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Ys Celceta – Final Thoughts on the Game

Ys Celceta - Finally got the Platinum Trophy
Yay~! Got my Platinum Trophy today~! 😀

Played through Celceta twice — once on Normal and once on Nightmare. I gotta say that it’s a pretty fun game but there are some issues that I wish Falcom would fix (via downloadable update):

  • Character AI — They can get super goofy at times and run around in circles. It’s easy to stop this by switching to control the character but still, it shouldn’t happen. This isn’t as offensive as the stupidity that’s been brought over from Ys SEVEN where the characters will ignoring enemies to continually try and get at a material they can’t reach at a harvest point. Again, a switch to the character will solve it but come on, why would they even do that in the first place?
  • Bugs — There are times where player input will be impossible. I actually managed to reproduce an issue in the Silver Space (白銀の間) where all characters will become frozen (from being hit by a beam from a 3-faced monster) and all user interaction became nullified. The enemies will continue to attack but you can’t do anything like access the menu and the characters won’t unfreeze. :\ There are also cases where the game will show you an outstanding treasure chest in a dungeon that doesn’t even exist as well as chests that don’t show up on the mini map (on a second playthrough onward) even though all the other ones in the vicinity do. >_>
  • Inability to skip cutscenes on new game+ — It’s kind of annoying to have to sit through everything even with the fast-forward option on. I suppose there’s just too much extra code to include to give the option to skip scenes entirely. Or maybe Falcom’s just too damn lazy.
  • Slowdown — It’s noticable in certain areas of the Forest of Dawn where there’s a lot of enemies. I think there’s a part in the Path of Plateau where it happens too even though there isn’t a bunch of enemies. I take it the background and stuff play a part in that one.
  • More variety for the group configuration bonus. — Uh … forgot what it was called and too lazy to check the manual right now. ^^ (I already stored the game away.) But like, there were only 2 types, IIRC — one which had something about damage and another for increased frequency of obtaining rare items. I think the bonus should have been character based instead of weapon type. :/

General thoughts:

  • Like Ys SEVEN, the battle system made the game. Battles are fast and really fun! I can’t remember SEVEN too well but I’m pretty sure they honed the mechanics in this one.
  • The dungeon designs are all right. Not all that crazy about them since there’s still a lot of “hand-holding” where everything you need to access another area just happens to be nearby and all. No real challenges or skill needed at any point. Honestly, even though I’m not all that great with platforming, I do like the designs from Napishtim, Felghana, and Origin a lot more than SEVEN and Celceta.
  • I wasn’t all that crazy about the Personal Actions since if you ended up disliking a character and never using them, you’d be forced to swap him/her in just use his or her PA. Even so, I do kind of wish there was a dungeon that made you use every single Personal Action (except maybe Dulen’s since all he does is open chests). ^^
  • Totally wasn’t crazy about the puzzles in the game because they felt kind of tacked on; like they existed only to make use of the Vita’s touch screen. There were also too far and few of them which makes me wonder why they were even included.
  • Michey is … ugh. Such an ugly design. :/ Stupid Falcom. Please don’t make that thing your official mascot.
  • Part of the northern area of the Forest of Dawn sure could have used a waystone.  All in all, they were located in convenient spots.
  • I really liked the way side quests were handled where you can see where the quest giver is on the mini map as well as the location of targets were. Well, the latter is true for most of the monster elimination quests. I believe SEVEN had you running around towns and speaking to everyone unless you were using a walkthrough which would tell you who to specifically look for.
  • Easy mode is hilarious. I think the G.Pikkard spawn rate is insane since it only takes a few screen refreshes for it to appear and you can easily kill it if you have beefed up characters and equipment from a previous playthrough. There also seems to be a lot more monster carcasses that remain on the screen + much MUCH easier to get rare drops with the Silver Axe equipped. When this game gets localized, I am so starting on Easy. XD (I only did a new game+ with it for Time Attack and Boss Rush. XD)
  • Nightmare mode is a bit of a joke if you have maxed out characters and near maxed weapons + armour. ^^  I barely had to use potions in any battles even though I totally suck at flash guarding and executing flash moves. 😛 I just roll around like crazy. ^^;

If I think of anything else, I’ll add it later. :3

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Ys Celceta – Being illiterate can kind of suck when it comes to side quests

Edit on December 12th 2013: I decided to update the Shopkeeper for a Day info with the official English translations.

