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Elemental Kingdoms Bloggin’

I mentioned it in my previous post~! It’s my latest freemium obsession. Anyway, I just wanted to point out that I’ve been making use of the blog option over at AdeptGamer! I’ve babbled about some stuff already. Come take a look! XD!


I also want to note that EK has a pretty angry fanbase. ^^ I do have some concern over reports that customer service isn’t responsive. I hope that I never have to contact them. ^^;;

Random aside: One of the best customer service experiences I’ve come across is with Mobage when I couldn’t retrieve my password for my Defender of Texel account because it was linked to some e-mail address that I can’t even remember even till this day. .___.;;; The problem was compounded when I couldn’t prove ownership of the account even with my device ID. The culprit was the e-mail address and I think the Mobage and DOT usernames were different too; it was just messed up. In the end, I regained access to my account after providing receipt numbers to Mobacoin purchases I made … which was actually an idea that I proposed since we were getting no where with Mobage’s textbook account recovery process. 😛 It may be just that one rep but he made all the difference! I really appreciated the fact that he was patient.

Potpourri Post: Healthy Living & New iOS Games

About Life~!

Just a follow up to the post I made back in December where I wrote about some health issues I have namely high blood pressure and an enlarge thyroid gland. Well, the ultrasound lab results for the latter showed negative so the family doctor still doesn’t know what the cause is but, as I mentioned before, the thyroid is still working as it’s supposed to so he’s suggested to do a check up on it every few months or so.

The blood pressure bit’s not really changed. But it could be because I’m not following the DASH diet to a T. ^^ In fact, I’ve been eating more meat than I should. 😦  The good thing is that I HAVE definitely lost weight. The problem is reducing it further. It’s currently hovering at a point that’s about 6 – 7 pounds less than I used to be at. But there were several days where it was even at lower than that. I suspect the recent intake of white rice and meat (and trying to eat as much as of the homemade loaf of bread as fast as possible) contributed to that.

Anyway, the good thing is that the there hasn’t been any drastic change in blood pressure. I just wish it would show lower values though consider weight loss has happened! But since my hypertension could be something I inherited from my mom, I sometimes wonder if it’ll ever go down. :/

Now for the happier things!

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