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Played the hell out of Theatrhythm last night

Since I am error prone, I hardly have any Perfect plays and absolutely no Perfect courses. XD  Here are some quick thoughts about the game:


  • Field and Battle stages are pretty fun~!
  • The game has some of my favourite tracks like the Main Theme of FFIV, Main Theme from FFI, Battle at the Big Bridge (FFV), and Fight with Seymour (FFX).
  • Hilarious randomly generated bylines from the FF characters at the start of every stage. For a while, I seriously thought Square went back to the doofus(es) that did the Final Fantasy Tactics (PS) localization. None of the text the characters were spewing out was making any sense! XD
  • Lots of unlocks.


  • Series courses are too short.
  • Presentation’s all right. The Event stages look particularly unimpressive though since it’s just gameplay and cutscenes from the games as background.
  • Lots of unlocks. (This is a con because … see next line.)
  • Grinding. Lots of it.  Lots and lots of it.
  • The randomization of the tunes for the Dark Note courses is very poor. Nearly half of the ones I unlocked so far consist of some FFX and FFIX battle tunes. >_>
  • Not fond of the slide triggers since when there’s a lot of notes or a quick-paced song, it makes a lot more sense to flick to hurry to the next trigger than to slide. Maybe I just gotta learn how to do short slides.
  • No SpotPass support, only StreetPass.

I really wish the game would randomize the tracks in the series courses. I don’t want to HAVE to play the same ones over and over.  And ergh, there needs to be innovation in the music/rhythm game scene. I’m getting really tired with the whole grinding bit as the only way to advance in levels.  I mean, yeah, this game is based on an roleplaying series and grinding is a staple of RPGs but dammit, it’s a rhythm game. :3  Square could have tried for something new.

Also, grinding for points and unlocks is a bit boring now too.

Hmmm. I wonder if it’s possible to get every single Dark Note w/o StreetPass? Since I’m a hermit, having the StreetPass feature is incredibly useless for me. The only time I’d ever get anything will be at PAX East next year and who knows if anyone would still be playing the game by then anyway.  SpotPass would have been a much better choice, IMO.

Anyhoo, here’s my ProfiCard. It’ll probably change at some point … providing I play the game again.

Theatrhythm ProfiCard front
Theatrhythm ProfiCard front
Theatrhythm ProfiCard back
Theatrhythm ProfiCard back

Random photo of the Mandragoras (from FFXII) card. XD I love these guys~!

Mandragora card from Theatrhythm
Mandragora card from Theatrhythm

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