Good lord, I must have redid the 臨時店番の募集 (Hiring Temporary Help) a.k.a. Shopkeeper for a Day in the official English version side quest in Selray 3 times last night. I only discovered this when I reached Highland and completed the final quest needed for the merchant trophy; the game didn’t give it to me. >_>

The biggest problem was the second last customer since, being rather illiterate to Japanese, it made it difficult for me to understand which of the nuts I should be selling. All I was doing was matching text. But due to the fact that none of the other kanji matched any of the red text that Dulen repeated, I didn’t know I was supposed to just select the same type of nut that was supposed to get off-loaded onto customers at a discounted price. In short, I was looking for the phrase “値引き” (“discount”) which shows up as a response to the final customer, IIRC. (See the screenshot below.)

Ys Celceta - The one randomly generated condition in the 臨時店番の募集 side quest
Pay attention to what seed/nut/fruit Ray wants you to discount and sell.

The circled text is randomly generated every time you reload/play this side quest. I believe it can be チトの実, ラパロの実, or アリエダの実.

Here are the replies you should provide to each customer (taken from Please take note that the list of items for getting all 6 replies correct is slightly wrong.). Edit on December 12, 2013: Updated with official English translations.

  • Customer #1:木綿をすすめる (Bottom choice)/Recommend cotton
  • Customer #2:まけられない (Top choice)/Refuse
  • Customer #3:自腹を切って果実をオマケする (30G) (Top choice)/Buy a fruit for her (30G)
  • No one around:大きな声で、元気よく客を呼び込む (Top choice)/Call out to try attracting more
  • Customer #4:○○の果実を売る (This should match the type of seed that Ray mentions)*/sell whatever is in high supply/demand as mentioned by Ray
  • Customer #5:○○の実を値引きして売る  (Ditto)*/discount whatever Ray instructed to

* These types of nuts or fruits will be different for everyone as they’re randomized upon loading the game so I hope you paid attention. ^^

If you get all the answers right, you should be rewarded with the 特上 (known as Extra Large) set:

Ys Celceta - The best reward for Ray's quest
Your aim is to get the 特上セット which has ハニーポーション x5, ビターポーション x5, 毒消し草 x5, 麻痺取り草を各 x5, 3 each of the whateverの実, 金剛殻 x 2, 超硬殻 x2, and カエルエキス x2.
In English, these would be Honey Potion X5, Bitter Potion x5, Antidote Powder x5, Anti-Paralysis Potion x5, Chito Nut x3, Raparo Fruit x3, Arieda Fruit x3, Indestructible Shell x2, Hard Scale x2, and Frog Extract x2.

Random, unrelated thoughts:

For this playthrough, I opted to do Selray first and then Comodo. One thing I noticed was this:

Ys Celceta - Encountering an Explorer in the Woods of Strays
Spotted this guy at the Woods of Strays instead of Leo & company after completing Selray first. :0

And I also noticed Pigeon and Rabbit appearing too. I can’t recall if they showed up in this area during my first playthrough where I went to Comodo first.

Ys Celceta - Encountering Rabbit and Pigeon in the Woods of Strays
Do they show up if you go to Comodo first? D:
    • Nightmare’s been a breeze so far thanks to me maxing out Adol and Dulen and majorly reinforcing their equipment (as well as Carna’s) from the previous playthrough. The only issue is that boss battles and some of the larger monsters still take a while. The only boss that gave me problems so far is the one in the Tower of Divine Guidance. The second battle is fairly easy but the first one is terrible for me since I can’t dodge or flash guard in time. 😛
      Oh yeah, guarding in Nightmare is quite horrible since your still get a chunk of HP lopped off. Of course, it’s not as bad as not guarding at all but still. ^^
    • Finalllllllllllllly. I got it~~!

      Ys Celceta - 秘めたる商才 Trophy Get!
  • .Check out the time. XD
    Ys Celceta - 83 hours and still going~! XD
    Most of the time was from the first playthough + some idling. I gotta check an earlier save to see how many hours I had pumped in in that one. The Nightmare run is definitely going MUCH faster. I’m guessing I only have 20 hours on this so far?

