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Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana Chapter 2 Screenshot Dump Part 1

I’m almost at the end of chapter 2 now. Man, it’s a long one! I took a butt load of screenshots. ^^; What you’ll see under the cut is just a fraction. ^^;; I’ll highlight some and make a gallery out of the rest. 😀

The village defense mini game is not something that’s ever been in an Ys game before. Every now and then monsters will start to harass your headquarters while you’re out and about. You’ll receive a really annoying notice from Little Paro, Barbaross’ pet bird, where he’ll screech at you to return. While these usually occur while exploring a dungeon, it happens at a point where you’re near a checkpoint crystal so you can conveniently teleport back to the location to continue afterwards.

Ys VIII - Village defense notice!
This happens a lot in the game — your dungeon exploration gets interrupted by monster attacks on the village. -_- (Upper right hand corner icon is an indication of urgency, I think. There’s a yellow variant too.)

You’re always given the chance to prepare beforehand since you have to speak to Dogi first before initiating the mini game. Below are some screencaps from my first time playing one.

Ys VIII - Village Defense Time!
The number of waves and the area where you’ll be fighting in are always shown before starting the battles.

After each wave, you’ll receive a results screen detailing information that’ll be used to determine the final score such as whether you, as the player, managed to defeat all enemies, if you took any damage, etc. You can also see the condition of defenses.

I suck at doing well in this. I eventually managed to get an S-rank but only after replaying it like 3 times. 😛 My party was at a higher level too by then. ^^ Dogi’s team always has a billion more people and while most of them probably aren’t combat-trained, they still magically do better overall???

By the second set of defense battles (I think), you can fortify the village some more as the options to build and strengthen barricades opens up.

Ys VIII - Beefing up defenses around the village
The option to add and strengthen defenses is eventually added.

Oh, there’s this part where you HAVE to run away from an enemy you can’t take on just yet because the story marker is on the other side of that particular map. There’s no alternate route to get there. :/

Ys VIII - A dinosaur?!
A dinosaur!?
Ys VIII - Dinosaur is Level 42!?
Oh dear lord, this thing is level 42!!! Laxia and Sahad are freaking out since the monster is gunning for them. ^^;
Ys VIII - Escaped from the dinosaur
Got away from the dinosaur!

Initially, I took off back to the map where I entered from because I didn’t know that it was mandatory to cross paths with that damned monster. Also got 2 characters killed along the way back. :E Maybe there’s a way to get through that part with the thing noticing but I’m not sure. ^^

Oh yeah, you can make attachment items too like the pikkard.

Ys VIII - Making a Pikkard attachment
Making a Pikkard attachment
Ys VIII - Pikkard attachment
Pikkards in this game are ugly. Still, I suppose it’s cute to have it off the shoulder like that.

I only made three of these even though I have 4 party members since I figure it’s enough. XD

Ehehehe. One quest has Adol and Dogi spending some quality time together. The answers to Dogi’s questions determine the second reward you get but the difference only seems to be in quantity. The item is still a coconut. (I didn’t take screenshots of the answers though.)

Ys VIII - Buddy-buddy time
Adol and Dogi have some quality buddy-buddy time building a boat together.

Here are the rest of the images I took. Most are just for scenery. ^^~

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