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Mobius Final Fantasy JP – An Example of a Customized Hunter

The Japanese version allows players to add additional auto-abilities and elemental enhancements by using Custom Skill Cards. However, there’s a region known as the Hall of Fame which greatly strengthens the jobs that were released during and not long after the game’s debut by rewarding players with skill cards specific to those few jobs.

For the Hunter, it gets the following:

  • Base stats +50%
  • Break Power +300
  • Fast Break +20%
  • Fire Enhance +200%

With those cards applied, all its stats, except Magic Power and Critical, exceed the Last Hunter’s (a.k.a the Noel job) which is considered an S-rank job at the Altema wiki.

You can see the difference in the radar graphs and tables at their respective pages:

Last Hunter:
Hunter (look at the first graph and table. The second one shows its original, non-customized stats):

Here’s a video of my Orion (the Hunter’s second job) ripping through three bosses at the 60 stamina area on the water island at the Pleiades Lagoon. 😀 Old and new players on the Japanese server will know how rough these monsters are with jobs and cards that aren’t nearly maxed out.

Oh, if full screen isn’t available from this embedded version and you want to be able to see/read all the text, please watch it at YouTube. The link is

The video has no audio since I don’t have any software or hardware that could record sound and crisp quality video at the same time.

I keep forgetting I can capture gameplay in-game via Lobi though. >_>

I regret not recording gameplay of the Orion before I applied all the custom job skills so players could get a better sense of the job’s strength. I could remove them all but that’d be a waste of a lot of Skillseeds and Crystals. (They’re needed to slot the cards.)

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