The Last Story log #4

These logs are turning out to be massive walls of text. As a result, I’m going to use the “Continue reading” option so the front page doesn’t look as scary.

As usual:

  • Please DO NOT ask me about any how to’s, where to find this or that — basically, any guide-like questions — because I have a severely abysmal memory so chances are, I won’t be able to recall anything. ^^; Sorry.
  • Updates throughout the day. Story spoilers will be marked.

  • Currently on Chapter 25. Man, those coffin enemies … I totally forgot to see what their weak point was. ^^  They kept taking down a specific target over and over. :/
  • Stealth is totally not my forte. XD (Talking about the part with Dagran.)
  • Spoilers

    Highlight to see~~ I’m pretty certain Jirall was framed. I’ve been suspicious of Dagran for a while but I’m expecting the game to throw a curve ball at me. At least I hope it does. So much could have happened when Zael got separated from the others in the castle during the Gurak assault. I do hope the culprit doesn’t turn out to be Mirania since it seemed to be a magic attack in nature that did Ashtar in. It’s natural to suspect the Count but if it is, I think he’s going someone else in on it. Please don’t spoil me. >___< I wish to find out for myself.
    Okei. So Jirall’s set-up was clear but the whole assassin/murder thing still remains.

    End Spoilers

  • LOL. The foot ointment thing. XD
  • Oh man, pocketwatch man has new stuff things he wants to make. Sigh. Edit: Currently doing the Silk Dress that requires Pelt and Silk. I get an Ogre Nail for it!
  • Aaaaah. The stealth part was so horrible for me. This one was actually really easy but it took me ages to figure out the courtyard path (the second time you go back, not during the escape). Getting by the first guard was fine but then, I kept thinking I should head left when it should have been straight. XD I got Game Over several times as I tried different ways to get past that guard on the left. XD
    This part reminded me SO MUCH of the base infiltration in Shadow Hearts: Covenant where you had to control Blanca to save the party. I messed up at every turn and ended up fighting every single enemy. ^^
    Anyway, these guards seriously need their eyes checked if they can’t see someone that’s just a few feet away. I wonder if it’s their helmet?
  • Oh cool. Chapter 25 marks the start of Season 2 at the Arena. FINALLY. (Watch all the enemies be Cave Cougars.)

Just came across this glitch:

Graphics glitch
This made is lodged in the steps and constantly spinning in place. ^^ I’m gonna see if I can get him walking again by bumping into him. (It worked by bumping him to the bottom. XD)
  • Incidentally, other than the glitch, there’s nothing special about the guy.
  • Ingredients-needing lady in Artisan’s Way now offers the option to get stuff for Almond Biscuits. All she needs is wine, almond, and sugar. She gives you Gnome Silver x 4! WOW! This is better than the bloody excursion to the Sea Cave!
  • Ahahaha. You can be a shop assistant in the Market. XD I wonder how much different the prices are if you sell them yourself? :0
  • WTF? The last round of the Season 2 battle. Bah. Lame. Anyway, wish I had another one of the Flame Reptid swords. Syrenne really could have used it. ^^; Really cool that you can get rare items and experience though. Edit: Turns out the drop from the boss in the Reptids Catacombs is a Flame Reptid.

FINALLY found a method to fight the bloody cougars. Still takes eons to defeat them but at least I don’t keep dying!

Damn stupid cougars!
It took until the weapon, Healel, that I was able to fight these bastards. Too bad the weapon only does like 50 – 68 damage per hit. 😛 But at +5, the weapon gives you 10% HP recovery per hit 80% of the time.
  • My method is what the caption says + Gathering Burst to slow them down momentarily so I can whale on them. Anyway, I’m down to my last one. I’m not sure I want to do this again until I level up some more. BTW, the enemies don’t scale with you. ^^
    Wow, got a stupid Sylph Bowstring for my troubles but at least the chests had yummy stuff! (I got a Guardian Sword, Indigo Thread, and a Silver Thread.)
  • Seems like the perks for bumping into people and stuff max out at 999. I don’t even recall getting anything after 300. I’m still working on falling and sign-hitting though.
  • Buh … looks like I skipped some chapters? o_O; Suddenly on Chapter 29. Edit: The captain. >_> McChuckles!
  • Haha. The Fashion Magazine Knight. XD
  • Dang, this is some really loud humming. LOL. “Wh–! That’s my castle you’re kicking down!”
  • Spoilers (Chapter 31)

    Highlight to see~~ Wow. So, the Outsider is Jenova? XD Can’t say I’m all that surprised about it being alien in origin and that it devours the energy of the world.

    End Spoilers

  • Did the Tower of Trials again. Used the Healer strategy against the cougars again but this time, I swapped in a Nameless once I cornered one of them. I think I kind of prefer this battle over the other one since there’s more room to move in.
One of the Orchid Kids
H … how did he get up there?
  • BTW, the banana doesn’t reach him. 😦 However, it worked on this one. Dammit. Can’t find the girl. :/ Nevermind. Found her. Couldn’t really see what she was doing those but it was another really strange hiding place.
  • Hey, Horace. I called you over …
Hey Horace, I just called you over ...
… ’cause I wanted to show you a hole.
  • Don’t think this is a spoiler …. Um … doesn’t anyone kind of wonder where Dagran is? I mean, I understand that they’re caught up with what’s going on but there are brief moments of relief and stuff. 😛 (Don’t answer the question.)

3 thoughts on “The Last Story log #4

  1. If your struggling with Nerberious(?) you run around and find some light arrows to shoot and destroy it’s shield before you attack. I advise to stock up before hand. I have seen some online take it down without light arrows. None I can see anyway. I have no idea what weapon they use to do that. If you mean the other coffin enemies I just hit them a lot.

    When you find out who it is it’s really obvious. If you do new Game+ it really is scary how obvious it is and how easily you over look the signs.

    1. Nah, it was the enemies that suddenly drop in on you during the Gurak assault on Lazulis Castle. They seemed weak to ice or something so whenever a weapon got enchanted, I’d just smack the hell out of them. ^^ Unfortunately, they have a habit of ganging up on allies right from the start and take them out super fast, like before I can even get the Gathering in.

      I wonder if people were using Silver weapons (I thought the Blunt Silver Sword or whatever could do it but nope XD) or that particular requirement with the Silver Arrows was gone for the online boss battles? And I don’t think you NEED to aim at the shield. I just shoot the bastard right after it goes back into its invincible form.

      I’m still maintaining my suspicions on the characters due to something that I saw really early in the game. I’m really hoping my guess is wrong though. :3 In fact, I’d be HAPPY if I was.

      1. The shield is still there online. Just few times been in a party and they all jump on it straight away and defeat it. Might be a weapon that allows shooting of silver arrows. I know one weapon gives burst arrows by default. To be warned that weapon you need to take off a boss before you defeat it. If you defeat it but don’t have hold of it you won’t get it.

        For the stealth parts use the arrows. It makes it so much easier.

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