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Mobius Final Fantasy JP – A Troublesome Job Quest for the Mage and Mini Annoyances in Chapter 6 Part 2

Mobius Final Fantasy - Mage Job Quest 5
I’m stuck here. :/ The objective is to defeat 6 enemies with Ultimates.
Mobius Final Fantasy - Mage Job Quest 5
I’ve managed to defeat 4 enemies and finishing the Naughty(?) Atomos (ノーティアトモス) will make it 5.
Mobius Final Fantasy - Mage Job Quest 5
The Mighty Golem is the last enemy and it’s always a problem due to its Barrier buff. I do my best to reduce its HP but …
Mobius Final Fantasy - Mage Job Quest 5

I believe this was my third attempt at this. I don’t ever die but it really looks like I’m going to need to change my strategy and defeat another enemy within the first two battles so I won’t have to rely on the final one. :V

The mission isn’t exactly difficult; it’s mostly about surviving and not killing off enemies before the Ultimate gauge is ready.

I once tried it with a main deck that focused on attacks and buffs, and a sub deck meant for replenishing the Ultimate gauge. The problem was that I didn’t equip any attack cards in the sub deck and the defensive buffs would run out before I could switch back. It really didn’t help I didn’t have any auto-abilities with Job Change Recast in the Ultimate recovery set. 😛

Hmmm. I can also chance switching to the sub deck when the Mighty Golem is in the Break phase since it has cards with Brave and Faith. I guess I’ll give this a try. ^^~

Oh, I almost forgot to write about the exciting adventures in Chapter 6 Part 2. XD

It’s all under the cut. 😀

Mobius Final Fantasy - Wol & Meia prepare to fight Anima
Wol & Meia prepare to face off against Anima. Ignore the guy in the middle.

The good thing about Chapter 6 Part 2 is that Wol can be used. In fact, you HAVE to use him since there are specific routes that must be done with either Meia or Wol. However, once you complete the branching paths, you can use a main and sub deck with both characters again.

While the second half of the new story chapter was light on locks, that didn’t mean Square Enix didn’t think up slightly irritating objectives to put on the few that do exist.

Aside from the ones that require key items, here are the three locks that’ll have players replaying areas more times than they’d like:

Mobius Final Fantasy - Chapter 6 Part 2 - Defeat 500 enemies with their weakness
Defeat enemies with their weakness 500 times. Considering most monsters in Ultima’s domain have Light affinity, spamming Dark attacks on mobs makes this mission a breeze.
Mobius Final Fantasy - Chapter 6 Part 2 - Break 300 times
Break enemies 300 times. This is really easy to accomplish with a Monk card that has the All Range Attack extra skill unlocked.
Mobius Final Fantasy - Chapter 6 Part 2 - Use the Ultimate attack 100 times
Use the Ultimate 100 times. I did this with the Squall job since the Break Power is crap and its Ultimate that can only hit 1 target.
I also used a weapon and ability cards that replenished the Ultimate gauge quickly.

Here’s super boring gameplay of Wol killing enemies with the Ultimate. (I have no idea why I recorded all 3 battles but you can stop after the first enemy dies since it’s the same strategy over and over. ^^)

Now imagine doing it 100 times.

Funny thing is, I actually cleared the mission right on the nose. :3

Mobius Final Fantasy - 100 Ultimates done!

incidentally, Ultimates used in battles in either Ultima or Anima’s region are counted toward it.

And that’s about it for this first half of Chapter 6 Part 2. But here’s a nice close up of Meia. 😀

Mobius Final Fantasy - Meia in a flashback
This is during a flashback. I really like this colour scheme over the blue one she currently wears.

This is the rest of the outfit. ^^

Mobius Final Fantasy - Meia and a previous Warrior of Light
The entire outfit with the alt colour scheme.

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