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Going for another Platinum trophy!

Well, let’s see how long I can stick to it since levelling up the characters at this point in time in the game is dreadfully mind-numbing.  I mean, I already cleared the game but it’s taking them forever just go up ONE level right now.  I believe they’re at levels 75 – 76, right now?  (Edit: Nope, level 79. XD) I’m not sure that accessory that increases experience gained by 150% is going to help all that much. 😛  And since you can only have one of those, it’s gonna have to be rotated between characters.  Blargh.

If only I could level up playing the Blackjack mini game because I could play that forever!

One trophy left!
One trophy left!

Ah, TRINITY: Souls of Zill O’ll.

If you’ve never heard of it, don’t worry, you’re not missing out on anything. It’s an action RPG that’s pretty much made for masochists and those that love those damnable Korean RPGs on the iOS right now like the Zenonia and Inotia series.  The only difference is that TRINITY’s gameplay isn’t deliberately crippled to the point that you pretty much need to buy in-app shit to enjoy it the way it’s meant to be enjoyed.

What?  Your inventory is already full because the fucktard developer only allows you to have 10 slots by default? Well then! Just throw money at them and you can get yourself 10 more slots!

Anyway, if you like lots and lots of repetitive fetch, hunt, rescue, escort, or monster elimination-type quests and seeing the same dungeons and locations over and over, then this is the game for you!

I can’t believe they didn’t even throw in new floors for the labyrinth. Instead, the devs just rehashed every stage from select dungeons.  Hell, they didn’t even bother mixing up the floors a bit.

I’m ALMOST sad that Koei didn’t bring over the download content that the Japanese PSN has. Of course, I’m only interested in the costumes but I suppose it just wasn’t worth their time and effort so they wouldn’t even give the few players of the English/international version a chance to purchase them. :/

Sometimes, I wonder why companies choose to localize games that they probably already know won’t sell very well. 😛 It kind of reminds me of OZ/The Sword of Etheria from Konami. There was hardly any coverage for the game before its release and even when it did come out, it just kind of disappeared into oblivion. Sad. I don’t think Konami EU even made an official Web site for the title.

I only knew about it because I came across the official Japanese Website one day while looking for information of the character designer (who happened to work on Suikoden II and III).   I ended up importing OZ as well as the soundtrack and guidebook. I also bought the EU release too. ^^

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