    Oh dear lord. My first playthrough clocked in at 75 hours. What the hell did I do? I know I didn’t really grind at all and if I did, it was only for materials and there’s no way I put in so many hours for grinding.

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Pot-pourri Post: Ys and Tiny Farm

Just some quick updates~!

Ys Celceta

I embarked on my Nightmare run recently. With maxed out Adol and Dulen + massively upgraded ultimate weapons and armour, the trek across Celceta has been fairly quick. The only problem are the bosses. ^^ The first boss took about 10 minutes to defeat. 😛 It took me a bit to clue in that I was supposed to get its stun gauge up. Once I started spamming skills instead of simply slashing its body, the battle went a bit faster.

I also reloaded the Clear Game data on Easy to get the Time Attack and Boss Rush trophies. XD Here’s a small gallery of images of my achievements~! :3 Tiny Farm images are mixed in since I have no idea how to exclude them. >_>

Tiny Farm

Tiny Farm Halloween Special~!
The Dracula Cow and Zombie Alpaca!?

The Halloween promotion is in full swing now~! And again, there’s some cross-breeding weirdness! The special animals this time around will complete the Halloween Level 2 Collection.

Tiny Farm - Halloween Collection!
I’m still missing the piggy to get the ghostly sheep. 😦
Tiny Farm - Level 2 Halloween Animal 1
Breed the Dairy Cow and Black Cow for the Dracula Cow~! (And wow, a Bell as a reward this time!)
Tiny Farm - Halloween Level 2 Animal 2
Breed a Red Reindeer and Alpaca~!

Like the Pirate Animals, the option to cross-breed will probably not be available after the promotion is done. 😦


Been seeing people complaining that they weren’t getting the cross-breeding option. Maybe some people haven’t updated their game yet? :/ I still haven’t managed to get either of the level 2 Halloween animals. Hopefully, I will soon… And then somehow get the skeleton pig from an egg or candy~~ I really want the ghost sheep. 😦 And I really wish it could stay as a baby cuz the baby and young sheep are much more adorable than adult sheep. ^^

Update on Oct 29th: I got my Dracula Cow! It only took a billion tries!!!

Tiny Farm - Dracula Cow w/ Parents~!
Woo! No more need for the ugly Dairy Cow. Well, at least in the near future.
Tiny Farm - Dracula Cow Get~!
Tiny Farm – Goofy looking Halloween cow~!

For what it’s worth, my Black Cow was at Level 32 and the Dairy Cow was Level 17. Next up will be the Zombie Alpaca.

Tiny Farm - Second Halloween Animal Objective~!
Tiny Farm – Another Bell as a reward! :0!!!!

My Alpaca is Level 100 and the Red Reindeer is Level 12. I haven’t gotten the Zombie Alpaca yet and I’m hoping it’ll take less tries because I need a total of 12 Love Points for each breeding session. >_>

But … I’ll still be out with that skeleton pig from the Level 1 collection. :\ Guess I’ll keep trying with the candy or something. I doubt I’ll be able to make use of the Eggs during these last few days of the promo since I’m saving up to get the ghost lamp thing. ^^

2nd update on Oct 29th: I got my Zombie Alpaca today! ^o^~

Tiny Farm - Zombie Alpaca Get~!
Tiny Farm – Zombie Alpaca Get~!

Sadly, I bred the parents again but it didn’t work. 😦 Only regular reindeer and alpaca kept popping out. I do want another zombie though!

There’s more objectives after the breeding’s done~!

Tiny Farm - Prank #1~!
Tiny Farm – Not sure why this objective is labelled as a prank since you’re doing something good to a neighbour. ^^
Tiny Farm - Prank #1 Done~!
Tiny Farm – You just need to find three separate neighbours that have Witch Sheep and give them love~~~~~

And then …

Tiny Farm - Prank #2~!
Tiny Farm – Love the skeleton piggies~!

Sigh. Still out on one animal. 😦 At least the Valentine one will be easier since I have all 3 Level 1 animals. (Come on, you KNOW they’ll do a Valentine promo again.)

