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FFXIII-2: Mumblings about the slot machine and new DLC!

I wonder when Noel will get an outfit that I would actually WANT him to wear?

For some reason, it looks like he’s missing a helmet or something to complete that attire. 😛 (Also, why’s he armed with a spear? D:)

Hmm. The Sazh DLC seems to include some card game that involves playing cards and a clock. I’m pretty sure we don’t have to solve clock puzzles while playing cards so it should be okei. 😛 Maybe it’s like a roulette wheel thing?

So, about the slot machines, I got triple 7 twice so far and a bunch of chocobo and moogles. I only started about 40 minutes ago too! I have it set on autoplay but I did intervene during the first Victory Mode. It didn’t last very long. 😛

(I had to re-enter Serendipity twice from the Historia Crux to get the right playing condition (“It’s like a hot summer’s day!”) though.)

I anticipate that I will obtain both the Lucky Coin fragment AND the 10,000 Casino Coins trophy (Serendipitous or whatever) today. 😀

When all the trophies are done and over with, I can go back to chocobo racing! ^o^/

OOH! Just hit my third 777! Go, go slot machine!!!

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