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Impressions of some RPGs on Android

The quest for fun RPGs on Android continues! However, I think I discovered 3! ❤

The Bard’s Tale

Like all the games I’m writing about in this entry, I only put in a few hours (or maybe even less) into The Bard’s Tale. I just got to the jail part in Houton Forest. Managed to kill one of the prisoners by accident but I got the door open on a second try. XD I didn’t save since I want to see if I can keep all three alive.

I’m not going to write much about the gameplay or story since that’s what search engines are for. But here’s a link to a walkthrough, just because. Anyway~ Quick pros and cons. XD


  • The voice acting isn’t all that bad so far
  • Has subtitles (I always enable subs in games)
  • Fun dialogue. The bard’s a pretty snarky guy and it can get a little grating at times though. :\
  • Handy familiar! 😀 I love my Thunder Spider. Can’t wait to learn more tunes because hopefully, I’ll get even better partners. :3
  • Decent graphics. They look very sharp on my Galaxy Tab 10.1. Given the fact that this is a port of a game that came out 9 years ago on the PS2, I’d say it looks pretty swell. (I’m unsure if they tweaked the graphics though.) Incidentally, I’m playing the standard definition version.
  • Graphics-related customization options such as lowering details, shadows, frame rate, etc.
  • Quest/target locations are marked on the mini map.


  • Big ass file size. I have a 16 GB Galaxy Tab 10.1 which doesn’t have a card reader of any sort. This means I am stuck with only 16 GBs of storage space. Standard def file size is 1.3 GB or something. HD is 3 GB. I chose the former due to storage size and I also had some doubts on how well the tablet could run a high definition version. (Wait. I never did check to see if HD only applied to  pre-rendered videos.)
  • Fixed camera. For some reason, I think I would have preferred it more if the camera followed the direction of your character in dungeons. I have to keep rotating it to make sure I’m not missing barrels to hit or treasure chests to loot and stuff.

9th Dawn (Demo)

Sweet bejeezus. Why couldn’t Forgotten Tales be like this? 9th Dawn reminds me of  Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny which automatically means good times because U5 is among my fave Ultima games. (I really wish people wouldn’t compare FT to the Ultima series because it’s a massive insult to the latter.) I’m not sure there’s a party system in 9th Dawn since I’ve only played the demo and it restricts the player to some very early quests as well as a small portion of the world, but based on the battle system, I kind of doubt it. :/

Real-time battles have taken the place of the turn-based ones seen in pre-Ultima VII: The Black Gate. People left critiques on the product page complaining that the character can only face one way in battles and that the controls were terrible.  I must admit that I thought the same thing initially too until I started tapping within the circle in the direction of an enemy instead of flicking. This made fights infinitely easier and didn’t result in constant death.

Unfortunately, tapping doesn’t work with ranged weapons such as bows and arrows; you have to remember to flick away from enemies. Otherwise, you would probably think that the character can only face one way. >_> One neat thing about using a bow is that you can retrieve some of the arrows that missed their targets.

Oh hey! There’s an Aim Assist option in the Game Options menu. I kind of prefer rapidly firing arrows wildly though because with the Aim Assist on, I’m forced to …. aim properly.

Now on to the good and bad about 9th Dawn (demo version):


  • Decent balance. Levelling up doesn’t take an eternity and enemies don’t swarm you like bees. And if they do, it’s possible to move away from them while attacking (if you have room).
  • Hot key binding. Super useful when being attacked since everything happens in real time; you’re not safe even when you’re perusing your inventory.
  • You can sleep in anyone’s bed. That’s right, be like Goldilocks — just wander into a stranger’s home and take a POWERFUL NAP.
  • Quest hints. Although not all areas are clearly marked on the overworld map, it’ll at least give you an idea of where to go, what to do, and what to look for. Oh, there’s also a handy quest log too (which can be easily accessed if you map it to one of the Item Binding slots :3).
  • Day and Night system. I remember this from Ultima V as well but in that game, there’s more of a reason for it since you had to pay attention to moon phases and such to use Moon Gates (which only worked at night). In 9th Dawn, I’m not sure if there are any specific quests or monsters that come out during certain times of day but I suppose it’s there to add more depth or something? I mean, your field of view is severely limited during night hours. But come day time, you can see things many squares away!
9th Dawn demo - Night Time
Field of vision sure is limited!
9th Dawn demo - Day Time
I can see again!


