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Mobius Final Fantasy – Highlights from August 4th – 10th

Mobius Final Fantasy - Chapter 3 Part 1 all areas
The completed map for Chapter 3 Part 1. There is no “Region Complete” notice though after you complete all Extra Quests.

Lots happened during these few days yet I’ll only select some things to talk about. 😀 But first! A gallery of screencaps and then I’ll expand on some of them. ^^

  • I always love getting 4-star cards but then I realize how much of a pain it is to level their abilities. 😛 In fact, it’s a pain to level abilities for cards that you only get from gacha draws regardless of rarity. :/
  • I honestly never knew Doomtrain had such a funky name — “グラシャラボラス” ( How it became a train though is anyone’s guess.
  • Yay! A Dark Knight! But I’m hardly using the job. ^^ I prefer the Samurai more for some reason even though I can’t really stand the Samurai job’s music. .___.
  • Heh. I usually complete the first panel page of a new job immediately after obtaining it. The second page and on is usually an issue since I may not always have enough Seeds to finish it. 😦
  • I’m almost disappointed the Behemoths can’t maintain an up-right mode like in the FFXIII games.
  • Sometimes, I try and read the dialogue but for the side quest involving the 2 girls, I didn’t. :/ I think they had Wal assist in locating something and that maybe there was some reasoning behind the insane stamina levels for the two areas that were part of the quest line.
  • Yeah, that 50 Stamina spot had a card draw ticket as reward, I think. I guess I should be happy since you can never have enough of those.
  • Mobius Day happened on August 8th! It was a day of UNLIMITED STAMINA and it also featured a multi-card draw that had no doubles (unless you owned every card already somehow). What’s really cool about the unlimited stamina was that once the event was over, that +88 as indication of the infinite stamina everyone got simply converted to consumable stamina. This mean that you had an extra 88 points to use. 😀 I hope to see more of such generous promos!
  • Oh yeah, Mobius Day also kicked off a week of special Skill Seed bonuses where ALL seeds get the 2x bonus when play on a side story map. 😀
  • I’ve been censoring people’s usernames for a while but does it really matter? It’s not like you can harass the player (as there’s no way to communicate with others in-game) or randomly add them as a friend without their user ID.
  • Gigantuar map! It’s so fun watching them bouncing about. ^^ The amount of experience and seeds you can get from the fights can be insane if you set up your deck to be lower than level 100 + have their elemental weakness equipped.
    Check the big Gold Gigantuar at the 2 min, 43 mark~ (Not my video.)

    Ugh. if the embedded video isn’t showing for some reason, the link is:

Lots of exciting things coming up soon like the Infinite Arena and possibly some co-op event! Also! 3-star cards will finally be able to evolve into 4-star and I think they’re introducing 5-star cards too! When will the rarities end!?

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