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Malicious and FFXIII


I bought a PSN UK card (£10) from eBay today so I could buy Malicious. In case someone is looking for some place to purchase cards to buy stuff from the UK store, this is the seller I used.  It was my first purchase but the seller was SCARY FAST in delivering the code.  I have to remember to leave feedback because I’m very impressed at the speed. ^^;   Hopefully, everyone else will have the same zippy service~!

The game itself was £6-something.  Forgot the exact price. ^^  Anyway, I’m glad it’s not some $20 (dollars not pounds :P) game because the controls (especially the fucking camera) frustrate me to no end. I’m trying to recall if Devil May Cry 3 or 4 was this infuriating and considering that I can’t remember being really pissed off or stuck in those games, I’d have to say no.  I only mention those DMC titles since Malicious plays like them and they’re the only ones with some form of block or guard and multiple styles of attack.

While I typically suck at any kind of hack-and-slash action game (always playing on Easy, heheheh), Malicious makes Easy pretty damn hard. It could be my crappy reflexes kicking in but I swear I spent most of my time blocking when I meant to dash as both actions require the use of the circle button.

The camera is really annoying to work with too and if you pair that with the auto-targeting … ugh.

I read that not targeting enemies is a better way to fight and I don’t doubt it cuz the auto-targeting has a wonderful habit of never locking onto the enemy you WANT to attack, save the boss since you always want to hit the boss. XD

And targeting is hella fun in the final boss stage because it will cause you to take your eyes off the boss and you DO NOT want that since it has an insta-kill beam.  I got killed with it multiple times. Oh wait, just realized that it usually (or always?) follows the streams of white beams. Derp.

I suppose I’ll restart the game and do it in the order suggested by someone at the NeoGAF thread. I actually fought the lady as my last boss and she was so sooo hard to take down.

Or I can try and finish the final boss fight although I’ll probably die a million times trying. Whee~

The ONE S rank I got XD
The ONE S rank I got XD


Gonna goof around in it for a bit. I wanna see if I remember how to play it. Hur hur hur.

I’m already in post-ending in it and have been running around fighting ‘toises to get their damn rare drop. 😛  I’m honestly way too lazy to rebuild Fang’s weapon from ground up so I’m farming instead of breaking it down for the three trapezohedrons.

Well, I still have a bunch of Cie’th Stone missions to do too like the Titan ones. I started it and then bailed since I felt that I wasn’t strong enough to continue.

35 Saves!
35 Saves!

Not quite sure why I have 35 saves for the game but I do! My friend said he had 99 saves but he was saving in a new spot each time on purpose or something.

Oh yeah, here’s a video I recorded a long while back. Maybe some folks have seen it before? XD

Edit: Wow. Forgot the Steppe was kind of huge and preemptive attacks are annoying to sit through. … Kind of not want to play this again. XD

Maybe I should consider continuing with Bayonetta instead.

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