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Mobius Final Fantasy (JP) – Scoring Big in Lightning Resurrection & The Beginnings of The Hall of Fame

It’s been a while since I wrote an actual journal-like piece about the game. I’ve been so busy playing both the English and Japanese versions, writing tips, and updating the FAQ.

Here’s what’s been happening:

Lightning Resurrection Event (ライトニング・リザレクション)

Mobius Final Fantasy Japan - Achieving over 400 million in battle score
This is the highest I’ve ever gotten.

For quite some time, the highest ranked players had a deck setup that consisted of the Goddess’ Knight (a.k.a. Lightning) job with one 5-star Ultima card and three 5-star Serah cards. Their scores were over the 1 billion mark. I wasn’t quite sure what they were doing but some members of the Mobius Final Fantasy – (English Community) & Other games Etc explained to me that those players are solely using the job’s Ultimate skill to go through battles since, with both Crystariums maxed out and with the help of Ultima’s Critical Resistance Down, all attacks are amplified to the point that each hit from the Ultimate deals 999,999 HP of damage.  (Apparently, they have the same cards equipped in both their main and sub decks.)

I expressed my interest to see if I could set up something similar but was told that to take advantage of a setup, I’d have to use a job with an Ultimate that possessed high physical damage and was capable of dishing out multiple hits. The only one I had that fit the bill was the Crimson Lord so I began experimenting.

At first I equipped a 4-star Ultima, a 5-star Dissidia FF Lightning card, a Trance Mage card, one 4-star Serah, and a rented The Undying. That got me into the 200 million mark.

Once I evolved my Serah and did a max boost on a second 5-star, I tried again. This time, my score was over 300 million. At some point, I discovered that completely destroying the break gauge was preferable to just leaving it in the red like I was doing. I also removed the Lightning card and put in Ashe instead. The result ended up around 370 million.

Finally, with all the right conditions (4 enemies per stage, no Earth resistance to Ultima or Ashe), I got the score you see in the screenshot above.

I’m convinced that I can’t get it any higher with a single deck. Still, I’m quite pleased with the outcome! I’ve never gotten so high before. ^^ Sadly, without the Optima system, this wouldn’t have been possible. This means I can’t replicate the same success elsewhere.

Here’s a sample of the technique. It’s just the first 2 stages but it should give you an idea of how it’s done:

The Hall of Fame (ホールオブフェイム)

Mobius Final Fantasy - Hall of Fame
Hell mode for early jobs.

The Hall of Fame is a high difficulty map consisting of various objectives which challenge the player’s expertise in handling specific jobs. Right now, it focuses on ones that were introduced during and shortly after the game first launched over a year ago such as the Warrior and the Hunter.

The objectives are found on locks between each area in a job’s path. In order to remove a lock, the player must complete certain conditions in the battles before it. For example, one may require performing 4 Ultimate attacks in total while another may need enemies to be put into the Break phase 20 times.

Each area has a chest that contains general custom skill cards (カスタムスキルカード) that all jobs can use or a job-specific auto skill card. The latter bestows impressive parameter boosts to a job. See the White Mage for example: Under the status section, it shows the changes the job undergoes once the custom skill cards are equipped.

Two key points about The Hall of Fame:

  • it requires players to own the standalone job cards; jobs evolved from basic, starter jobs like the Onion Knight do not count.

    Mobius Final Fantasy - Starter Jobs = NO
    You can’t proceed through any area with jobs evolved from the most basic jobs.
  • BOTH main and sub decks must be the same job.

I was  so unprepared for this mainly because jobs like Ranger and Mage were untouched since I drew them months ago. I had better, stronger jobs by that time after all.

I unlocked all skill panels for my Ranger so I decided to try out its route first. The first 3 or so areas went pretty quickly, but then two tonberries KO’d me in one turn in the 5th area. :/ I haven’t tried it again since.

One thing I learned in these job quests is timing the use of debuffs between two decks. I rarely ever use a sub deck but these battles pretty much required me to. It even got me looking through my Rainbow Fractal Cards to see if I had any Job Change Recasts auto-abilities since I needed to reduce the cooldown time for switching between card setups.

Anyway, here’s what I was working with for the Ranger path:

I was playing another map at the time I took pics so they’re showing the Explorer instead of the Risk Taker. Regardless, the cards are pretty much what I used in the Hall of Fame. Some areas required a bit of adjustment though like using another element as the main attack card.

The stats you see in the screenshots have been strengthened with skill cards. Here’s what it looks like for my Ranger:

Mobius Final Fantasy - Custom Skill Cards
I put in ton of Break power and some magic. The ones on the bottom are known as “job auto skills”.

For the moment, the only other job I can go through the Hall of Fame with is my Hunter but my selection of Fire Ranger cards is a joke and all the debuff cards that match the element set of it are 3-star with no Extra Skills unlocked. 😛 But I still made it to area 4 like my Ranger!

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