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Mobius Final Fantasy JP – Chapter 6 and My Problem with Ifrit

Or “Wow. Really? We’re supposed to clear Chapter 6 with this job? Okay then. ┐(´~`)┌”

Perhaps the biggest issue is that Chapter 6 restricts you to using only Meia jobs so if you didn’t manage to draw the superior job, Fauvist, from the Meia-themed summon draw that accompanied the release of the new story chapter, you’ll be stuck with the freebie job, The Azure Witch.

Mobius Final Fantasy - Artwork for the job card, The Azure Witch
Artwork for the job card, The Azure Witch

It’s decent as all stats are pretty balanced and it also has a wide range of auto-abilities, but it honestly doesn’t feel like it’s enough to tackle the new map — especially on Hard difficulty and for the area objective that requires dishing out 300,000 HP of damage on Ifrit. You can see players at the Altema wiki expressing difficulty in achieving the goal. (Comments are toward the bottom of the page.)

I’ll get come back to this in a bit. First, let’s look at some screenshots from Chapter 6. 😀

(Regarding the Job Change Shift: Water auto-ability: I don’t see it happening anymore after yesterday’s in-game update. Maybe it only happens if there is a certain number of orbs in the stock gauge?)

There are locks on paths everywhere in Chapter 6. Each of them has an objective that must be met before they can be removed. In most cases, an unlock condition can be achieved by repeatedly doing the area before it over and over since previous attempts are counted. The only exception to this that I’ve seen are the ones that task the player to dish out at least 300,000 damage to a Sicarius.

Mobius Final Fantasy - Chapter 6 Ifrit Mission
Deal at least 300,000 damage to Ifrit. From my understanding, this must be done through a single attack.

It wasn’t too hard to get the 300K damage with Shiva although it did take more than one try. I used Ashe, Zodiark (Earth support card with Weak debuff), buffed Meia and then attacked Shiva with Ardor when she was in the Break phase.

I had much more trouble with Ifrit because Vanille & Fang or Undine always offed it with way less than 300K even with the same debuffs I used on Shiva. After changing ability cards a few times and re-doing the battle, it became obvious that the problem was that Brave, Faith, and Snipe would be gone by the time I was set up for the attack, and they were absolutely necessary for success.

(Incidentally, the Ifrit here is immune to Debarrier just like he is in the multiplayer battles.)

In the end, I managed to get through it with these decks:

Mobius Final Fantasy - Main deck for Ifrit 300K damage objective
The main deck.
Mobius Final Fantasy - Sub deck for Ifrit 300K damage objective
Sub deck~

The Vanille card was in the main deck for the heck of it since I didn’t use it at all. In retrospect, I should have replaced it with a level 74 card to boost stats (or at least moved it to the first slot for levelling purposes).

The Rainbow and Heartful Eggs are in the decks because not getting enough prismatic and life orbs was a reason I couldn’t get all the buffs up in time in previous attempts.

For the rental card, I always chose The Undying mainly for the Haste and Snipe combo on it. I also made sure that the Ultimate gauge was full.

I started the area with the main deck and the process went like this:

  • Battle 1/3: Buff with whatever (usually The Undying). Spam Lightning card.
  • Battle 2/3: Attack one Chimera with Lightning to drop Break bar into the red and use regular attacks on it while working on generating rainbow and life orbs for buffs. Use Dhampir whenever it’s ready and refresh The Undying. Spam Lightning on second Chimera for red Break bar. I prolonged the battle just so I could refresh the buffs before moving onto to Ifrit. I also made sure I had some life orbs left.
  • Battle 3/3: Switch to sub deck. Use Ultimate. Use Knights of the Round. Break Ifrit. Use Vanille & Fang.
Mobius FInal Fantasy - Chapter 6 Ifrit Mission cleared

I’m sure playing on Hard would have allowed me to reach the objective easier but that would mean surviving the mob battles before it and that is tough. ._.

As for the rest of the chapter, I’d be more eager to finish it if I liked The Azure Witch job more. I did three summon draws in hopes of getting the Fauvist one but ended up with 2 duplicate jobs and a new one for Wol. 😡

…. Oh. LOL. I can’t continue anyway. XD

Mobius Final Fantasy - Chapter 6 - To be continued
To be continued~~~

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