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Mobius Final Fantasy JP – The Beautiful Steam Version

Some screenshots, thoughts about the Windows version, and a gameplay video~!

  • The store page is region locked to Japan meaning that you need an IP address from Japan to access it. I took a look through it via VPN to see if it mentioned game pad support and it does but it’s not supported. Neither is touchscreen.
    As far as I can tell, using the mouse is the only way to get around, but you can exit the game with the ESC key on the keyboard. Actually, I don’t believe there’s any other way to close the game other than with that or Alt-F4.

    Mobius Final Fantasy - Two sections of the game's store page on Steam
    Two parts of the store page. ^^ This is the link to the page: Again, it will not show up if your IP address is not from Japan.
  • The game data sharing option didn’t go as smoothly as I liked. I generated the one-time password from my iPad mini 2, but the Steam version refused to accept it. I tripled checked the letters and numbers since I still had the password on the tablet screen. No mistakes were made when inputting it so I have no idea why it kept giving me an error. Generating a new password worked though.
  • As the title of this post indicates, it’s beautiful. Here are some samples. The screenshots are in 1680×1050 which is my desktop resolution. Kind of old school based on today’s standards, I know:
    Mobius FInal Fantasy - Echo on Steam
    Shiny Echo. *_*
    This was taken from my temporary account when I was trying out the Steam version. ^^
    Mobius FInal Fantasy - Close up of the Risk Taker
    This high definiton quality. *_*
    Mobius FInal Fantasy - Mog (Steam version)
    Mog TT

    Maybe it’s not impressive to some since their mobile devices already display the game in gorgeous quality but this is a step up from what I’m used to seeing on my iPad mini 2. In fact, after a few hours of playing the game on my computer, it’s hard to look at the mobile version. ^^;

    Two comparison screencaps:

    Mobius Final Fantasy - Comparison between iPad mini 2 and Steam graphics
    Left is from the iPad mini 2. Right is from the Steam version.
    The details and texture on is much sharper on the PC version.
    Mobius Final Fantasy - Comparison between iPad mini 2 and Steam graphics
    Left is from the iPad mini 2. Right is from the Steam version.

    One thing I noticed was that the Skirmisher/Survivor STILL wore a black void as a suit even in higher resolution. But if you rotated the model a bit to get lighting onto the blackness, you can kind of see some contrast.

    Mobius Final Fantasy - Survivor/Skirmisher Steam version
    Completely black. D:

    Mobius Final Fantasy - Survivor/Skirmisher Steam version
    You can kind of see the abs!

Some more screenshots and babbling under the cut.

Since the Steam and mobile versions use the same server, there is no change in terms of gameplay or content. However, there are some minor differences in the configuration menu in the Windows version.

Mobius FInal Fantasy - Config options under Steam version
The option to rotate the screen isn’t available on the PC version. However, it’s found under the separate WIndows Config menu.
Mobius FInal Fantasy - Config options under Steam version
The second last option isn’t found on mobile — it makes the thumbnails of ability cards bigger.

And boy, does it ever.

Mobius FInal Fantasy - Large Thumbnails (Steam version)
Enormous thumbnails. ^^
Mobius FInal Fantasy - Regular Thumbnails (Steam version)
I prefer this. ^^;

And this is the separate Windows configuration menu:

Mobius FInal Fantasy - Windows configuration
Display orientation options and the option to play in windowed mode (under various resolutions) or full screen. Regarding Temporal Anti-Aliasing:
  • Load times are much shorter on the Windows version for me which gives me incentive to play it on my desktop instead of my iPad mini 2. Having portability is great too though. The other great thing is that I can play both the Japanese and English versions of Mobius FF at the same time. 😀
  • I am seriously noticing a lot more graphics details than I do on mobile such as the footprints in the snow in the battles of the Albion Plateau (a.k.a. the 4th exploration map).
  • Square Enix didn’t do much in terms of mapping sensible and simplified functions to the mouse or keyboard so you’re stuck with awkward actions like:
    • holding both mouse buttons while moving the mouse forward or back to zoom in and out on character models and weapons on the job and/or deck screen
    • double clicking and holding onto the button + moving the mouse back and forth to zoom in and out on the map screen

    Maybe these are standard for mobile ports to PC but it’s my first time playing one so I wouldn’t know. ^^

  • Certain options you choose while playing seem to be locally saved. For example, I have the Quick Start option selected on the Steam version but when I load up the game on my tablet, it shows the usual Start Battle button.

Finally, this is a gameplay video I recorded. I had to do it in windowed mode since recording in full screen brings the frame rate down to 30 FPS or less. -__-

For information on downloading the game and how to enable game data sharing between operating systems, check here:

There is no information on when the English Steam version will be available.

5 thoughts on “Mobius Final Fantasy JP – The Beautiful Steam Version

  1. So in jp version,is there no option to translate the words to English? Seems a lot of things are better there than in the global version

      1. It’s actually kind of fun to try figuring out certain key phrases. If you’re not learning a language to the level you’d need to write it yourself, it’s not hard to pick up. We’ve just forgotten what it felt like when we were still learning to read.

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