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Mobius Final Fantasy – 3 Days of Screencaps

Mobius Final Fantasy - Wal Pictlogica card
Guh. I kind of wish it wasn’t personalized with the username. ^^;

Most of the images will be of the cards I got from Pictlogica Final Fantasy as there’s a collaboration going on right now between the two games. ^^ As usual, I’ll write a little bit more on certain screenshots under the gallery.

Regarding the snapshot of a battle in progress and the caption that begins with “I have yet to figure out …”: I’m referring to Lakshmi/Laxmi’s skill which is an area-of-effect attack. I can’t figure out why only the smaller enemies to the left of the center monster got hit. (I wrote “right” in the caption because they’re near the right side of the screen.) I don’t expect it to reach all of them but I would have figured the one immediately to its right would have gotten nicked.

Bleh. Hard mode for the second chapter of the side story is just like the first chapter. 😦 Again, the Pagan Heads are the monsters that drop the most jewels and you need so many of them to unlock routes. =__= They’re not difficult to defeat but the battles can take long and its Berserk mode can kill my Hunter even if his HP is mostly full. I wonder how things will change once I change the job to Survivor? Hopefully, the element palette will still be Fire and Water or else I can’t really use it against the thing. The reason for that is that if I don’t have Fire, I won’t be able to use an Element Drive and if I don’t have Water, I won’t be able to use its weakness against it. 😐

There’s an event called Infinite Arena going on right now which ends on the 31st of this month. The whole gimmick is to replay the coliseum multiple times to collect a certain quantity of an item that’s required to unlock the paths around the map. A few locks ask for 400 of them. =__= I never counted how many were needed in total but another player said that it was over 2,000.

I feel the designers were lazy in coming up with a creative way to go about the event. (They also really love locks.) Is the concept of “infinite arena” in reference to the necessity of continually going back to it to grind for the item?

There’s also the whole thing about the map and coliseum being related to the 三闘神 (the Warring Triad from FFVI) somehow. The west is belongs to the Goddess, and I’m guessing 魔神 is Demon. He’s to the south. The east is where the Fiend (鬼神) should be hanging around.

I’m going to be disappointed if we can’t fight the bosses once everything is unlocked. >:| I cleared the west side already and there was no Goddess there!

… Isn’t the Goddess traditionally in the center between the other two?

Ah, the collaboration with Pictlogica Final Fantasy. The illustrations are so cute but that gacha is just like any other gacha; you’re bound to get duplicates. I only tried 3 times and drew Yuna first and then 2 Squalls. 😛 I stopped afterward because I wanted to save up some tickets for the next multi-card promotion.

I’m sure some of the Pictlogica cards from the random draw could be useful but I’m not certain Square Enix will ever let us evolve them to 4-star or beyond.

I got all 4 cards (Wal, Garland, Echo, and Princess Sarah) from the Pictlogica FF game though. The Wal one is amusing in that they put your Mobius FF username on it. ^^~

Oh yeah, getting the event quests to show up in Pictlogica was a strange ordeal. Hmm .. I should have taken a screenshot of 8-bit Wal. I don’t have the character but I did come across others that did. Oh well.

The feedback questionnaire was kind of fun to fill out. I tried to go through it without running it through Google Translate although there was a question or two where I had to verify if it matched what I was thinking it meant. XD

I was so happy that Raid Boss was one of the options for question 6 which asked players to express what they wanted to see added into the game. I pretty much checked off everything except player versus player. ^^ I’m not all that into the PvP stuff.

I’m not certain I’ll be using Unity-chan much. She’s cute but she doesn’t trump my tonberry, cactuars, or chocobo family! :3

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