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Mobius Final Fantasy JP – Windows Version/Steam Test Without VPN

Edit on November 4th EDT: Corrected the error about Magicite not transferring between operating systems. It doesn’t apply to any that were received for free.

Edit @ 11: EDT, November 1st: It works! Some screenshots and info on game data sharing have been added. :3

Edit @ 1:22 EDT, Nov 1st: Official JP Twitter updated with tweet that there is no estimate on what time the maintenance will end. iOS and Android versions are also affected.

Edit @ 21:20 EDT: Maintenance is still going. 😡


Thanks to Tok Woei Cherng for sharing the following at the
Facebook group I’m apart of

At the present time, the game can be installed through without the use of VPN.

DISCLAIMER: Attempt this at your own risk. There’s every possibility the game is still region locked to Japan and Steam doesn’t really like people from other countries accessing things not meant for their own region. Please see point 3, section A under

As the game is still in maintenance at the moment, it’s uncertain if the game will even work properly once it goes live at 10:00 AM Japan Time.

Here are some screenshots after downloading the installer. ^^

Mobius Final Fantasy - Steam version
Mobius FF under the library. Don’t mind my other games. 😛
Mobius Final Fantasy - Notice window
Pop up window explaining the game is under maintenance and to check the official Twitter account for up-to-date information.

I suppose the pop-up window right aligned since the game menu will be on that side.

As for the full list of Steam achievements, you can view them at the site.

For system requirements, I listed them here:

Edit: Woohoo!

Mobius Final Fantasy Steam Version - Enter Player Name
Starting new. XD
Mobius Final Fantasy Steam Version - Goddess
Did the mobile versions have the team effect too?
Mobius Final Fantasy Steam Version - Title Screen
The title screen

For everyone looking to know how to share the save data from their mobile game with the Windows one, the Square Enix Presents stream from yesterday had a slide about that. 😀

Mobius Final Fantasy - Game Data Sharing
The process is the same for all platforms. You can do the reverse too and move the Windows game data to mobile.

Seeing that the game loads and plays without issue, it seems like Square Enix just opted to make the store page fixed to the Japan region. The game isn’t doesn’t check for your location. This isn’t to say it won’t change in the future though.

Come to think of it, I think in-app purchases are still restricted to Japan. I’m unsure of this though.

Please note that purchased Magicite/Magic Stones (魔石 – the premium currency) doesn’t transfer between different operating systems. Magicite received through maps, login bonuses, daily missions, etc. will.

An English version of Mobius Final Fantasy Steam/Windows version is currently unavailable.

7 thoughts on “Mobius Final Fantasy JP – Windows Version/Steam Test Without VPN

  1. good thing i went here, i was having a hard time figuring out how to transfer my account. lol

  2. Can I transfer my global account to the steam version ?
    I’ve tried the steps of the slide you presented us, however with no success!

  3. Hi

    Do you have a tips for “License check failed” with Google Play ?
    I have the JAP version on my phone and I really want to transfer on PC 😦

    And thanks for the link for the PC Steam version !

    1. Credit to Dai Wei who posted this at the FB community:

      “The thing about the License Check Failed is that the game checks your Google Play account to see if the game is registered in there (a.k.a downloaded legitimately from Google Play), so basically we need to get the game registered in that account.

      You will need either a emulator or another phone, don’t care specs since we are not going to run the game on that.

      Step1: start your emulator/get yourself another phone
      Step2: setup a JP Google Play using a Japanese VPN on that phone/emulator
      Step3: login to Google Play with that account, search for the game and press install. You do not need to run the game/
      Step4: The game is now registered in that Google Play account. Go back to your actual device and login to that Google Play account.
      Step 5: you can now bind your game.
      NOTE: I wrote this from memory of what I did to bind my account to Google Play because I got my game client from Qoo-App. Some steps may be missing since I don’t have the resources to replicate the process.
      NOTE2: Any account that has not purchased anything can be used for this since if you make a purchase on that account, your account is now locked to that country’s playstore that the Credit Card is based in. All you will need is a Japanese VPN and you can get into the JP appstore provided you didnt buy anything on that account.”

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