Tiny Farm - My Halloween Collection
Tiny Farm – The missing pig. :((((((((((((((((((((((((((( BTW, I didn’t get the Ghost Deer since … well, you know, pig. 😛

Edit on November 1st:

  • Halloween Prank 3 was to give affection to any three Zombie Horses you find among your neighbours. I was busy yesterday so I didn’t get around to uploading the image. Actually, there probably isn’t any point since I can just type out the descriptions. 😛
  • Halloween Prank 4: “Give love to the Dracula Dairy Cow in neighbor farm 3 times.” Like the other ones, you just need to find the animal in 3 different farms.
  • Halloween Prank 5: “Give love to the Zombie Alpaca in neighbor farm 3 times.” Same tip as the last one.

The rewards for all of these are 1 Halloween Candy, 1 Bell, and 30 XP.

Edit on November 2nd:

  • The Last Halloween Prank:“There is an animal that can’t wait for Halloween because it loves candy. Shall we find this animal and ask if it received lots of candies in Halloween? Hint: This animal’s dialogue”. Oddly, the description ends there. 😛 But the objective is “Give love to the ‘animal that like candy’ in neighbor farm once.’ I swear, I think they have people from Com2uS Korea doing the translations. Anyway, reward is EXP +30 and Bells +3. The animal you’re looking for is:

    Tiny Farm - The Answer to The Last Halloween Prank
    Tiny Farm – The Answer to The Last Halloween Prank: It’s a Talking Spotted Pig~!

Its level doesn’t matter. I just took a screencap of it from my collection. :3

Edit on November 6th: I asked Com2uS on Twitter yesterday if the Skeleton Pig could be bred at any time of the year or just during the Halloween promo and it’s only during the promo. :(( At the time of the reply, there was just over 2 days left. But!!!! Look what happened!!!!!!!

Tiny Farm - Skeleton Pig Get!
Tiny Farm – Stupid pig. It took me so many tries to get this. I got it by breeding a Lv 100 Talking Pig with a Lv 5 Talking Pig.

And then …

Tiny Farm - Ghost Sheep
I finally got my sheep. ~.~


Tiny Farm - All Halloween Animals ... For Now
Tiny Farm – All Halloween animals … for now. Who knows if Com2uS will add a 3rd collection next year or not?

Now I can go back to giving Love Points to other animals instead of them Talking Pigs. Truthfully, I was going back and forth between 2 Talking Pigs and 1 Talking Pig x a Brown or Black Pig since I read that you can get a Skeleton Pig with the latter method too.

Whee~! Ghost Sheep~~~ Of course, I got the Ghost Deer as well but it’s not cute enough for me to care about!

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Ys Celceta – Walkthrough for the Bronze Space (青銅の間) in Iris

I did a quick run through to get the entire map of the area. Falcom really doesn’t put too much thought into making puzzles because this turned out pretty easy overall. ^^ (As long as you can remember that you can backtrack to a previous pressure plate then all will be okay~ :3)

Click to enlarge~!

I realize it’ll be more ideal to have the map on one side and the walkthrough on the facing page but that’ll just end up being one big graphic. It’s probably best to open 2 browser windows and line them up side by side with one showing the map and the other with the steps. ^^

Oh yes, I would recommend that Dulen be one of the three members you can control because there are a few treasure chests that require his Personal Action.

Need to knows:

  • The tablet near the entrance resets the room.
  • Any depressed pressure plates will remain so until you hit another plate elsewhere. This means you can walk over them without worry that the platforms will move.


  1. Go to pressure plate A.
  2. Move north to B. Regular chest on bottom right is a Heal Troche. Chest for Dulen contains a Shield Ring IV (シールドリングⅣ).
  3. Hit C.
  4. Go to D then immediately hit E. Travel northwest to the normal chest for Panaceas x 3 (万能薬).
  5. Go south to circular area until you reach the tablet and the two stone heads. Don the Dwarf Bracelet (小人の腕輪) and make your way across to the tablet on the other side. You can run or roll over the holes since it seems like the spikes will only shoot out when you’re normal-sized or a roo. (Yes, I tested it out in roo form too. :P)
  6. Interact with the tablet on the left side of the two stone heads and choose the top option. It will disable the spike trap.
  7. Go north to step on F.
  8. Go south over G.
    (Yes, I know there’s a chest on a small platform near F. You CAN get it now but after opening it, you’ll have to teleport out of the Bronze Space and run all the way back to this point since there is no other pressure plate to bring you back. I figure it makes more sense to trigger the waystone at the end of this place so you can teleport to that instead.)
  9. Head to H.
  10. Run to I and then go east to the gold chest. It has Dulen’s Purgatorio (プルガトリオ), his second strongest weapon.
  11. Now head west to the regular chest for a Roda Leaf (ロダの葉).
  12. Move over J and then go to K.
  13. Go all the way north for a Dulen chest with a Celceta Nostrum (セルセタの秘薬).
  14. Go to L. The tablet here re-activates all pressure plates.
  15. Make your way to the pool of water and put on the Beast King Claw (獣王の篭手) to smash both of the giant jars on either side.
  16. Swim to northern region. I’m not going to do a walkthrough since the teleports are straightforward and won’t send you from one end of the screen to the next or anything. Do be careful of the weird horned-enemy since it can put status effects on characters.

