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Mobius Final Fantasy JP – October Update Summary

Updated October 4th: Corrected information regarding the Job Card Reboot, Celestriad (the Three Stars item) and Ultimate Card.

I’m still unsure about the ability card level limit though so take it with a grain of salt. The example on the official site and the one in the stream are different. The explanation on the site isn’t that clear either.
The Square Enix Presents live stream last night revealed some new features and changes that will be added in the October 7th (Japan Time) update.

(The captions under the two images below are for anyone just looking at the page with an image and not this post. ^^)

Mobius Final Fantasy - JP October 2016 Update
Bullet points on what’s included with the October update. See corresponding post for translation.
Mobius Final Fantasy - JP October 2016 Update
Bullet points on what’s included with the October update. See corresponding post for translation.

There’s a lot more under the cut. ^^

In the first image, it lists the following:

  • Custom skill panels can be swapped. This is shown at the 18:49 mark of the video.
  • The job model that corresponds with a deck will not automatically change when you peruse other decks. Instead, there will be an additional button near the bottom right that can be pressed to manually change it. In order to use this feature, you have to go into the Config menu and select it.
    Mobius Final Fantasy - JP October 2016 Update - New option for decks
    When changing decks, the character/job model will no longer automatically change as well.

    This is demonstrated here: It ends around 21:00.

  • The job crown, which is representative of how many skill panel pages have been completed, can now go up to 12. I’m not entirely sure how this is achieved since it was verbally explained. ^^ I think it may have something to do with the job exclusive custom skill cards obtained from Job Quests as there are exactly 4 of them.
  • “Card Next” is simply a really funny way of saying that players will be able to go through their cards without first returning to the list of cards.

    Mobius Final Fantasy - JP October Update - Previous Card/Next Card options
    You no longer need to return to the card list to check the details of the next card.
  • Little trophy icons will be visible above the player level bar which correspond to the player’s current weekly and event rank.
  • Battles can begin with the sub deck.

Points from the second image:

  • Summon cards can be set to be automatically sold.
  • Cutscenes can be resumed later. I’m unsure if this is translated properly. ^^
  • Notices shown during data download can be hidden.
  • The Android navigation bar at the bottom of the screen can be hidden.
  • Draw coins of other rarities can be used in skill draws. See demonstration here:

The next topic on the agenda was Chapter 6 and Meia. I’ll let the screencaps do the talking. XD

Mobius Final Fantasy - Chapter 6 begins!
Chapter 6 is officially open at midnight on Saturday (Japan Time)!
Mobius Final Fantasy - Meia the Witch
All players starting Chapter 6 will automatically be able to use Meia. She’s a mage with 3 element sets to work with. *_* Depending on her stats, she may be quite useful in multiplayer as an Attacker.
Mobius Final Fantasy - Cat-earred Meia ^^
Meia’s other job? ^^ Cat lady. ^o^ It’s a Mage and Attacker and only has 1 set of elements.
Mobius Final Fantasy - The Decoration menu
Play dress-up with Meia! She’s got wings, glasses, and a PuPu on her head. ^^
Mobius Final Fantasy - Member Changing
You can switch between the two characters in battle!

You can start watching from ~45:23 onward to see some battles featuring the witch.

Other topics discussed:

Mobius Final Fantasy - October Spirits
New Spirits! It’s sports themed this time! I love the Taiko Tonberry!
Mobius FInal Fantasy - 2 new job quests
Job Quests for the Dark Knight and Black Mage will be added to the Hall of Fame.

Following those was the segment about the Job Card Reboot. It starts with a brief teaser for the Three Stars (a.k.a Celestriad in global) item.

Mobius Final Fantasy - The Three Stars Item
The Three Stars Item looks to be the similar to the upcoming Celestriad feature in global except this is based on job cards and not ability cards.
Nothing was shown other than this slide which gives us an example of what Stars can be exchanged for.
This item is obtained from drawing a duplicate job and hen a job card reaches its maximum level of 32.

The second part is more detailed and goes into the new job card “Limit Break” system.

Job levels will be increased by 4 through drawing duplicate jobs.

Mobius Final Fantasy - Levelling Job Cards?
4 levels are gained from drawing a duplicate job card

You can also raise it manually by one level at a time through the Job Exceed item. This is known as the Overbooster-J in global.

Mobius Final Fantasy - Job Exceed
Increase the level cap of a job with a Job Exceed item.

Ability cards have their own level limit breaks as well. 88 Ability Tickets are needed to raise it by 1.  The total level of the ability card will be its own level + the level added by the player.

Mobius Final Fantasy - Additional information related to the job card level
I’ll figure out this caption when I get more information on ability card level limits. ^^;

The official site only shows +1 along with a level limit of 6 so I’m not really sure what’s going on at the moment. ^^;

Mobius Final Fantasy - JP October 2016 update - Ability Card Level Limit Explanation
A rough translation:
By using 88 Ability Tickets, you can raise the Limit Break by 1.
The current card level plus the “Ability Limit Break Level” will be the card’s total level.


Anyway, I guess we’ll find out for sure after the update, or if someone explains it to me before then. ^^;

The final feature presented was the 7th “Ultimate Card” which will be added to multi-card draws. This special card is extremely rare. You’ll know when you managed to get one if the colours during the spin is rainbow-coloured. The icon representing the Ultimate Card matches it as well.

Mobius Final Fantasy - Rare Ultimate Card

Lastly, a new card was revealed. This may be an Ultimate Card?

Mobius Final Fantasy - Minwu card
Minwu from Final Fantasy II!

8 thoughts on “Mobius Final Fantasy JP – October Update Summary

    1. Yeah, Chapter 6 forces you to use her so she’s given to the player when you start it. The summon is for the Fauvist (cat lady) job and new ability cards that cater to Meia.

      I highly recommend completing as many skill panel pages for her as you can before starting the chapter; especially if you play on Hard.

      1. Thank Koukou for clarify it! I only got ability cards suitable for Meia and I also get the costume for Meia, Im guess im too early to equip it

  1. Minwu seems to be really elusive. Cat lady seems a pretty solid attacker albeit a bit squishy without custom panels. Hoping for a rainbow scatter draw later… T.T

    Oh just a quick question: Chapter 6 has Sicarius as bosses, so will MP cards have a boost there? I kinda highly doubt that though but just wanted to confirm.

      1. Oh, I noticed too. And it seems that MP boosts like like additional damage to Sicarius bosses don’t work. Ifrit was a pain… Had Azure Meia survive until Ifrit, break, debuff with ultimate, switch, Undying + Knights, Tethys. It took tons of Phoenix Downs. T.T

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