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ACNL – The Badge of Rassilon

I have no excuse for why I haven’t been posting at this blog other than the fact that I’m lazy. I also got into the mindset that I had to do a featured image each time I made a post but then I remembered that I changed themes. 😛 To make up for the lengthy hiatus, I will write a massive post! XD

Anyway, a whole lot has happened in New Leaf since my last post! Actually, some of it can be found at AdeptGamer: http://adeptgamer.com/forum/threads/nintendo-3ds-animal-crossing-new-leaf.780/ I do have to admit it’s kind of goofy updating all the going-ons at a forum rather than this blog. ^^;

At any rate, both Claudia & Shari have left and I got Phoebe & Roscoe to replace them. Thing is, I never wanted either of them. I don’t mind Phoebe since she looks kind of cool and has the same personality type as Shari. In fact, it seems to fit her better than Shari. ^^ As for Roscoe, the damn cranky horse moved his butt into my town after I visited someone to drop off something. 😡 I’ve been working to get rid of him ever since!

What was nutty was that I greeted him once he moved in but I think I must have went back in time shortly after or I didn’t save because the game never registered either of my characters ever talking to him! I only found out about this midway through yesterday when I was time travelling (known as TT for short)  like crazy to see if he could get cycled in to leave town. The only reason I even noticed the discrepancy was when I was selecting to write a letter to Walt. For some reason, Roscoe’s name did not appear in the list of animals I could write to! Afterwards, I had my mayor walk up to him and initiate a chat. The horse introduced himself as if they never spoke before. >_>;

I read from Bamdon’s super useful guide — seriously, you should check it out if you’re bent on getting rid of some villagers — that not talking to new move-ins immediately meant that it would take an extremely long time for them to move out. I hope this isn’t the case with Roscoe. My understanding of this is that because not acquainting yourself with the new resident after they move in = the game thinking you don’t acknowledge his or her existence, the animal has no reason to approach you for anything. After all, you’re strangers to one another! Of course, residents can still move out without ever mentioning that they are but it seems that this is dependent on you interacting with them at least once some point in time.

I’ll write my findings with the Roscoe situation once I can get back to time travelling. I can’t right now since I’m waiting for someone to pick up Phoebe on Saturday. :\ This other player doesn’t time travel so I’m stuck moving in real time. Honestly, I’d rather not TT so much since it’s time-consuming and gives me such a headache to have to run around looking for neighbours to talk to to try and get them to tell you who’s moving. =__=

Here’s the time line for my grand TT adventure:

I started on Saturday, August 31st!

  1. TT’d back to 5:59 AM to allow the roll over to 6 AM which counts as 2 days into the future. Felicity ran up to my mayor and said she was moving on Sept 5th. She was convinced to stay. ❤
  2. Proceeded to TT two more times on August 31st by “rolling back” the time to 5:50-something AM to let time move to 6 AM by itself. For the first roll back, Aurora was the one slated to move but I wouldn’t let her. For the second TT, no one mentioned anything about moving no matter who much I grilled them. I did get Bruce as a camper though. Ignored him since I have all 10 townsanimal slots full anyway.
  3. Made a big move back to Monday, August 19th with the time set for 5:50 AM. Still nothing about anyone moving.
  4. It’s August 20th now. Eventually, someone mentioned that Erik wanted to move but the damn deer wouldn’t run up to my mayor at any point. I got annoyed and fast-forwarded into the evening where he finally gave his move out date. He was convinced to stay.
  5. From August 21 to August 26, I was moving one day at a time and even changed the clock several times within a single day to see if any animal would do the dash up to the mayor with the news. Everyone kept mum about moving rumours.
  6. Finally, on August 27th, Walt decided it was time to go. He wasn’t allowed to. 😛
  7. Skipped to August 29th. Aurora wanted to go again. WTF? The penguin must stay! >:E
  8. Skipped to August 31st. No one says anything about leaving.
  9. September 1st — this is when I noticed that I couldn’t write letters to Roscoe. Spoke to him and he introduced himself. 9__9
  10. Moved to September 2nd – No news of any sort. TT’d to 6 AM on the same day (and got another picnic basket from Isabelle) and Phoebe wanted out. XD

Here’s how she explained why she wanted to move:






So silly. ^O^;

At some point in time, residents started going on about rumours of how I was a pro time traveller. 😛 It switched back to pro listener for a short while though; probably cuz I was madly running around talking to everyone at least 6 times to get information on who might be moving.

The whole pro time traveller bit is why I named this entry “The Badge of Rassilon”. If a TT category existed for badges and if there were some spiffy Doctor Who crossover, you can bet that there would be a Badge of Rassilon. 😛

Oh yeah, I also joined a pretty cool LiveJournal group for ACNL which is quite useful for trades and such. There are also links to some great resources! 😀

Bleh, I can have folders upon FOLDERS of screenshots but I’m far too lazy to upload them. There are a lot I would love to share as well such as conversations between animals.  Maybe I’ll make an entry here and there with screencaps eventually.

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