For the chest near F. Do the following:

  1. Touch G and immediately go back to F.
  2. Go to the small platform on the east to open the Dulen chest for a Temple Cloth (テンプルクロス).
  3. Teleport to either the end of the Bronze Space (if you already activated the waystone there and haven’t defeated the boss yet) or back outside to the main area of Iris, or run back all the way to the tablet next to the first pressure plate.

Added on Oct 24th: A video walkthrough! (Sorry about the quality. >_< I mean, even in HD it’s not all that great. :\)

Here are the chest contents of the northern region:

East side:

Bottom – Roda Fruit (ロダの実)

Middle – Dulen chest with Elixir of Life (命の霊薬)

Top – Kaiser Potion (カイザーポーション)

West side:

Bottom – Celceta Flower (セルセタの花)

Middle – Skill Troche (スキルトローチ)

Top – Red chest with Flash Bracelet (閃光の腕輪)

Central area with 3 chests (accessed via east side):

Dulen chest has Berserk Armor +1 (ベルセルクアーマー)

Bottom chest has a Diamond (ダイアモンド)

Left chest has the, uh, Peculiar Lump x 15 (奇妙な塊)

The gold chest further up north, just south of the waystone has the Apocalypse (アポカリプス) which is a sword for Adol.

Obligatory screenshot of the boss: Click~! Damn, this boss is easy. ^^

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Ys Celceta – Visual Guide to Solving the Touch Puzzle in the Gold Space (黄金の間) in Iris

The touch puzzle may seem intimidating at first but it’s actually very easy once you understand the fact that your starting location can change.

Edit: Here’s a video version:


The overall goal is to conquer all 4 doorways (marked in the screenshot below as red dots) by moving 1 – 3 sections of the disc to connect paths to the platforms. It’s impossible to reach all four doorways from the initial starting point. Having said this, there is an altar in front of each of the doorways which will act as a new starting point when you reach one.

Each time you complete a challenge, one of the cubes surrounding the northern area will glow. Once all 4 of them are activated, the gates to the north will be accessible.

In the following screenshots, the treasure chests may not always appear. ^^ This is because I did screencaps with two different save games.

Anyway, here’s what the puzzle looks like from the start:

You are currently working from the lower area. Every hexagon represents a platform. Notice how the section within the red rectangle above corresponds with the mini map below:

The northern chest is covering the platform a bit but I assure you that, just like the puzzle screen shows, you cannot reach that platform as it’s not connected to the starting point. The chest on the right side is, however. This one contains 10 Purple Cloud Stones (紫雲石). Incidentally, rotating the outer ring counter-clockwise once for the next path should get you to a gold chest on the left side that has Armageddon (アルマゲドン), a weapon for Canlilica. All solutions for connecting paths to chests are at the bottom of this guide.

Now to get to the first door, move the rings so the paths connect like this from your location:

This is what the layout looks like with the mini map. (Yeah, my party’s already at the doorway. ^^):

Click here to see the path traced out in a red line. ^^; Sorry for not using an arrowhead but I figure that having the mini map view as an accompanying reference source should be enough.

As you can see, the doorways are shown on the mini map as small red rectangles like regular exits. Enter through the one you’re in front of to fight a bunch of spiders. They are rather quick and can easily swarm you so take caution not to let them gang up on any party member.

