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Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana Chapter 2 Screenshot Dump Part 1

I’m almost at the end of chapter 2 now. Man, it’s a long one! I took a butt load of screenshots. ^^; What you’ll see under the cut is just a fraction. ^^;; I’ll highlight some and make a gallery out of the rest. 😀 Continue reading “Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana Chapter 2 Screenshot Dump Part 1”

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Mobius Final Fantasy – Highlights from August 4th – 10th

Mobius Final Fantasy - Chapter 3 Part 1 all areas
The completed map for Chapter 3 Part 1. There is no “Region Complete” notice though after you complete all Extra Quests.

Lots happened during these few days yet I’ll only select some things to talk about. 😀 But first! A gallery of screencaps and then I’ll expand on some of them. ^^ Continue reading “Mobius Final Fantasy – Highlights from August 4th – 10th”

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Tiny Farm: Uncute, Ugly Animals

Before anyone starts raging about my selection, let me remind you that this is all opinion. It’s only natural that what I consider cute or ugly won’t be the same as someone else’s idea of cute or ugly.

I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while but have been lazy when it comes to screencapturing and editing the images. Well, here they are! XD These are my picks of ugly and mildly uncute animals from Com2uS’ Tiny Farm. The percentages below the animals indicates how many of those types I have in possession.

Among the types of animals shown above, there are some exceptions like these. ^^~ They’re not oozing of cute but they’re not as hard on the eyes as the others. (The Fat Cat has a medal next to it since I’ve maxed out its Mastery gauge.)

Talking Donkey
Talking Donkey
Fat Cat
Fat Cat

Finally, some of the Legendary Animals fall under the eew category too such as the pegasus and heavenly unicorn. The dragon’s kind of meh as well though.

Legendary Animals
Legendary Animals

So why are they ugly to me? I think it mostly has to do with their eyes. I love cartoon animals (and even plush toys) that are chubby, fluffy, and have beady, dotty-eyes. ^^

For example! Tiny Farm sheep are super cute … unless you count the basic adult sheep which look kind of weird. (See first screencap here.) But these adolescent types are adorable~!

Tiny Farm Themed Sheep
Bell’s in the middle of blinking. ^^;

These bears are another example~!

Tiny Farm Bear Family
Tiny Farm Bear Family

They’re already cute without clothing but their costumes make them even cuter. ^o^~

I didn’t include the bearded pigs, boars, or hamsphires since they’re all right in my book. I definitely like them more than butt ugly unicorns.

…. I forgot to screencapture the fish. .____. I really wish they could get a makeover since so many of them really don’t fit the cute theme of the game. 😦

Speaking about makeovers, Tiny Farm held an election a few weeks ago and one of the candidates was a bearded pig whose campaign was all about revising designs for unpopular animals. The other two candidates were a unicorn vying to keep things as is (I think? I can’t remember) and a cute little bird that chirped about bringing MORE cute animals to Tiny Farm.

The bearded pig won. :E I’m not sure what Com2uS has in mind or what their staff consider uncute but I’m hoping there’s some sort of voting system for players before they roll out new designs because I’d vote the hell out of that gross donkey.

Honestly, Com2uS has so much they can do with Tiny Farm such as opening up that last map area. I could seriously use the space since animal certificates are so costly for every map I have right now. But I guess designing a whole new section takes a lot of time. Then again, maybe if they’d stop constantly generating new animal sets they could focus more on it? I suppose from their point of view, they have to keep putting out something new every week or two to keep the game fresh. The thing is, there are already SO MANY ANIMALS to collect. It won’t kill them to take a breather once in a while so players can “catch up”.

It’s a good thing they’re expanding storage space with every few updates as I need to keep putting away older animals to try and accommodate the newcomers but I’d really like to see them finish up some older collections. 😐 There are still a bunch of Heroic Animals that have yet to visit Tiny Farm after all.

Boy, I totally went off on a tangent there. Well, there’s not much to say about unappealing animals other than to show them and kind of explain why they don’t click with me. ^^

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Pixel People – Itty Bitty Fun

Pixel People - Title Image
Creepy artwork. >_< Why couldn’t they actually render pixel people?

Edit on Feb 4th: Do you spend time looking for the correct genetic material at the Arrival Center because you habitually forget what category it’s under? Do you want to easily find job titles and their combinations? Well, I might have something for you~! I’m currently putting together a spreadsheet of recipes for the jobs here:

Edit on Feb 5th: Wrote up a really small FAQ that address some common questions:

Since I’m lazy to write up something new, here’s a little post I did over at AdeptGamer last night: (There’s a link on the page that’ll bring you to your country’s App Store.)

