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Mobius Final Fantasy – Babblings (As Usual)

Chapter 3 has been released and the new jobs and cards mentioned in the previous Mobius FF post are now available! Before I start typing away like a madperson again, I’d like to point out that I’ve started to put frequent Mobius ramblings on my Tumblr blog.  There’s something about that platform that deems it more suitable for spur-of-the-moment thoughts. Most of it features cross-posting from my Instagram account though but there are some text-heavy posts too!

I USED to use Twitter to yak about the game but the 140 character limit’s annoying. Well, that and I’m not sure most people following me want to read about Mobius every hour or so. XD At least with Tumblr I can update a single post so I don’t keep spamming people’s feeds multiple times a day.

Now onto the meat of this entry~!

I’m going to let the gallery show off what’s been happening. :3

Additional commentary~

  • I’m curious to see what sort of abomination Echo really is. I’m also tempted to draw fan art of without the cuffs to show her large mutant hands. XD I’m not sure I can do it without laughing myself silly though. Anyway, I find it amusing she wears obscenely large hand paddles with her swimsuit costumes.
  • The Thief having no (or very low) defense may be an issue for me but I discovered that the Yuna and Cait Sith cards make a pretty spiffy combination.
  • Speaking about Yuna, all the Expand Skills consist of increasing the amount of HP healed by 10%. There’s a good chance this card may be the best healing card so far. If not overall best then maybe the best 3-star restoration card. It also comes with its ability maxed out. *___* Oh, the card plays this chime in the tune of Hymn of the Fayth from FFX.
  • The game is about 1.4 GBs for me since getting the newest update. I’m sure it’d be a tad smaller had I opted for the minimum install size. I’m running low on space even though there’s about 1 or 2 other 1 GB+ big games on my device. I know everything adds up so all the however many MB apps dwarf the size of these 2 or 3 games. It’s amazing how 32 GBs of storage space is not enough for me. 😛
  • I’m kind of disappointed that I couldn’t get the Dragon Knight or Dancer. Maybe I will later on. I do wish SquEnix would up the amount of Skill Seeds you get from drawing a duplicate job card. :/
  • D’ah. I thought that the Cait Sith’s Cure came with Esuna properties. It turns out that it’s an Expand Skill. ^^
  • Good grief. What does it take to make the Liches appear in Chapter 2 of the side story? I’ve been running around beating up Pagan Heads and other boss monsters. I think that triggers them since after killing a Killer Mantis, a Lich Duel popped up on the map.
  • Wow. Most of the cards I have that have the Dark element are those boss-type monsters like the Mind Flayer and Cockatrice. I’m more interested in maxing out the ability of the Cockatrice due to its high Break Power but I encounter the Mind Flayer a heck of a lot more frequently than the bird-like monster. :\ Hmmmm.

Hmm. I’m still not entirely sure how to trigger Expand Skills. I know about the level requirement but other than that, is it through skill usage? Ugh. The Famitsu Wiki says that Expand Skills unlock when special conditions are met but to also check card info to see what those are? I’m stuck on unlocking the third one for Pagan Head and Magus Sisters but the wiki doesn’t give any information about them other than descriptions of each Expand Skill and the level conditions.

The GAMY wiki simply says to level the card ability and to use it in battle to get Expand Skills. 😐 I guess I’ll just keep spamming the hell out of them as much as I can in each battle then.

Still debating on whether I want to work on my Hunter or Knight jobs first. The Knight transforms into a Dark Knight and the Hunter becomes a Survivor. I still haven’t seen anyone with a Survivor, but I have seen a Bandit (which evolved from a Thief). It’s got a gaudy colour scheme for its costume. =___=

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