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FFXIII-2: Chocolog #1

I’m not sure I’ll really need to number these kind of posts since I doubt I’ll do many of them. XD

I started racing my Silver Chocobo in earnest today and was focused on getting the Derby Champ title. The problem with this was that I didn’t realize that the game provides no indication of which races you’ve already done in the current career! Instead, it puts a little badge or medal next to every race that you have ever done throughout ALL racing careers.

This didn’t become apparent until the Atomos and Wild Bear Derbys kept showing up in the list of available races to enter. This means that I most likely wasted as few race points on ones that my chocobo already did! Sigh. 😦

WTF, Square? Or maybe I’m just blind and can’t see an option to switch between total races raced between every career and one for races raced in current career?

Regardless, I’ll be taking down the names of all the races manually this time around. 😛

Anyway, in the current career run, I’ve managed to nab the Trooper, Moneybags, Bird on Fire, and All-Rounder titles. I previously obtained Victorious, Speedster, and Fortitude on my second run with my Silver Chocobo. (I did one run with my Golden Chocobo but its stamina isn’t up to snuff to participate in the 1800 meter races. .__.)

Not quite sure how I’ll manage to get Underdog without throwing in a barely raised chocobo because my Silver Chocobo is always among the favourites and never loses (unless I make a poor call on when to use Boost). It might take a miracle to win with a bird with low stats. Perhaps the only way is to fuse it with some spiffy abilities? I suppose I should read up on some tips for this.

Random, non-chocobo-racing thoughts:

  • Hmmm … almost tempted to make a stupid video recording of putting various adornments on a Gigantuar and Don Tonberry. It’s funny to put them on a Gigantuar — or any type of cactus monster — because some of the things will be attached to the arm that’s bent upward so they end up waving the object up and down. ^o^~
  • Oh yeah! I never did catch myself a Tonberry. I suppose I’ll do that now! Got one! ^o^
  • Really wondering if I want to purchase the Sazh side story. :/ I’ve never been into card games and I’m certain that it’s probably mandatory and part of the plot. Besides, I’m not entirely curious how he ended up where he was. 😛  Snow’s story is supposedly going to be novelized so no DLC for him unless it’s in the form of a text adventure? 9__9

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