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Mobius Final Fantasy Global – Upcoming October Updates (Updated Oct 1)

Updated October 1st for adding a link to the official Facebook page with the October calendar info.

Updated September 22nd for correction on Mobius Day info and adding of the dates for Shiva and Odin’s addition in multiplayer.

Square Enix has posted the October calendar for global now:

Original post:

A Chinese-Japanese Square Enix Presents live stream happened earlier today detailing all the additions coming in next month’s update. It’s a big one this time!


  1. Chapter 3 Part 1
  2. New jobs: Dragoon/Dragon Knight, Dancer, and Scholar
  3. Shiva and Odin will be added to multiplayer. Shiva will appear starting October 6 and Odin will show up on October 13. As usual, these will be at 19:00 UTC-8.
  4. Mobius Day
  5. New legendary limited cards (Pictlogica FF cards)
  6. 2nd Exploration Region
  7. Infinite Arena
  8. New battle tower event.

Now, about the Mobius Day~!

On the Japanese server, the 8th of every month is known as Mini Mobius Day.  (August 8th is the super special Mobius Day with bigger bonuses and more gifts.) While it’s noted as being singular, the “Day” usually goes on for 3 days. ^^;

For versions outside of Japan, Square Enix is doing something different! Instead of simply one or three consecutive days per month, every 8th in a month will be a Mobius Day.

Here’s what Square Enix has planned for October:

  1. Double stamina when using an Elixir to recover it
  2. Fusion success rate will increase by x1.2
  3. Extra Skills will be easier to unlock
  4. Every player will receive a Phoenix Down
  5. Every player will receive an Elixir
  6. 5000 Skillseeds per element being handed out on certain days in October. On the 8th day, 5000 Fire and Water seeds will be given out. On day 18, 5000 Wind and Earth seeds, and on day 28th, 5000 Light and Dark seeds.
  7. All Skillseed bonuses will be upped to x2 for exploration regions.

Thanks to Stb Shen and Christopher Chung from the Mobius Final Fantasy – (Jpn & Global Community) & Other games etc. Facebook page, and Alfred Chow in the comments below for assisting with the translations and corrections. (I didn’t know I initially mistyped Arena as Area. ^^; I’d like to see what Infinite Area would be though.)

Links and more information under the cut.

Blog posts that coincide with the topics in the stream. They may not be very informative but there are lots of screencaps!:

Relevant Altema links:

One thought on “Mobius Final Fantasy Global – Upcoming October Updates (Updated Oct 1)

  1. It sayss the Mobius days will be held each 8th, 18th and 28th of the month, starting in October, for the international version.

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