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[Tiny Farm] Valentine’s Day Level 2 Collection is a-go! (Updated Feb 14)

Updated on Feb 14th: Happy Valentine’s Day! Com2uS has put the Frozen Egg and Burning Egg on sale for 20% off, and Mysterious Egg on sale for 10% off~ Pretty sure the message about 3 eggs being available until 12:00, Feb 20th was in reference to those.


Oh yeah, remember that in order to get the Valentine’s Fox, you need to complete the Level 1 Collection too! 6 days left! Good luck, everyone~!


Updated on Feb 12th: I completed the Level 2 Collection! 😀  8 days and 6 hours left~~

Tiny Farm V-Day 2013 - Got 2 eggs in a row! D:
Whoa. The quest still continues even after you complete the Valentine’s Day set! I can keep getting more Valentine’s Eggs and Presents!
Tiny Farm V-Day 2013 - Valentine's Pig
Kind of looks like the Beach one. ^^;
Tiny Farm V-Day 2013 - All done!
I only had the pig left. Got it wih 8 days and 6 hours left to go. I may get more too! XD But I want the Winter Alpaca. 😦
Tiny Farm V-Day 2013 - Valentine's Fox


Com2uS updated a short while ago to add another three animals!

Tiny Farm - Valentine's Day Level 2 collection
A pig, a duck, and a fox! :O

There are 14 days to complete the quests. (I assume they will be more than one.) The first/current one tasks players to “breed animals to get 1 Valentine’s Egg”. According to the Com2uS Hub, any pairs of animals will do. Naturally, they have to be the same type so as far as I know, there’s no funky cross-breeding available. 😛 All Valentine’s Eggs will get you random animals which, of course, includes the chance for you to receive a Level 2 animal from the Valentine’s Day collection!

The reward for the quest is a little present box which I assume will pop out another random animal.

I’m not sure if the odds of getting an egg are higher with the 3rd tier and talking animals but it stands to reason that you’ll have more breeding opportunities if you use 1st and 2nd tier animals due to the lower heart requirements. I’m currently trying with a Bighorn Sheep and Bighorn Brown Sheep since they are among the few animal types where I still have the early tiers. ^^ (I tend to sell off all the ones that I can repurchase with gold once they are mastered.)

Edit: Got the duck from the present (the quest reward) right away. However, I’m not getting another egg and the second quest asks for 2 Valentine’s Eggs. 😦

Tiny Farm - It's the Valentine's Duck!
*quack quack*

As usual, you can see all the new V-day animals at Alfredo’s.

Tiny Farm - Level 2 Valentine's Day Collection
All the new V-day animals + the Valentine’s Egg and present.

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