  • Better documentation. Maybe like some step-by-step screenshots or even a video in-game of how to use melee and ranged weapons. That should cut down on the amount of low ratings the game gets. 😛 There’s an NPC that gives you a run-down of the basics but lord knows visual aid would work better for a lot of people.
  • Not enough places to explore. It’s a demo so … XD

Twilight War

OMG. How did I not discover this earlier!? The developers of the hilariously translated Gods Wars: Shadow of the Death released another RPG in English! I loved Gods Wars and even though I’m not even an hour in, I’m already enjoying Twilight War. Gameplay mechanics and features seem identical so far which is great because those are the things I liked about GW.

Sadly, the whacked out localization seems more in check this time. Still, you get silly sentences such as what you see in the screenshot below:

Twilight War - After hung D:
After … hung …??

Since there are many similarities to Gods Wars, you can probably refer to this link for the Pros:

It’s too early to list the cons but I’m thinking grinding for levelling, money, and materials will fit the bill since Gods Wars eventually ended up that way. Still, I really appreciate the fact that the game doesn’t slap on restrictions for the sake of egging players to shell out money for more inventory space, stats, items, and equipment like certain Korean mobile game developers do.

Oh, there’s a slight issue about audio in Twilight War! To get around the no audio problem, right before starting or loading the game, go to the Options menu and at Volume, press left or right. For some reason, the game starts of on mute. I think this is some sort of trend that Chinese developers have (at least with their older games?) since I’ve seen many of them include a screen that pops up upon starting a game where it asks whether or not audio should be enabled.

Actually, I’m going to mark this as a con because not only does the game start off with no sound, but I can’t make use of the volume buttons on my tablet to adjust the volume. I have to go into the device system menu and raise or lower the audio from there. :/


  • Ran into an issue! The side quest named “Treasure Exploration3” causes the game to freeze. 😦 I sent an e-mail to GTWMarket (the developer) in simple English in regards to the bug. I read at the Play Store that there were other people experiencing freezes but at different points in the game. Hopefully, they might update the game in the near future.
  • Selling equipment and items is still as hazardous as it was in Gods Wars. There’s no confirmation of whether or not you want to sell something. D: It actually requires double tapping an item but the big problem is that the touch accuracy (not sure what to call it) is off so it’s extremely easy to sell something you don’t mean to sell. The proper place to touch is the empty space that’s right of an item to select it. 9__9 Not sure if this is the case with all devices though.
  • Oh, there’s a con (that’s also present in Gods Wars): You can’t sort your inventory. 9__9

Edit #2:

  • Well, the game freezes every time I try to load up a save in the Corruption Area(?) 2. I e-mailed the dev but no reply and no updates. I’m not surprised at all. Well, it’s been a fun few hours I suppose.

The Last Story: New Game+

I’m pretty certain that I won’t stick with it till the end. I rarely do when it comes to replays and maybe even moreso now with the bosses being incredibly meaner. Was hoping for some added or extended cutscenes or something likes super awesome NIER but I got none of that so far. I DID choose the dialogue choices that I didn’t last time (it’s odd that I remembered with my crappy memory) and I THINK I got something a bit more out of Syrenne by choose “Well … ” in place of “Erm …” at the tavern.

What the? A bunch of weapons and equipment can be upgraded further now! Dang. :O Wow. Boosted a few up armour and greaves to +20 but it can still go on. X__x I was wondering how it was possible to survive the beefy bosses …

Oh no, the joke weapons. ^^; I wonder how powerful they can become? Kekeke. Leek +10 and a Chair +10. Mwahaha.

Joke Weapons
Obtained from the old man accessible via river on the northeast side of the waterway.

Ended up giving Lowell the Frying Pan.

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The Last Story Afterthoughts (with marked spoilers)

I’ll hide story-related spoilers though so highlight to read if ya wants.

Oh yeah, generic notice:  Please refrain from asking me any how to’s, where to find this or that — basically, any guide-like questions — because I have a severely abysmal memory so chances are, I won’t be able to recall anything. ^^; Sorry.

A wall of text appears! Command?

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The Last Story log #5

I think I’m near the end of the game now . 😦 There’s some stuff that I didn’t do beforehand like get all the stuff from old man that counts all the bumping and falling, that area west of Lazulis Road with the 5, uh, square difficulty level, or re-visit some areas with no battles to see if they trigger side stories. I could swear I’m missing something between Chapters 25 – 29. Sigh.

Anyway, this log is probably going to be spoiler-infested and I’m not going to hide them this time around so turn away now! However, as usual, please refrain from asking me any how to’s, where to find this or that — basically, any guide-like questions — because I have a severely abysmal memory so chances are, I won’t be able to recall anything. ^^; Sorry.

