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Unchained Blades: My definition of fun doesn’t include excessive grinding

I know others frown upon the method and will whine about how the game’s challenge is part of the fun but the thing is, the way it’s supposed to be played is not fun FOR ME.

Basically, I’m cheating. I made it so that my followers wouldn’t die instantly from 1 or 2 hits or have to keep throwing Medicine at every leader to restore a  follower’s HP, that I didn’t have to strategize to wear down enemies to unchain them (and hope to God the followers won’t follow up with attacks that’ll kill the target) nor have to continually fight them over and over UNTIL I can even Unchain one, and most of all, I made it so I didn’t have to hang back for HOURS just to grind to survive the next fucking floor in a dungeon.

So why am I even playing Unchained Blades if I can’t play it “normally”? I dunno. Maybe I’m just crazy but I like dungeon exploring.  In fact, I do like the fact that I’m not bothered every 5 steps by random enemy encounters like in some RPGs. (I’m not using a no encounter cheat either.)  I also totally love uncovering every inch of a dungeon to get 100% completion. (Well, I mostly love it. I hated some floors of the tortoise dungeon. The place had so many damn turns and corners. And doors. My GOD, the doors.) I guess I’m OCD like that.

Oh, I’m also playing it for the story which is probably another crazy thing since I’m not expecting anything original or mind-blowingly brilliant.

But I think the main reason I’m still chugging along in the game is due to the fact that I bought the game from the PlayStation Store. :3 Still, if the game was on UMD and purchased from a brick and mortar store, I think I’d still keep it and play through it, but, of course, only with the “tweaks” that make it enjoyable for me~~~

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