Kind of surprised no one’s posted about this yet. I came across while randomly checking TouchArcade and started playing about an hour ago. It’s a superbly adorable freemium title that feels like a cross between Tiny Tower, Kairosoft-building-sims, and Doodle God; you need to provide residences for your pixel people to live in and each work site has about 3 – 4 jobs to fill. There’s a bit of city building but nothing like needing combos and such. In fact, I’m not all that sure things like placement and roads really matter. ^^ Finally, the citizens in this game are clones that start off with no skills whatsoever. You begin with 2 people that already have skills/jobs though. Simply mix them together to produce a new one~! The clone, armed with a brand spankin’ new profession, may unlock new buildings which will generate income. 😀

Lookit all them adorable pixel people!

I spent some time at the TA forum thread for the game as research to see if any nickel and diming occurs but after about 10 pages, no one seems to have brought up anything much about needing in-app purchases. However, there’s mention that new residences and/or buildings or expansions end up being quite expensive later on.

So far, from my brief experience with PP, coins are generated at a fair pace albeit in small denominations. I take it it’ll start adding up once I get more business and services up. I haven’t felt the need to use the premium currency, Utopium, since everything can be built within minutes. I’m certain, as the city expands, the ETA for construction to be completed will end up as several hours. I’m just hoping that this doesn’t happen very quickly like in Tiny Tower.

….. Sim City???

Regarding the generation of money, there’s a wee bit of maintenance required on the player’s part. It’s somewhat akin to restocking in Tiny Tower but it doesn’t seem to cost anything. A little lightning bolt icon will appear above a building which indicates that production has stopped. Simply tap on it and money will start churning out again. The frequency of performing this action seems kind of high at the moment but I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that none of my business and services are fully manned? :\

Edit: Herp derp. Each building has something called “Working Time” which indicates how long they can run for until the next recharge.

I have to say that it’s HARD to put this game down since it’s so fun trying to find new recipes to create new jobs. ^^ I honestly don’t care about the other parts of the game. XD

Edit #2: Feeling a bit of the wait time after every expansion since I have to wait for funds to build up again. It’s way too easy to max out the land limit. Currently have my land limit up to 60. ^^

There’s quite a bit of stuff to unlock in this game. @_@; For example, there’s a Nursery which lets you plant trees. Trees give you coins but only if you happen to catch the little symbol that pops up above them. There’s also the Farm which lets you plant fields + build stuff which reduces construction time and grants some other bonuses.

And there’s this too~

I did but once you get enough Utopium and coins, the game becomes even MORE fun because you no longer have to put it down and wait for funds to replenish or buildings to be constructed. It’s like, SUDDENLY, it’s an ACTUAL GAME, not some real game wannabe which is what most pay-or-wait types are. [This was in response to a comment about how I got annoyed with the wait times and IAP model of the game shortly after the write-up above.]

Anyway, there’s SO much more LambdaMu Games (the developer) can do with this title. For example:

  • all marine-type animals should be able to make use of the waterways or any bodies of water instead of swimming around on grass and land.
  • add criminals (clones gone bad!) and stuff that can hide in the trees, behind buildings etc. Finding them will get you a reward. I suppose this could also be a part of a quest system. I bet they’ll add a quest system eventually too.
  • recipes should be COLOUR-CODED for derps with severely short-term memory like me. I swear, I usually consult the menu with the list of all the jobs found, find the job I need to create, recite the hell out of the recipe while looking for the two primary jobs required in the cloning facility (forgot what it’s called) but end up having a hell of a time trying to FIND either one or both. Some are common sense like a Police Officer will fall under the Law category but for some reason, there are ones that I can never recall what they’re under like the fucking Botanist. 9__9 Edit: Okay, so the background colour of the characters are a clue and if you understand colour theory, you can probably figure out the combinations without too much trouble but still, it’d be easier if the job titles were coloured under the glossary and when you pay the 5u to unveil the hint of a vacant position.
  • similar to the previous point, if you’ve already created a job in the past and need to re-create it to fill up some spots in a business or service, any jobs already discovered should show up when you’re doing the mix and match experimentations in the cloning facility. That way, users don’t need to keep referring back to the glossary of jobs. (Of course, this could be another short-term memory issue. XD)
  • landscape orientation. Maybe I can’t find it or it can be unlocked with some building.
  • same-sex couples. :3 It’s something I noticed very early during gameplay that every pair in a residence is male x female … which is kind of strange considering there are no babies to be produced (as far as I know). All the hearts do is cause coins, Utopium, or animals to appear anyway.
  • an overview toggle that’ll let players see the quantities of outstanding jobs at buildings. I know it’s obvious with the little coin denominations popping up over them (where green ones = fully outfitted and white = some spots still need to be filled) but it’s something nice to have, I think~!
  • reduction in expansion prices. Yeah, right. Like this will happen. The publisher and developer wants $$$ from players.