Now, let’s begin~!

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The Last Story log #4

These logs are turning out to be massive walls of text. As a result, I’m going to use the “Continue reading” option so the front page doesn’t look as scary.

As usual:

  • Please DO NOT ask me about any how to’s, where to find this or that — basically, any guide-like questions — because I have a severely abysmal memory so chances are, I won’t be able to recall anything. ^^; Sorry.
  • Updates throughout the day. Story spoilers will be marked.

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The Last Story log #2

Note: Please DO NOT ask me about any how to’s, where to find this or that — basically, any guide-like questions — because I have a severely abysmal memory so chances are, I won’t be able to recall anything. ^^; Sorry.


Like the previous log, I’ll be updating this now and then throughout the day. I should mention that plot spoilers will be clearly marked.

  • I’m kind of wondering about Dagran. I hope he doesn’t end up getting too ambitious. But woo. Chapter 17 now.
Creepy Cat D:
Creepy Cat D:
  • Really wish Zael wasn’t such a simpleton sometimes. >_>
  • Doing the next several updates from my tablet so the formatting might look strange. Anyway, I just hooked up my Wii to the TV downstairs and the graphics quality improved tenfold. I was under the impression that things would look like crap with an S-Video connection. D:
  • Currently on Chapter 19 and man, the game robbed me of a money bag right before the battle with the spiders. :/ Also, if you spot a save point shortly after that, dart directly for it but stay away from the stairs heading downward because the moment you go near those stairs, you will be forced to go down and won’t have the option to return upstairs. 9_9
  • Mirania is the best with her unintentional humour. ^^ Or maybe it should be deadpan humour?
  • Explosions set off: Horace: 2, Zael: way too many.
  • Paraphrased diakogue: (don’t recall who said this): “It threw one of them!” Mirania: “Shall we throw Horace back at them?”
  • Oh no. I get to choose who will open the sarcophagus. XD
  • The duel on the cliff is gold. ^o^~~
  • At long last, we are back at the tavern~~!
  • Good grief. Was avoiding Horace thinking it’d trigger a plot-related quest and then I come across a Knight stating that the Count wants Zael back at the castle. 9_9 Also, Merchants’ Banquet quest from a wandering guy in the Market needs a pumpkin, almond, and a coconut. I have a pumpkin seedling but where would I go to get a pumpkin? I think someone on one of the ships sold them but why would I want to buy pumpkins at that point?
  • *facepalm* Oh, Mina.
  • Oh man, with the current set of greaves that Syrenne has on, you can see her buttcrack if you tilt the camera up a little.
  • Arena battles are lame so far. Why the same enemies over and over and same layouts?
  • Wow. Found a part of the city I’ve never been to. How strange!
  • Oh joy. Farming. But at least I can get a pumpkin!
  • Gah. Stupid mansion. I’m a horrible shot so the boss fight went on for quite some time. ^^
  • Mwahaha. Had Zael flirt with an older lady. XD Let’s see where this goes. Unrelated to this, that stupid chase around the city was arrggghh.
  • Well, that encounter w/ the lady was rather insignificant. Her reactions were silly though. Anyway, I did another arena battle afterward and changed Zael’s clothing colours. Again. A lot of the dyes are too damn bright. I like muted and darker, duller hues. :/
  • Is it just me or does Zael sound a little bit like Daniel Radcliffe?
  • Ahaha. More flirting. I’m starting a harem now. XD
  • Ha. I knew it! The game DOES reward you for smashing into people and signs. You also get stuff for falling over. Guess I need to knock over some more baskets of apples. XD Man, I should have done the frog stuff earlier. :V
  • Ergh. Got Dragon Armour but it looks ridiculous. Now I’m stuck with topless Zael. X_x
  • Bah. Moved the Wii back to my computer room so I have to suffer mediocre video quality again. Oh well. At least I can do screencaps with ease once again~! I must build up the Zael Fan Club so I can take a proper snapshot of all the ladies he manages to woo. XD Currently doing the Realm of Ascendancy part of the storyline so I won’t be able to show it any time soon. :\
  • Goddamn. Only managed to get ONE Noble Ring so far and it came as a spoil from the summon circle in the trial. Did a billion more summons but never got one again. Sigh.
  • The Outsider, eh? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm …
  • Ha. Cornered a maid and kept running into her. I wonder if doing so adds to the count for walking into people? I’ve taken to constantly ramming into people while they’re in conversation (re: during eavesdropping).

