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The English version of Mobius Final Fantasy to be released on August 3rd in NA and EU!

Official Mobius Final Fantasy English North American Website
The official English site!

Square Enix has heard their fans! Mobius FF will finally come to Western shores next month! It’s dubbed in English too! 😀 Wish Mog sounded cuter. ;_;

Incidentally, the release date itself was mentioned on the official Final Fantasy Twitter account and not the Mobius FF one:

Mobius Final Fantasy EN release date
Mobius Final Fantasy EN release date

Currently, both the NA and EU sites only house general information, the announcement trailer, and the pre-registration link. Consider signing up so you can get tons of in-game rewards! … Although why are they only giving out 1 Summon Ticket? Shouldn’t it be reversed? (re: 1x Ability Ticket and 6x Summon Tickets) so people can do a multi-card draw? Bleh. I have no recollection of what the launch bonuses were for the Japanese version. Maybe they did the same thing. The Yuna card wasn’t a part of it though since that came later on as a promo reward for Mobius FF commercials airing in Japan.

Pro tip: Healing cards can be hella useful early in the game when you don’t have many support cards to work with. But when you get buff cards (which restore HP too), all Cure-type cards can be thrown out. XD

My holy trinity consists of Hellgate (Wall + Barrier + Regen), Knights of the Round (Brave + Faith + Boost), and Hermes (Haste). Lately though, I’ve been substituting Hermes for The Undying (Haste + Snipe + Drain) and Knights for Trance-type cards since they boost all job stats. Of course, none of this matters until the cards are actually released in the game. I doubt The Undying and the Trance ones will be show up any time soon since they were added in the FFXII event that happened recently. :/

Mobius Final Fantasy EN pre-reg rewards
The pre-registration rewards~!

Edit: The mobile site shows a different quantity for the Ability Ticket and a mislabelled Crystal:

Mobius Final Fantasy Pre-Registration Rewards on mobile version
Someone at Square Enix didn’t proofread the images before uploading the mobile version of the website.

Anyway, check out the site~! For North America:

For Europe:

And if you use Twitter, follow the official English account:

3 thoughts on “The English version of Mobius Final Fantasy to be released on August 3rd in NA and EU!

  1. Hi, is knight of the round and hermes available in the North America server?


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