There are probably more but I’ll stop here. :3

Now here are some thoughts that are original for this blog. :E

I kind of wish Pixel People actually had some special bonuses for logically placing certain facilities in close proximity to others such as a Fire Station near a home/residential area. Maybe something like this could have a radius bonus such as constructing residences within x-amount of squares will grant you a price reduction of sorts. This will be on top of the passive bonuses already given by the decorations around the map. Coding something like this into the game will make things even more fun. *___*

Edit: It would also be nice if we could just hold and drag roadways or waterways when building them instead of touching each individual square. :\

Edit #2: There should be a faster way to get animals. I thought the Animal Shelter would affect the rate at which new animals are shipped in but all it does it show the numbers of animals rescued. It would be cool if the little people around the map would suddenly come across new animals (although I suppose that wouldn’t make too much sense given how they’re “delivered”).

Oh yeah! There should be travel animations of the little people going to work and such. I wonder if including these would destroy older devices though (in terms of memory usage)? ^^

Now, if you came here looking for guide information for jobs and/or buildings, check out Pocket Gamer’s spiffy post. But you know, discovering unlocks yourself is part of the fun. :3

I spammed some screenshots on Twitter and Instagram ( yesterday and today so here they are. 😀 Each image has a caption. Click on the image to see~ (Yes, my city planning is terrible but since there’s no consequence to NOT building roadways, I don’t build them much or in a logical manner. 😛 It seems like all roads are good for are the achievements.)

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[Tiny Farm] Toy Village Screenshot

It even has a cheesy candy cane border! XD Click on the image for a larger version (1310 x 648)!

Still want the snow globe thing but the damnable sock keeps churning out dice. >:(
Still want the snow globe thing but the damnable sock keeps churning out dice. 😡

I didn’t notice the Christmas Duck turned away when I took the screencap. I also didn’t realize I accidentally turned the Club Card to stand perpendicular to the other one. 9__9 Since I didn’t get anything during the 7-day draw, I suppose all the decorations and stuff that’s littered around the village are fine. I really wish the sock would lay off on the dice. I think I got 7 total but sold 2 of them (for 30 Gold each. Yay. >_>).

Oh yeah, it took 5 tries to get a Christmas Duck. All previous Present Boxes gave me the damn ugly donkey. Com2uS seriously needs to stop creating butt-ugly animals. Maybe when I’m bored enough, I’ll make a list of my favourite animals.

Man, things are getting so expensive in the game now. :/ My barn costs 90,000+ gold for additional slots and most upgrades start at 200,000 gold now. I don’t bother doing calculation to see which animals or crops give me the best returns so I guess it just means more waiting for me. :B Using Bells to expand things is out of the question too because it’s infinitely faster to get Gold than those things.

Someone complained in a review at the Play Store that things that require Bells are far too expensive. I agree but I think it’s only natural that Com2uS jacks up the prices of those things since this is an ad-free game so the only way they’re making money are through Tapjoy and players willing to spend money on it. :\ At any rate, they replied to the review and said that they may look into re-adjusting the prices. Here’s hoping that they do.


New home screen wallpaper XD

Click on image for larger size~

I honestly can’t remember where I found this. The wallpaper apps I use on Android are PicSpeed HD Wallpapers and Wallpapers Bay for Tablet. Both are decent but PicSpeed gets bonus points for having a search function and giving users the ability to make use of full size images instead of cropped versions. You even get a context menu option installed which will let you do the same with images already in your device’s gallery.

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Various screencaps from Android apps & Google Play

Most of these are heckling Google Play reviews or app descriptions and pointing out silliness in games.

More screens coming soon~! XD I’ll probably do another post though.

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ぺそぎんが好きです~! ♥

Pesoguin is a super adorable fictional Japanese character that’s a baby emperor penguin!  (See official site at  I recently discovered it while randomly poking around at the Google Play store.  Most of them are either small utilities like the clock and battery apps but there are mini games as well.  I ended up downloading a few of the free apps and even purchasing the full version of the Pesoguin Battery app. Unfortunately, it seems like there aren’t any apps for Apple devices. 😦

According to the official Website, there was even a comic series on Yahoo! Japan as well as plush toys! ;;o;;~! I wish I found out about this character a few years ago. I’d love to get the toys. I bet they’re only available via auctions and such now. ;__;

Anyway, here’s an example of Pesoguin widgets on my homescreen (or whatever it’s called on an Android device):

Shown above, from left to right, are the Pesoguin Talk, Pesoguin Sakura Dance, and Pesoguin Battery 3D Full ver. widgets.  For the Talk one, the speech balloon will show the penguin’s most recent tweet (mostly in Japanese as it only knows 3 English phrases. :P) although he’ll say more things in English if you give him gifts from the widget’s menu. :3  He’ll also “physically” react to the gifts too. ^o^

Here are some screens from the battery app! XD

For the battery widget, you can make Pesoguin spin by tapping on him. ^^;  You can obtain achievements (listed in the menu as Honor) based on the total number of revolutions he does. XD After a certain number of turns, you get a title.  See next screencap for the first few of the silly Engrish titles! 😀

Oh yeah, Pesoguin’s expression changes based on the battery life left.  For some reason, only the last few screenshots from the Free version shows you all 4 facial expressions.  I love the look for the 1 bar left one.