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[Android] Fun Times with Removing SuperSU and Playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Please note that this post isn’t meant to explain methods of how to remove the SuperSU program or getting Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp onto your device. There are enough sources found through search engines for those.

Also note that everything I detail here wasn’t done for the sake of getting Pocket Camp to run. I really wanted my Android tablet to be back in its original, non-rooted state and this was a good excuse to do it. :3

After discovering Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp soft launched in Australia on October 25th, I decided to see if my pathetic ASUS MeMO Pad 8 (ME180A) could handle it.

I found the APK and loaded it up. I was pleasantly surprised that it could get through the character creation segment, but alas, that was as far as it would go. A pop-up box with the error code 802-5808 appeared and the only option was to return to the title screen.

It turns out the game can’t fully run on a rooted device. The thing is that is that my tablet wasn’t rooted anymore. I suppose I should have figured that not being able to uninstall the SuperSU application was a sign of future trouble. πŸ˜›

Most of the solutions regarding the removal of SuperSU required a rooted device so my next option was to restore the MeMO Pad 8 to its original state since, obviously, that didn’t happen when I unrooted it.

I managed to get the stock image from ASUS’ support site but I ran into another problem — I couldn’t get into the recovery menu no matter what button combination I pressed.

Some research later, I downloaded and installed the ADB and Fastboot utilities and read up on the commands I should be using to get into the recovery menu. I thought I had found a sure solution to my problem this time but it turned out that only ADB was able to find the device. Fastboot couldn’t and I never figured out how to get it to.

Luckily, the tablet responded to ADB commands. Unfortunately, after telling the tablet to go into recovery mode, I got the image of the disabled Android on its back with words “No command” under it. Joy.

Back to Google I went.

About every web page I checked offered some version of “hold power button and then press volume up or volume down when the manufacturer’s logo appears”. It never worked before so what were the chances of it working now? Of course none of those instructions did.

Finally, I found this in a post at the Android Central forums:

If you are trying to get into recovery mode, and see an android on his back with No Command, then press and hold Power, then tap Volume Up once, then release Power. This will display the Recovery Mode Menu.

This method worked! The next while was spent trying to figure out how to get the tablet to install the image file through ADB and then via micro SD card. Nothing was working because I extracted the contents of the zip file I got from the ASUS support page and was trying to get the system to only read the boot.img file. 9_9

In the end, I put the archive on the micro SD card and selected to apply the thing as an update. The process went through without a hitch.

ASUS MeMO Pad 8 Recovery Menu
By this time, I was getting very tired of seeing this screen.

Once it finished, I went to check if the SuperSU icon was still on any screen. It wasn’t so I went to test Pocket Camp once more. While I was able to progress further, I got the root detection error right before reaching the camp. =_=

I thought the tablet was back to stock with no trace of root but it clearly wasn’t the case. I’m not sure what exactly solved my issue but I recall my next step was to use the recovery menu to do a factory restore.

After I was done setting up the tablet, I immediately went to the Play Store to check if there was anything that could verify if my device still had some modified files and whatnot on it.

I found and downloaded Root and SafetyNet Checker. The results showed that the MeMO Pad 8 was not rooted, had no SuperSU installed, but still had BusyBox on it. Sigh. It passed the SafetyNet check though.

Everything seemed ready for one last test with Pocket Camp. And wonderful things happened when I did. πŸ˜€

I got through the entire tutorial~! I kept waiting for the error to return but it never did and I have been playing the game everyday since. I’m currently up to level 21 with my character. ^^ For what it’s worth, I selected the natural style camp. Er, I suppose it’s obvious from the screencaps above. πŸ˜› When I start over on the North American account, I’m going to choose cute since I love the cute themed tent a lot as well as the cute animals. (Crazy me created an Australian Nintendo Account just to ensure data is backed up somewhere. ^^ Getting the 100 Leaf Tickets by linking to the account was a secondary thing. :P)

There IS a problem with playing it on the MeMO Pad 8, however. The game is extremely prone to lagging; It happens after a few minutes of gameplay and it slows to the point that you may have to wait over a minute before the characters move again. Closing the app and then restarting it allows me to play for roughly the same amount of time before lag occurs again.

Loading the game after rebooting the device seems to prolong the game running at a regular speed before massive slowdowns kick in.

Connection errors pop up a bit as well but they go away eventually.

I hardly have anything installed so I’m convinced ACPC isn’t meant to be played on this tablet model or even with the firmware. (I’m using Android 4.2.2.)

Ideally, I’d run the game on my iPad mini 2 but Nintendo despises modified devices and that tablet is jailbroken. I still installed Pocket Camp but just can’t play it. :E I’m waiting for a patch just like all of these folks:Β

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