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FFXIII-2: Chocolog #3

Did more racing today! Got the King of Cocoon, Grade-Getter, and Derby Champ titles today. 😀 Then I went around to some locations and threw Mog around for some adornments. XD  Oh, I bought some from Chocolina too!

I went back to racing afterward to get some more adornments.  Got me the Mog Figurine from the Omega Weapon Cup and then the Onion Knight’s Helm from the Undying Cup!

In fact, here’s a crappy video of the Undying Cup race. I have no idea what the fuck YouTube did to the video but the text isn’t supposed to look all blocky and mostly illegible like that.

FWIW, the audio was recorded with the Voice Memo app on my iPod touch 4G since with the setup I have on my notebook system, there’s no way DScaler can record audio from the video input adapter I use.

Since I’m not having all that much luck recording from the PS3, I’m considering doing a cam video for the next one. At least, the text will be readable in that. Well, hopefully.  The digital camera I have has a wonderful habit of constantly re-focusing while recording (even when it’s sitting on a tripod). 9___9

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