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[MEGA MALL STORY] Yes! Beat my previous high score! ^o^

My high score on iOS was 798,218.  The biggest factor that contributed to this huge jump in clear points is the fact that I figured out how to keep monthly profits high (like above $3 million.  Later on, it was above $5 million).  Well, I figured it out midway though but even then I didn’t do enough to push for better results. :/

Of course, the economy and the appearance of rival malls also played a role in limiting how much the mall could have made.  The game hit me with a depression and recession and also threw a few malls at me to deal with. 9__9

In fact, that stupid mall you see in the screenshot above appeared in the first month of Y15.  It’s STILL there even after the game “ended”.  Originally, it had 80% of the Residential folks and 50-some% of everything else.  I actually had to restart the game a few times until I got a rival mall like this.  Most of the ones the system churned out had a much higher share ratio.

Well, I’m done playing the game on my Galaxy Tab 10.1. It was incredibly annoying and borderline infuriating due to the constant slowdowns which forced me to exit out and load up the game again.  I must have did this at least 50 times.

Oh yeah, here’s another pic of mob of customers. XD This time, they’re in front of the Cinema! This set-up is actually one that I regret keeping since I didn’t notice till late that the Aquarium had a much higher product selling price than the Cinema.  So, to me, the ideal set up next to a Helipad would have been the Casino and then the Holiday combo (Planeterium + Museum + Aquarium).

I wonder what movie is playing to cause such a line up? :O
I wonder what movie is playing to cause such a line up? :O

Bah. Can’t remove this image out of the gallery at the top. .__.

Oh yeah, here’s a super awesome spreadsheet created by Cuzza over at the GiantBomb and Kairospot:  Lots of information about the game! 😀

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