Now, since you’re at another altar, keep in mind that when you rotate the discs, the paths should be made to connect to where you’re standing. (I kind of used the wrong screenshot in that link since I already moved the paths then but it should get the point across. ^^) So, to get to the door on the right, make the touch puzzle look like this:

This is the path you’re looking for: Click~! And here is the mini map version. (Again, I took it after I move the group. This will be a recurring theme ^^):

The fight here consists of a bout against hyperactive frog-like enemies. Like the spiders, they’re jumpy and rather quick.

Once that’s over, you can either make your way to the gold chest nearby for a Valkyrie Dress +3 (ヴァルキリードレス+3) or return to the altar at the entrance of the room. (I tried but there doesn’t seem to be a way to the doorways on the west without going from the original starting point.)

Back at the origin point, arrange the rings like this:

The route traced in red~ And here’s the mini map:

Ugh. The monsters are those archer types that can be encountered in the Ancient Underground Ruin. They’re slow but they can inflict a whole lot of status effects on the party. >_< The effects are removed when returning to the Gold Space though.

To get to the final doorway, the touch puzzle should end up as:

Red outline showing the way: Click~! Mini map view:

There are slow enemies here too. I didn’t really pay attention to any special attacks they did. ^^

When all four doorways are completed, the northern gates will open to reveal a gold chest.

If you haven’t already, you can nab any remaining chests before heading there. The one right across from your current position is really easy to get to. Otherwise, just connect the paths in the following manner to get to the exit area:

I got lazy and didn’t trace out the path but here’s the mini map screenshot:

The gold chest sitting in the center has Ragnarok (ラグナレク), a weapon for Ozma.

There’s a waystone up ahead which can only mean one thing! In fact, here’s a screencap of the boss: 😀 Although it’s pretty much a palette swap of the silver one, its tactics and attacks are different.

Anyway, here are the solutions to getting all the chests. There may be other routes to them?

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Ys Celceta Log #17

Final dungeon, here I come! No wait. This is the second last dungeon, apparently??? I mean, there’s still a fire location left, I believe.

Anyway, before that, this stuff happened:

  • I gots me some legendary weapons~! :3 I only made the ones for Carna and Adol. I’m going to get the third Sunstone (太陽石) soon and then use that one for Dulen.
    Ys Celceta - Carna's Legendary/Ultimate Weapon
    Light Blade(s), Venus~!
    King Sword, Aias (or Ajax)~~

    What’s cool is that you get an accompanying piece of armour every time you forge a legendary weapon! 😀 Yes, the initial weapon created completes the side quest but you can keep going back to Shiryu when if you have a Sunstone and have him make another weapon + armour.

