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Mobius Final Fantasy JP – General Method of Getting High Scores

I finally got the hang of what every high rank player is doing on the Japanese server. I mentioned it in brief in another post but have made some changes since — namely using another job and not breaking mobs. I’m not getting their scores though because I don’t have the cards they’re using and I don’t have the Hope job either. 😦

What I write under the cut works outside of the FFXIII event maps but don’t expect to hit 1 billion in score. :3 Hitting over 10 million should be a breeze for any job with a strong Ultimate though.

Update on September 7th: I made some corrections since I just realized I wrongly identified the Fire Support card as the Legendary Golem when it was another card with another ability. >_>;

This method works best with jobs capable of utilizing Earth and Fire cards and ones that don’t have high Attack Power due to the fact that you want as many enemies to survive before using the Ultimate.

Key Points

  • Cards should be 5-star rarity with maxed abilities and the job should have all 8 skill panel pages completed so the Ultimate will be at level 9.
  • Don’t have one single element in a deck unless you’re sure the mobs consist of elements other than the one you’re using. Otherwise, you won’t be able to bring the Break bar down to its red state.
  • The physical attack power of the Ultimate must be high and ideally hit all enemies.
  • The deck should have Unguard (ノーガード) Critical Resistance Down (クリティカル耐性ダウン), Debarrierga (デバリガ), and Break Defense Down (ブレイク防御力ダウン). These debuffs should also be AOE (area of effect) types. I would recommend that the Break Defense Down card belong to another job class. Using one that matches the job class will cause the bar to go into the red in one hit. This may be tricky to deal with if the support cards are still in cool down as you will risk breaking enemies.
  • Any abilities that up critical and attack power are recommended and will definitely add to the score.
  • Equip a weapon that can raise the Ultimate bar with physical attacks.
  • Consider areas with many battles and enemies.

Suggested Cards for Unguard

Ashe (アーシェ:FFⅫ) – Unguard and Stun on all enemies
Legendary Golem (伝説のゴーレム) – Unguard on all enemies

Suggested Card for Debarrierga

Nosferatu (ノスフェラトゥ:FFXIII) – Debarrier on all enemies

See the bottom of either card’s page for alternatives. Look for the list showing other Earth or Fire cards.

I won’t suggest which jobs work well though because I only tried the Red Mage and the Dragon Quest Ranger job. ^^ However, many players are using Hope and I saw some Knight of Etros when my score was about 200 million.

The Method

  1. Use Break Defense Down to slowly make the Break bar red. It should take more than one use of the card but it’s okay because you want to use up turns when you’re waiting for the cool down of the Unguard card to finish. In the case that it’s ready to use then just go to step 2.
  2. Alternate between enemies to wear down each red Break bar. Use Element Drives to control what orbs come out. You want the ones that will let you Critical Resistance Down and Unguard.
  3. Once there’s a small speck of the bar left on all or most enemies, use the card that has Critical Resistance Down.
  4. Use Debarrierga and Unguard  and any cards with Snipe and/or Brave .
  5. Use Ultimate.

Important Info

Judgement is needed for when Critical Resistance Down is used if physical attacks are reducing enemy HP as well since it’s possible that using the ability will kill off the mob.

Pay attention to how many turns Critical Resistance Down will last for. Ideally, the Ultimate should be ready before or when you use that ability.

Unguard SHOULD NOT be used early or else you risk breaking or killing off enemies. Debarrierga is also risky to use early due to the same problem.

Here are before and after screenshots using the method above in conjunction with the Optima system from the FFXIII event map. These were done without Debarrierga because I didn’t think it was necessary (and this job can’t use fire cards anyway). ^^

Mobius Final Fantasy - Before Ultimate
Unguard, Critical Resistance Down, Stun, and Break Defense Down. The Break bar is not as low as I would like but Wol was destroying their HP bars with each hit. ^^;;;
Mobius Final Fantasy - After Ultimate
This score was made possible by the Attacker Optima!

My ranking with 19 hours left. I’m surrounded by Hopes! ^^; My goal is to reach 600 million before the FFXIII event ends~ Note: the deck I used to achieve the score is different than the one in the above screenshots.

Mobius Final Fantasy - My Ranking
I expect to fall a few spots but maybe I’ll remain in the top 200. 😮

I might include screencaps from another map but I need to find a good area with strong enemies to fight first. ^^


By far, the most difficult thing to do is controlling the Element Drives since allowing too many orbs of one element to fill up the stock gauge can mess up the rhythm. I believe doing an Element Drive with 5 orbs is the amount for keeping a balanced Element Ring?

I’ve tried to use the Black Moogle Debarrierga card along with Ashe and the critical resistance down one but the 4-turn cool down made it rough to work with; I had to keep attacking and doing Drives AND praying that there would be monsters left by the time I had everything ready. 😛 As a result, I just stick to two cards so I can always eliminate one element completely.

Mobius Final Fantasy - Rankings for the Week of August 29th - September 4th (last day)
Top ranks~ All Hope! XD

Top players have 1 Unguard and 1 Debarrierga in their deck though.

I’m not sure they’re using main and sub decks to pull off their 1 billion+ scores. It’s possible that they are?

This video is from the blog post I referred to at the top of the page. It more or less illustrates the method except I was breaking enemies at the time because I thought it gave me a higher score. 😡

The two Serah cards are there to replenish the Ultimate gauge. I rent Hermes or The Undying for haste. The latter is in the video. The card also has Drain and Snipe (Critical Up) as abilities.

Oh, this will work on global as well once the cards are available but the single target cards like Mjollnir (Earth warrior card) and Hecatonchier (Fire support card)  that are in the card pool now might make a difference when it comes to score.

Edit on September 4th:

I got my 600 million after all. 😀 I used 2 Unguard cards to achieve it. (The wind Black Moogle card is an Unguard All card.) I threw one battle though, IIRC, because I reduced all the break bars to almost nothing before the Ultimate was ready. -___-

Mobius Final Fantasy - First time obtained top 100 rank in the weekly rankings~
囍 ^o^~!

8 thoughts on “Mobius Final Fantasy JP – General Method of Getting High Scores

  1. Been playing the game for a bit less than two weeks. The summons from the second half of Lightning event was initially giving me a bit of issues (not a lot of cards and new player after all). Marginally got through those fights using some general tips found on your site. Thanks! Is it still possible to draw those Job cards like the Lightning goddess one or Hope now? I don’t remember seeing them in the summon lists.

  2. Ahhh~ Thought so. What about those cards such as Serah or so on? I guess Cloud cards are definitely gone now T^T

  3. Now that lightning returns of no longer available, I still see on jp that high score reach over 2bil. Do you know on which map are people getting those scores?

    I am finding that the bones die so fast on most of the maps that it’s tough to get anything over 30 million

    1. I’ve been trying to figure that out myself. .__.;; But I did manage to get 80 – 100 million on the third DQ map with areas with lots of slimes or those drackies (black/purple bat things) with my DQ warrior and ranger. ^^;

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