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[Tiny Farm] Winter Animals Collection

Final update (Feb 7th):

I forgot to update this entry after the promo ended. ^^; Just so everyone knows, you can STILL get the animals from the Winter Collection via any sort of egg. This has always been the case once a holiday promotion or special event ends. They may even appear from a Valentine’s Egg or present throughout this current Valentine’s Day event!

I never got a Winter Alpaca even though I bought many Golden Eggs and even Frozen and Mysterious Eggs. >_> It’ll probably be summer time when it’ll show up. 😛


Update! January 31~! (For Winter Deer)

Tiny Farm - Winter Deer Quest
7 Times!? Good thing the community has put together a list of folks with the animal!

So Com2uS updated the game last night to include the Winter Deer. Players have confirmed that ANY tier Reindeer or Sika Reindeer pairs can breed the animal. Additionally, this thread has a list of players with 1 or more Winter Deer at their farms. As usual, Alfredo has a few too~

Tiny Farm - Alfredo's Winter Deers
He/Com2uS also has one in the Toy Village.
Tiny Farm - Winter Collection Final
Looks like Com2uS finally settled on the animals of the Level 1 Collection. Kind of disappointed they’re not all alpaca. XD

Update at 5:22 PM ET:

Finished the first at of the quest~! :3 Now to breed a Winter Deer. X_X

Tiny Farm - 2nd Winter Deer Objective
Breed reindeer types, buy eggs, or spend money to buy another one with 150 Bells. :B (Of course, you can use TapJoy offers to get all those Bells too.)

You know, I visited a few farms manned by Korean and Chinese players and lord, they LOVE to spend money on the game. It’s evident that they’re splurging on IAP since there’s no way they can have like 50 Nine-Tail Fox each in Tiny Farm, Tiny Beach, AND/OR, Toy Village. Check out this screencap below. All the white things between the Christmas Fences and Hello Kitty Cars are Nine-Tail Foxes:

Tiny Farm - Someone has too much money
It’s possible this player constantly gets Bells and Hearts from other players too. Either way, this person thinks Tiny Farm is worth hundreds of dollars. Or maybe it’s a Com2uS employee?

I’m content playing the game in a slow, snail-like pace since I don’t have tons of money to spend on it. And even if I did, I’d limit myself. The above is just an example of extreme fanaticism, in my opinion (assuming it really IS a regular user).  But I digress. Anyway, my first Winter Alpaca still eludes me. 😦

Tiny Farm - Winter Collection - No Winter Alpaca :(
Where is my Winter Alpaca? TT

Edit on Feb 2nd:
Got my second Winter Reindeer~! For what it’s worth, I bred level 95 and 100 Blue Reindeers. Pretty sure levels don’t have much influence during these promos because it always takes me meant tries before I get one. (Typically, higher level animals means that a higher tier breed comes out easier.)

Tiny Farm - Winter Deers~!
FYI, I don’t provide my ID because I like to keep my visits consistent. I’m too lazy to keep track of who I didn’t visit before and stuff. Sorry.


Update! January 24~! (For Winter Bear)

Winter Bears in Alfredo/Com2uS)'s farm
Very adorable bears!

All right, here’s the lo down so far about getting a Winter Bear! The following are reported as working methods by people at the official Com2uS forums and Tiny Farm Facebook page:

  • Breed Bears or Polar Bears of any tier. Yes, talking-type bears are included too!
  • Frozen Egg. (Unsure if a regular polka-dotted Mysterious Egg will allow you to get one too. :/)
  • Finishing the first part of the current quest which rewards you with a Winter Bear. If you need user IDs for folks with Winter Bears, check the links above. Com2uS (Alfredo’s farm) has 2 Winter Bears for everyone to groom so take advantage of that!
Winter Alpaca, Winter Bear, and ... ???
This Winter Collection is turning out to be pretty cute! Hope the last one in the Level 1 Collection isn’t an ugly assed donkey or horse.

Blargh. I never got a Winter Alpaca even after breeding all manner of Alpaca around 50 times during the course of the promo. Apparently, they’re available through eggs during this time … which is pretty much how any player can get rare animals once a promotion is over. 😡

Edit on Jan 25th:

Tiny Farm - Winter Bear get!
Tiny Farm – Winter Bear get!
Tiny Farm - 2nd part of Winter Bear quest
Sadly, you can’t breed a Winter Bear with any other bear to get one. :/

Edit on January 27th:

Finally got my 2nd Winter Bear~!


I got the other one by breeding a Level 46 Polar Bear and Level 37 Black Polar Bear. Originally, I was using Brown, Red, and Turquoise Bears but after many tries, no Winter Bear appeared. The Polar Bear types took less attempts. (Was actually using 2 Polar Bears at first.)


Original post from January 16th (for Winter Alpaca):

Not sure which Alpacas to breed. Will update once I find out.
People are reporting that breeding any kind of alpaca will do~!

Sorry for the horribly useless post but I’m putting this as a placeholder until I uncover the information. So far, I have a regular Alpaca and Black Alpaca on my farm. I just bred them a few moments ago and out popped a regular one. 😦 I’ll try breeding 2 1st tier types to see if I get anything. I hope so though because it’s cute! ^o^

Edit: Word at the Com2uS forum is that a regular Alpaca + Pure White Alpaca (tier 3) will produce at Winter Alpaca.

Edit #2: Tiny Farm Facebook page has people reporting any combination of alpaca types will do.

As seen in the Collections menu.
As seen in the Collections menu.

Not sure if the app didn’t update properly but there’s no reward (other than gold and experience)  and all the Winter Animals are alpaca variants???

Nothing but alpacas?
Nothing but alpacas?

Edit #3 (Jan 21): Bred them like 30 times already and still haven’t even gotten a Winter Alpaca. 😡 I’ve been switching between alpaca pairs but I might focus more on the regular ones for the last 2 days. Goddamn.

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