  • Side quest trophy get~!
  • Revisited the Eleduk as dictated by the story. 😛 < spoiler >When the party reaches the door to the Temple of the Sun, Riesa with Sol Galva fly in. Lefance appears again and explains stuff. The scene’s kind of long but toward the end of it, he says that the Mask of the Moon should grant its user the same power as whatever Eldeel had in order to open the door to the Temple of the Sun. (There’s this whole thing about “black wings” (黒き翼). I know Eldeel literally has them but I don’t think it’s meant to be viewed in the literal sense.) Not entirely sure why Adol has to be the one to don the mask but everyone gives their words of support and encouragement. Here’s Adol with the Mask of the Moon on. ^^
    Of course, the temple door opens. For some reason,
    Riesa is a guest party member at this point. Aw, if you try to go down the stairs, she says she’ll just wait for the party to return. I wanted to take her to the roos. 😦< /spoiler >
  • Here is the interior of the Temple of the Sun. < spoiler >Here is the Book of Life (生命の書) which is the very thing that’s the cause of the conflict going on in the story. To my understanding, it’s basically the “recipe” of existence/the world. It shouldn’t be a wonder that some evil person wants to make use of it/the power/the knowledge for his own ends. In short, someone wants to become God. :E< /spoiler >
  • Anyway, as with the previous two boss battles, this boss cheats as well. I keep referring to it as cheating because, well, don’t they already think of Adol and company as little insects that they can easily do away with? Why rely on a mask? No real villain would ever need to release their true power/potential until they’re beaten to a pulp! But these characters, they just do it from the get-go. (Maybe there’s an explanation/good reason in the game that I couldn’t read/understand. XD)
  • At some point in the battle, the boss busts out a sword that’s longer than Sephiroth’s. The battle on the whole is laughably easy on Normal.
  • < spoiler >After the fight, Eldeel reverts to his regular self. But I think he requires the Mask of the Moon to keep himself that way?? Anyway, I could swear he’s asking if he looks cool or not here. Or maybe not since no one sweatdrops. In that screenshot though, he’s doing a niko smile (^_^) too. ^^; (That’s why there are slits in the eye holes.)
    Incidentally, the Mask of the Sun is just kind of … lying on the ground for a good duration of the cutscene. So, of course, in comes Gruhda … 9__9 This is literally a face-palm moment, folks. Seriously, at no point do you see Eldeel or anyone pick up the Mask of the Sun. I suppose they all figured that no one else was around but them.
    < /spoiler >
  • And this here is the start of a multi-part dungeon. It’s divided into 3 spaces: The Bronze Space (青銅の間), Silver Space (白銀の間), and Gold Space (黄金の間). Each has its own distinct design and puzzles. I took a peek at the bronze one last night but decided against it since I was too tired to figure out the path. The silver one requires less brain power since it’s almost reminiscent of those hand-holding type switch/triggers where you just touch something nearby to create a path or remove an obstacle before you can continue on. I must admit that it takes a teensy bit more thinking and effort this time since you have to find the “triggers”. The gold one is pretty neat in that the entire room is a touch puzzle; you have to line up paths to make your way to the exit.
  • I will write the walkthrough for the Silver Space first because it’s the one I went through first. I would recommend having Adol in the main party since the living weapons are in this dungeon too.
  • The starting floor is very linear. (I should note that the first enemies you come across have some sort of a sphere that can pull you in and trap you for the duration that it’s active. While in the sphere, you will suffer multiple damage.) You will find a giant floating crystal and a pedestal of sorts in the third platform.
  • To the north of it is a golden hexagon-shaped plate on the ground. Your goal is to activate the plate by inserting a spherical crest into one of the slots in the pedestal. Proceed northeast to find a gold chest. It contains the Wind Crest (風の紋章).
  • Go back to the pedestal and interact with it. Once the crest is placed in the slot, wind shoots out a magical circle on the plate up north.  Use the wind to get onto the upper level.
  • Follow the path up. The regular chest you’ll see has Blue Crystal x 10 (蒼晶石). There will be gusts of wind coming from the southeast. Obviously, you’ll have to ignore that location for now and continue northwest. Soon, there’ll be another pedestal but ignore that too. Take the west path up to a chest for Dulen which has a Hero Ring (英雄の指輪).
  • Return to the pedestal and remove the Wind Crest from it and return to the southeast area with the gusts of wind.
  • With the wind no longer present, go to the gold chest to get the Rain Crest (雨の紋章). Doubleback to the floating crystal to the north and use the pedetal. Select the Rain Crest. Equip the Water Dragon Scales (水竜の鱗) and then move north. Dive under to open the chests. The gold one has Frida’s weapon, Elysium (エリュシオン) while the regular chest has a Heal Troche (ヒールトローチ).
  • Remove the Water Dragon Scales so that you can move the group onto the dry land ahead.
  • Once you get to the area where the path splits to going northwest and southeast, take the latter. You will be at a spot with three chests. Normal chest on the left has a Heal Troche (ヒールトローチ), gold chest contains a Valkyrie Dress +2 (ヴァルキリードレス), and there’s an amethyst (アメジスト) in the other chest. Go northwest now.
  • At the floating crystal, switch in the Wind Crest to trigger the magic circle over the plate to the northeast. Go up to the next platform for the gold chest with the Sun Crest (太陽の紋章). Insert the Sun Crest into the pedestal to melt the ice barrier on the southwest side.
  • There will be a chest along the way with Red Crystals x 10 (紅晶石). From here, keep heading southwest until you spot 2 chests appear on the mini map. Go to them. There’s a Kaiser Potion (カイザーポーション) in the normal chest and Warrior Mantle (勇士のマント) in the red one.  Move southwest to the pedestal and put the Wind Crest in.
  • Go northeast once and then northwest once and northeast again. There should be a hexagon plate here with wind. On the upper level, a gold chest is at the dead end to the north which has a Temple Cloth (テンプルクロス).
  • Switch in the Rain Crest to raise the water level to the southeast. Once you go up two ramps, you will arrive at a platform that has a lift to the west. Take it to go back down.
  • Go to the nearby pedestal to take out the Rain Crest and replace it with the Sun Crest. Get back onto the lift to return to the upper level.
  • Head east. At the platform with the one living weapon monster, there’s a lift to the south that will bring you back to the beginning of the Silver Space. Ignore it and put on the Hurricane Boots (疾風の靴). Dash north up the vertical wall.
  • The gold chest in the middle of the platform has Carna’s weapon, Judgement (ジャッジメント). Proceed north for a waystone. There is a boss battle up ahead.
  • Edit on Oct 24th: Here’s a video version. :3
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Ys Celceta Log #16