The Last Story log #1

Note: Please DO NOT ask me about any how to’s, where to find this or that — basically, any guide-like questions — because I have a severely abysmal memory so chances are, I won’t be able to recall anything. ^^; Sorry.


I’ll be randomly updating this throughout the day~

    • Some girl named Mina dropped a whole basket of apples in the Market which caused Zael and other folks to step on them and fall. ^^ She says to visit her later on but where the heck is she?
    • Supposedly, there’s a chest at the eastern bank but some kid’s already around it. I suppose firing a Fireworks arrow should get his attention since he likes fireworks or something? Problem is, where is this eastern bank???
    • Is it just me or are equipment bonuses like “+7 increased movement speed in battle” NOT indicated when outfitting characters in the Equip menu? WTF?
    • Fired off a prank banana at someone for fun. It ends up being a big banana peel on the ground and disappears once someone slips on it. If I had the money and time, I’d buy the hell out of those arrows and shoot them all over the fountain square area.
    • Guh. I select to use Brave Armor on Zael and the guy loses his shirt. D:
    • Won my first arena battle. Didn’t know heal bombs would cause someone to get all doozy. Oops. XD Edit: Wait. That wasn’t a heal bomb. >_>
    • Huh. Looks like the Budding Confectioner quest is repeatable. (She’s the one in Artisan’s Way.) 1 Coconut, 1 Sugar, and 1 Banana. Ooh. The pocketwatch one is as well. I suppose they’ll ask for different things later on.
    • The scavenger hunt quest with the Toy Coins from the kid in the South Gate Plaza. So far, I’ve found 4 coins: 1 in the South Gate Plaza, 1 at the Central Plaza, 1 at the Arena and 1 at the Castle Gate Plaza. I didn’t see one in the Artisan’s Way so I’m getting the Market and Fountain Plaza are the last 2 areas. I’m gonna check them now. :3 Edit: I guessed correctly! Got them all~! Now to head back to the kid. Also, if this is supposed to be random, I still recommend checking in the vicinity of the place where you teleport in from (via using the Map option in the Main Menu) and just ignoring all the little alleys and side streets.

      The reward for finding all 6 Toy Coins ^^
      The reward for finding all 6 Toy Coins ^^
  • Buh. Obtained Invisible Dye from a lady on the second floor of the tavern. Do I really want to see a topless Zael for several hours?
  • Ugh. Therius’ voice. .___.;
  • A few hours later and I’m on chapter 15. ^^ Chapter 14 sure was short. I don’t even think it lasted a minute. 😛 I suppose I should explore a bit more before triggering obvious sidequests (or in this case, a whole new chapter).
  • Kind of hate it how you can cut off dialogue by moving into new areas. I suppose I should stand around and let the conversations play out before moving on.
  • Where the hell is Yurick on the ship!? Edit: Found him. >_> Weird. His “quest” is chapter 14. Mirania’s was chapter 15. X_X
  • LOL. The Doppelganger fight. ^^ I took out my own party members by accident so many times. XD Loved Yurick’s “Oh, come on.”
  • Hrrrrnnnnghhh. Damn Wii. Framerates drop now and then while on the ship.
  • Ahahaha. Mirania and food. XD

The Last Story

North American package for The Last Story
North American package for The Last Story ❤

I’ve been wanting to play this game since I saw the first Japanese trailer a few years ago. I’m not sure what it was but something was appealing about it. For sure, I adore the artwork. (I believe the character designs are by the same artist that did the ones for the Drakengard series which were beautiful works. *___*~) And the combat system seemed very interesting too!

My copy of The Last Story came yesterday and I put in a few hours into it already. It’s quite fun! 😀 (Alas, if only Unchained Blades invoked the same feeling.)  I do have a few small gripes though which I’ll copy and paste from my post at Gamerspot:

  • Attacking enemies simply consists of moving up to them. I am SO used to having an “attack button” in any action RPG. In this game, if you move and hit the A button on the ‘mote/controller while moving, you end up rolling. 9_9 There’s supposedly an option in the configuration menu that lets you enable an attack button so I guess I’ll try that out. The problem of rolling around may remain though. Maybe I can assign another button to dodging …?
  • No names of locations, shops, etc. are marked on the large overlay map. I have a terrible memory so the unmarked map is really bad for me. (It took me forever to find one of the quest-giving lady again cuz I kept thinking she was in the Market. Kind of forgot there were stands outside the Arena. .___.) I ended up screencapping the damn thing and adding in the info myself. I’ll throw it up on my WordPress blog since I’m sure it’ll help others. I think I missed one of the random scalpers/peddlers that sell things for cheap though. And the hide-and-seek mini game kid. And probably a few other things.
  • No quest log. I suppose this won’t be an issue for people that aren’t forgetful like me. I think I’ll need to keep a notebook open next to me while I play the game. :B
  • (Adding a new point that’s not from the post:) The character’s faces can look kind of scary and plastic-like. 😦 I also do wish they would have used actual traditional, hand-drawn artworks for the character portraits during conversations.

