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Mobius Final Fantasy JP & EN – Dragon Quest of the Stars & Adamanterrapin Events

It’s been a busy weekend in both Mobius FF games — The Dragon Quest of the Stars collaboration event started on the Japanese server and global versions got their very first battle tower event!

I’ll talk about the Adamanterrapin Terror event first. 😀 Please don’t ask me for advice. I’m no good at strategy. .__.

Mobius Final Fantasy - Adamanterrapin Terror
Almost at the top~!

When I played this in the Japanese version last year, I think I only got to around floor 32. For some reason, despite having 4-star cards, I thought it’d be the same this time around so I was pretty surprised I got to the top without dying once. ^^

Mobius Final Fantasy - Adamanterrapin Terror
Rank at floor 50.

I used a Hunter (summon card version) and for the longest time, I had 4-star Lakshmi, 4-star Valkyrie, 3-star Moogle, and 3-star Hades in my deck. My Hunter only had 2 skill panel pages completed but a few panels from the 3rd page were unlocked.

The Extra Skills were all unlocked on the Moogle Card but Hades still has 1 left. 4-star cards came with all skills unlocked.

While I enjoyed a death-free trek up the tower, this happened the moment I got to the boss on floor 51. 😛

Mobius Final Fantasy - Adamanterrapin Terror
Woo! Made it to floor 51. Then I promptly died. XD My first death in the tower. Not bad. XD

After chatting with some folks at the Mobius Final Fantasy – (English Community) & Other games Etc Facebook group, I got the idea to change my setup — I put in Artemis in place of Moogle, and swapped Valkyrie for Fenrir.

That got me to 53rd boss but …

Mobius Final Fantasy - Adamanterrapin Terror
Died again. :V This time on floor 54.

This was a dumb death too. :/ The Ultimate became available the moment I did an element drive but and then the monster killed me. .___.~ Had I done the element drive 1 turn earlier, I would have gotten the Ultimate in. :V

I have no plans on continuing much farther in the Phantasmic Coil once I clear the 55th boss since I don’t care about rank or the Ability Tickets after each cycle. I also get annoyed at having to sit through long battles.

I’m going to go back to murdering PuPus for Gil. :3

Mobius FF x Dragon Quest of the Stars

I’m going to be lazy and just post a gallery of some screenshots I took. Everything has captions though. ^^

Well, maybe I’ll write a few points too.

  • Using the Healslime as a spirit companion will allow the player to unlock Extra Skills faster. This is only effective until August 26th.
  • The event provides the Prince of Lorasia/Midenhall job for free. There seems to be some condition about the job though — something about not being able to keep it if you don’t set it in a deck.
  • When you begin the Dragon Quest event map, all job classes start at level 1. As jobs gain experience, they will level up. They also have their own Ultimates. Jobs (and most likely Ultimates too?) are also level capped at level 15.
  • The strength and defense of enemies seem to increase dramatically at the start of the second event map. Given that the level cap is raised to level 40, I suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise. ^^
  • The prince job eats A TON of Wind Skillseeds. I had to do some farming at the Gigantuar map. 😀

    Mobius Final Fantasy - Skillseed farming!

Now for the gallery.

Random reflections about Mobius Final Fantasy English:

I never did write about the game after I started it so I’ll jot down some thoughts here:

  • I’m disappointed that Square Enix didn’t honour the x6 Ability Tickets from the desktop version of the pre-registeration page. :/
  • I’m not sure I like the idea of the Magicite Distiller, but that could be because I’m used to be able to getting Magicite as spoils from monsters in the Japanese version. They don’t drop often but so far today, just from about 2 hours of farming an event card, I got 160 Magicite. I was lucky enough to get a rare 100 Magicite drop.
  • Square Enix does listen to players! The additional content and increased quantities of existing items in the Mobius Gift Box was a very nice gesture. And although its worth is currently questionable, it’s nice to see the multi-card summon added. Oh, and removing the 15-day expiration on Magicite banked was great too.
  • Not having an exploration map sucks hardcore for Skillseed farming. 😡 These kinds of maps have Skillseed bonuses depending on what day of the week it is. For example, Monday gives x2 bonus to Dark Skillseeds. I’m still unsure why global opted to release 2 story chapters instead of one story chapter and its accompanying exploration map.
  • Being able to buy new 3-star cards is nice. Not worrying about level and Skillseed conditions for augmenting cards is a good thing too.
  • When looking from a monetary-based point of view, the 4-star single card summon is cheaper than spending a bunch of purchased Ability Tickets to do a boost fusion on a 4-star card, or max boost a 3-star card and augmenting it to 4-star and then using a boost fusion on that.
  • It’s wonderful to finally be able to talk to greater number of people about the game. I even learned some new things (I never knew about the experience number in the deck only applied to the first card .__.) and tried tactics that I haven’t before. ^^ One thing that’s not as wonderful is reading complaints on the official Mobius FF EN Facebook page on a variety of topics. :V Some are legitimate concerns while others seem to be complaints for the sake of complaining.
  • The game can run on my crappy ASUS MeMO Pad 8! :O It can even do Normal resolution! Too bad it keeps hitting error code 9 to 12 on a regular basis.
Mobius Final Fantasy - The ASUS MeMO Pad 8 can run it!?
I honestly didn’t expect this. ^^

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