Let’s start this log with a pro tip: To get 100% of the map, look for areas where the dark brown outlines aren’t completely solid. For example — and this is kind of a bad example since you can’t do anything about “filling in” the lines here but hopefully, it’ll illustrate what I mean — if the border of an area is faint or missing like in this image, go there and move along the wall or edge to “fill it out”.

There will be cases where the outline will remain sort of faint since there are trees, plants, or rocks that block the edge. Those are fine since the game takes those into account. So yes, the border of the southeastern part of Highland is impossible to fill out and if it does later on somehow, then it obviously isn’t considered as part of the 100% since, as you can see in the screenshot below, the outline still isn’t fully connected all the way. 😛

Basically, the general rule when going for the map completion trophy is always do your best to fill out the outline of every region you go to.

Ys Celceta - 100% map completion get!
Getting 100% of the map doesn’t mean a finished game since I believe I still have 1 or 2 dungeons left. However, you can only get 100% after you enter a late-game dungeon which will be covered in this log (Log #16)~!

Now for the meat of this entry~! This log will be a big one since it contains information about two dungeons: Mt. Vesvio (ヴェスヴィオ山), the Colonia Magic Laboratory (コロニア魔法具研究所), AND all the side quests that come after it.
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Ys Celceta Log #15

Didn’t really do much today since I spent time gathering materials for weapons reinforcement. ^^ Nevertheless, I did explore the OTHER side of the Eleduk suburbs at some point as well as completed the Selray and Comodo side quests. It seems these are the only two locations with new quests after Eleduk. I even ran around talking to everyone in every town and village to see if anything new would show up on the other message boards too. ^^ Actually, I didn’t check with everyone in Highland. Oh well.

This log is more or less a walkthrough for the Ruins on Lake Tolemes (トルメス湖上遺跡).

Edit on Oct 17: Screenshots added~!

Ys Celceta - 98.3% Done!
I wonder where the 1.7% is? Perhaps there are some outdoor areas in the two dungeons I haven’t been to yet? (Click to enlarge~!)

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Ys Celceta – Cheapest Method to Upgrade Weapons

I don’t take credit for this as the information was given by a fellow member over The Ancient Land of Ys forum.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Buy some Short Swords (ショートソード) from the weapons shop in Casnan.
  2. Start upgrading all the stats on the sword to 9. The best place to do this is in Selray as you get a much larger selection of materials to work from. You should notice that the cost of each upgrade is pretty small! 😀 The sword should end up as Short Sword +72 as seen in the screenshot below.
  3. Now select a weapon you want to reinforce. In my case, it was Adol’s Rune Blade. As you see, it can only transfer about 40% of each stat. It’s supposed to do this. In fact, even after fusing 2 maxed out Short Swords, all stats will only be at 8.
    Check out the second screen below. If you were to directly reinforce the Rune Blade with individual materials, you’d be spending a fortune but with this method, it’s only 2000 G~!
  4. Repeat steps 1 – 3 to get all stats to 8. The second Short Sword +72 you apply will be much more expensive but you’re still saving a ton overall. :3 For example, in the case of the Rune Blade +32, attempting to fuse it with even one Iron Ingot (鉄塊), which will up the sword to +33, will cost you 14,800 G. *o* But look! The synthesis with the Short Sword +72 will get you +4 for everything and not just +1 for Attack if an Iron Ingot was used!

Technically, the same method should work for armour as well where you take the weakest one and build it up and then fuse it to the armour you want to use.

Ideally, you want stats to be above 5 since it seems to me that status effects like Poison will rarely affect enemies otherwise. :/