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Hobby Link Japan and AmiAmi purchases get! ^o^

I just received my Taiko no Tatsujin 1:12 scale model kit today and the box of Tales of Friends Vol. 2 (Rubber Strap Collection).

I totally didn’t realize the Taiko one was a construction kit. ^^; This will be the first time I ever had to put a model together! Exciting! ^o^/

For the Tales box set, I’m so happy that I got all 10 characters! I seem to have luck with these blind boxes whenever I order a full box.  Volume 3 is coming out soon but I’m going to ignore that since I don’t care about most of the characters.  I also didn’t bother with volume 1 due to the same reason.  Volume 2 is the best! ^o^

Here be photos~!

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