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Mobius Final Fantasy Wish List

These are just some things I want to or don’t want to see. XD


  • Moogle familiars.
  • Fat Chocobo familiar.
  • More cactuars, especially the Afro one from Lightning Returns, as enemies and familiars.
  • Guest characters from main FF titles to assist in battles. They could appear as summons. If they were to be battle companions, I can only see it working if SquEnix makes enemies tougher to accommodate a 2-person fight or if they join only during boss fights. It’d be kind of a waste if it were the latter though.
  • World Boss event! Everyone can join in beating it up!!
  • More creativity in map progression. So far, it’s all beat up x-amount of monsters or kill specific monsters for key items to unlock routes.
  • Stamina requirement adjustment. Maybe have them scale with user level? The ones that need 20 – 22 are way too costly even at level 30.
  • HIgher frequency of 3-star card drops on Normal difficulty once a 2-star card of a monster has undergone a class change.
  • More events with unlimited stamina! Mobius Day was great~! ^____^
  • Collaborations with other studios! I kind of want a Terra Battle x Mobius Final Fantasy~


  • Teleport traps. Actually, my hate for these come from games that were in isometric view or just in mazes where you can’t see the entire area or map easily. It may not be as bad if you were tossed around on the world map in Mobius.
  • Echo familiars. The ratio is always like 6:3 against other familiars.
  • A rental card page full of Cait Sith. I know I’m partly to blame since I followed a ton of users that have that as their rental card but come on, they shouldn’t cycle so many of them in at once (including those from people I don’t follow). I guess it’d be a lot of work to write a code that could check duplicates per page.

I’ll add to this post when I think of more. :3

Edit on October 11th: Whoa. Some of my wants came true! *___* I crossed out that Square Enix actually added. For the Mobius Day one, the 8th of every month has been selected as Mini Mobius Day where players enjoy a top-off in stamina as well as additional stamina plus some other perks for 24 hours.

5 thoughts on “Mobius Final Fantasy Wish List

  1. Hi again! Sorry to bombard you with questions lol. So I got a 4 star card today! My first one! Then a class change thing popped up… No idea what that means 😀 maybe you could help c: tysm

    1. It’s no bother~! I’m happy to talk to English speaking fans of the game. 😀 Congrats for a 4-star draw! ^__^

      I’m near positive the class change just means that it was drawn as a 3-star but magically turned into a 4-star card. ^^; It’s kind of silly given that the draw is a pinkish card icon to begin with. 😛 I had it happen to my Carbuncle card this morning. :3

  2. You reply fast! Thank you!
    Love your site btw c: also congrats on your 4 star card!

  3. Hi KouKouPuffs!!! 🤗

    I just stumbled onto your site!
    I’m EXTREMELY new and I tried the game when it very first came out but got too overwhelmed and deleted it lol. I’m ready to try again now though and just reinstalled it! There is so much to learn! That’s why I found your site while I was looking for beginners tips.
    Do you have a section or know of a website that can easily teach us VERY new players how to start off our Mobius journey in the best way possible? I just don’t want to make mistake after mistake after mistake and waste so much time doing the wrong things when i should be doing another etc. etc.
    Do you know what I mean? 😉

    Hopefully you still actively play and can respond to me. Maybe we can even become friends in- game!
    ( If there even is such a thing and it’s possible! Lol)

    Anyways, I hope to hear from you soon Kou!
    Keep up the great work and keep being awesome and kind to us “NOOBS”! Not a lot of people are so it’s very refreshing! 😻

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