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It may be that I’m not looking hard enough but I’ve yet to find any “window shopping” Android app that have a wishlist or watch list that’s capable of sending notifications when price changes occur. This particular feature is a staple of AppShopper which, unfortunately, will most likely forever remain an iOS-only application.

I suppose the mentality is that the majority of apps are less than $5 so the chances of someone NOT purchasing something right away is sort of rare. After all, who would chuck a 99-cent app into a wishlist instead of instantly hitting the Buy button?

The answer? Me. And probably a lot of other Android users too.

Throwing $1 at something I may not potentially like shouldn’t be a big deal, right? It’s still money though and I’d much rather be able to try out an app first before agreeing to being billed for it. There’s also another side to it where if it’s not anything I really want right away, I’ll just wait until it goes on sale. 😛

Yeah, I guess it simply boils down to me being cheap and loving free stuff.

Anyway, is my only known way for keeping me in the loop about any changes on my Play Store wishlist. It’s Web-based (although there IS an app that’s currently in the beta stages) and incredibly simple to use! Just log in with your Facebook, Twitter, or Google account and once you’re logged in, you can put whatever you want to be alerted on — even if the  app isn’t on your wishlist — by adding them to your Application list. The process can feel a bit tedious if you happen to have a long list of items since it requires you to manually copy and paste the store page URL of each app.

My AppFeed applications list
I only had 9 items so the whole copy and paste URL process wasn’t too bad.

If there’s one thing that’s lacking about AppFeed, it’s the fact that you can’t choose to have notifications via e-mail; only RSS feeds are available and don’t expect this to change any time soon. (The link leads you to an entry at the creator’s blog where he provides a method to get e-mail notifications.) These feeds are the way to keep abreast of any changes that may occur for the apps you want to monitor. There are several RSS feeds to choose from in the My feeds section. Once you select the one you want, it can be added to Google Reader or any RSS client.

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