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Elemental Kingdoms Bloggin’

I mentioned it in my previous post~! It’s my latest freemium obsession. Anyway, I just wanted to point out that I’ve been making use of the blog option over at AdeptGamer! I’ve babbled about some stuff already. Come take a look! XD!

I also want to note that EK has a pretty angry fanbase. ^^ I do have some concern over reports that customer service isn’t responsive. I hope that I never have to contact them. ^^;;

Random aside: One of the best customer service experiences I’ve come across is with Mobage when I couldn’t retrieve my password for my Defender of Texel account because it was linked to some e-mail address that I can’t even remember even till this day. .___.;;; The problem was compounded when I couldn’t prove ownership of the account even with my device ID. The culprit was the e-mail address and I think the Mobage and DOT usernames were different too; it was just messed up. In the end, I regained access to my account after providing receipt numbers to Mobacoin purchases I made … which was actually an idea that I proposed since we were getting no where with Mobage’s textbook account recovery process. 😛 It may be just that one rep but he made all the difference! I really appreciated the fact that he was patient.

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