now. X_X Man, Carna’s fourth skill produces an explosion. ^^ I love running into a middle of a battle and setting it off. XD
  • Edit on Oct 24th: Lots of searches for the ランゴア. I marked their location on the map below with a red circle. There is a tree stump on the right side where you can push down so that you can travel back and forth between the west and east regions of the Forest of Dawn. However, at first, the circled area is only reachable by going east from the Selray waystone:
    Ys Celceta - Find your Rangors here!

    Here’s a video guide from both the waystone outside of Selray and the one near the eastern region of the Forest of Dawn:

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