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FFXIII-2: Possibly the last post about the game

Or maybe I’ll continue writing about it to keep a log about my exploits in chocobo racing because once I’m done everything, I’m off to the races! ^O^

I already did a few with my trusty Silver Chocobo~! I messed up raising it along the way though and only managed to get its magic strength to 776. :/ Would have liked to see it at 800 but oh well. It’s got enough stamina to last the 1800 meter races so it’s all good.

I got the Collector Catalog from one of the races and upped it to a Durable Collector Catalog. Love the amount of gil that rolls in with that thing. I’m slightly disappointed I didn’t get this before because now, I can buy all sorts of things — like those casino coins! XD

Speaking of which …

FFXIII-2: Final results from slot machine
FFXIII-2: Final results from slot machine

Messed up the contrast here by accident while taking the screenshot. 😦 Anyway, I started off with about ~33,300 coins — most of which were obtained from exchanging gil — and ended up with a decent profit! 😀 But look at the number of turns that was required to get the 13,200+ profit! :E

What I did for this was simply autoplay. As I mentioned in my previous post, I had to make sure that the employee next to the machine mentions that its mood was “like a hot summer’s day”. I then pushed my Dual Shock 3 controller up against the wall of the hutch of computer desk while I took off to the dentist and grocery shopping. About 3 hours later, I came back and everything I needed from the damnable slot machine was done! XD

All fragments get! :D
All fragments get! 😀
Serendipitous trophy with date and time of achievement!
Serendipitous trophy with date and time of achievement!

So now, I just need Saddle Sore and Anomalous and then I’m done! ^o^ First Platinum ever!

Just out by 2 trophies!
Just out by 2 trophies!

When I went back to the Historia Crux, I got this:

Secret Ending message censored!
Secret Ending message censored!

Of course, the actual message wasn’t censored. I just did that for the benefit of those that haven’t seen/reached this point yet. :3

Man, it sure takes a while to get 10,000 chocobo steps. 😦 I’ve been listening to the Pulse de Chocobo for almost half an hour already. I suppose I really should have rode on chocobos more often throughout the course of the game but I wanted to fight everywhere I went so I usually had the characters travel by foot. ^^;

Oh, to hell of this. Let me go get the OTHER trophy first. This can wait since it’s not counting consecutive steps. 😛

Update: Dear lord, why are the credits so long? I could have been back on a chocobo getting my steps!!!!! Anyway, just got Anomalous so it’s back to getting that chocobo to walk into the wall at the Steppe. :3


My first platinum ever! ^o^
My first platinum ever! ^o^

5 thoughts on “FFXIII-2: Possibly the last post about the game

  1. Would you recommend Final Fantasy XIII-2 then? I’m kinda on the fence about it due to me losing interest in the series a while back. Would I be able to pick up with the series with this game?

    1. Er, depends on when you lost interest. I’ve been with the series only since FFIV SNES. (Although I’ve played a bit of VII and VIII, I’ve never finished them. Well, V too but got to the last quarter of the game in that one. :/) I think Square’s doing all right with each iteration of Final Fantasy in that they change around gameplay a bit with each one and update it to meet the gaming demographics of the current generations. Seems like the old school folks just want FFVI or FFVII for eternity. 😛

      The thing is that I think people should look at each FF as a different game and not something that’s part of a series. Each game is unique but still features familiar monsters, items, equipment, etc.

      Anyway, if you could rent or even borrow FFXIII-2 from someone somehow, I recommend doing that first before actually shelling out money to purchase it. The game wasn’t anything super special and the plot certainly could have been better. It does improve on some things from its predecessor such as allowing more freedom when it comes to exploration and sidequests. Monsters also drop money now! The combat system remains largely the same with the exception that the third party member is now any kind of monster you want to throw into the spot. You’re still locked into choosing the same few combat roles like in FFXIII though.

      1. Wow I didn’t expect an awesome response like that! Thank you 🙂 I’m going to rent it now I think! You have persuaded me 🙂 hopefully this will get me hooked once again! Don’t worry i’ll think of it as a separate game and I love the fact that monsters drop money now! How useful 🙂 Anyways you’ve earned yourself a follower my friend! For being so darned helpful! I look forward to reading more posts in the future 🙂

          1. My expectations are never low when playing a Final Fantasy game 🙂 Feel free to check out my blog if you wish, i’ll have to mention Final Fantasy from time to time for you! haha

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