Regarding the map of Lazulis City, here it is! It’s not complete, of course, but this should be sufficient for up to chapter 6. ^^

Lazulis City
It’s not complete but just seeing the names of the shops is enough for me. 😛

Since this was a map designed for my own use, I should note that the turquoise circles indicate save spots and the bright orange stars are just people sitting or standing around the Artisan’s Way or whatever that provide services. I haven’t gotten to the point in the game where the unmarked peach-coloured rectangles become accessible. Er, I assume they are places you can eventually go to. I’ll update the map when and if they do. Edit: Noooo. The Sellers are at random locations. 😦

Incidentally, is it my imagination or is there someone  in the city that sells raw resources like iron and copper? I could swear I came across someone like that but after going all over the city, I couldn’t find the person again. I suppose I was just imagining things. Anyway, I still need those for the pocketwatch guy. :/ Edit: Copper, Iron, Pelt, and Silk are in the Goods Shop in the Artisan area. 9___9

Oh yeah, I made note of the Windy Alley or whatever it’s called since it’s a great place to get the 5x+ combo with seeking. I only managed to do it once due to my terribly slow reflexes but I’m certain other players can accomplish the 5+ combo quickly~

Some other things about the game:

One of the best things about The Last Story is being able to toss baskets of apples and have people slip over the spilled fruits. XD

In the screencap above, Zael slipped on an apple and went through a wall. XD Ah, clipping goofiness.

Prank Bananas
It’s far too tempting not to buy these. I ended up not doing in fear that I’d spend the entire game shooting people with them. I did, however, manage to get some for free. .___.;;;
Prank Banana Target
I take it I’m supposed to aim at the feet. I never did go through with this though.

Sorry about the image quality of the screencaps. (They’re a bit less blurry if you view their full versions! You can do that by clicking on the images~) I’m using an S-Video connection that’s going through the GameBridge so it’s like DOUBLE quality fail but then, this is a Wii so it’s not really too much of a fail. I DID, however, have my PS3 hooked up this way.  Haven’t re-connected the console to the GameBridge since playing stuff on the HDTV downstairs though. XD

BTW, this Amazon review is useful if you want to get the GameBridge to work on Windows 7 32-bit (any version, I’m using Home Premium). I used to have a dual-boot with Win 7 and XP but after my hard drive died, I just stuck with 7 and didn’t feel like re-installing XP.  There’s an alternate method that involves running Windows XP in a virtual environment though. I’m not sure if it’ll help with folks on 64-bit, however. Also, for what it’s worth, I’m using a GameBridge AVC-1410.

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Unchained Blades: My definition of fun doesn’t include excessive grinding

I know others frown upon the method and will whine about how the game’s challenge is part of the fun but the thing is, the way it’s supposed to be played is not fun FOR ME.

Basically, I’m cheating. I made it so that my followers wouldn’t die instantly from 1 or 2 hits or have to keep throwing Medicine at every leader to restore a  follower’s HP, that I didn’t have to strategize to wear down enemies to unchain them (and hope to God the followers won’t follow up with attacks that’ll kill the target) nor have to continually fight them over and over UNTIL I can even Unchain one, and most of all, I made it so I didn’t have to hang back for HOURS just to grind to survive the next fucking floor in a dungeon.

So why am I even playing Unchained Blades if I can’t play it “normally”? I dunno. Maybe I’m just crazy but I like dungeon exploring.  In fact, I do like the fact that I’m not bothered every 5 steps by random enemy encounters like in some RPGs. (I’m not using a no encounter cheat either.)  I also totally love uncovering every inch of a dungeon to get 100% completion. (Well, I mostly love it. I hated some floors of the tortoise dungeon. The place had so many damn turns and corners. And doors. My GOD, the doors.) I guess I’m OCD like that.

Oh, I’m also playing it for the story which is probably another crazy thing since I’m not expecting anything original or mind-blowingly brilliant.

But I think the main reason I’m still chugging along in the game is due to the fact that I bought the game from the PlayStation Store. :3 Still, if the game was on UMD and purchased from a brick and mortar store, I think I’d still keep it and play through it, but, of course, only with the “tweaks” that make it enjoyable for me~~~