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FFXIII-2: Captain Cryptic needs to die

Note: each screenshot can be enlarged if you click on it

One possible Captain Crypic location in Grand Avenue (Academia 4XX AF)
One possible Captain Crypic location in Grand Avenue (Academia 4XX AF)

I keep thinking that I should move on in the game but I always get sidetracked. Right now, I’m hunting for Cryptic. I don’t know what bright mind at Square Enix thought it’d be a fun idea to do this stupid hide-and-seek shit. Having to look for the bastard is more frustrating than the Brain Blast terminals that throw idiotic & completely random “Odds or evens?”-type questions that are obviously there just to screw you over and break your streak.

Anyway, here — suffer with me!

Captain Crypic Locations in Academia 4XX AF
Captain Crypic Locations in Academia 4XX AF (Photographed from Final Fantasy XIII-2: The Complete Official Guide Collector's Edition)

While you can certainly run around madly in New Town and Grand Avenue to look for him, the citizens will actually give hints to his general location eventually.  I don’t think the ones with the speech balloons will ever tell you so just hang around places where there’s people and some random NPC will speak up at some point.  (What’s with the lady that says she should settle for a sugar daddy instead!?) I’m not sure how long it takes before this happens but it generally doesn’t take more than 5 minutes or anything.

Captain Cryptic locations (Academia 4XX AF) - NPCs give you hints
Captain Cryptic locations (Academia 4XX AF) - NPCs give you hints. In this case, I have to head to New Town

Logically, if you find him in one area, search out the rest of the vicinity first before moving to the other side of the city.  Of course, if you receive a tip, then go by that information.

I’m only on my second  encounter right now (excluding the initial one that begins the sidequest) so once I’m done this, I have 2 more to go.  And honestly, it’s two too many. 😛

Edit: Oh hey. That was quick! Found him again! Time for the Colonel rank questions. :3

Edit #2: All in all, it took me less than 20 minutes to find and answer all his questions. 😀 Probably would be faster if I didn’t keep pausing the game to edit screenshots and update this though. XD

Speaking about screenshots, some random kid fell by Noel and went through his leg. (Uh, yeah. My vidcap adapter and DScaler make a good team. Scanlines and ghosting for all!) Gotta love clipping. :E I haven’t paid much attention but are these children running around or do they just happen to trip and fall while simply walking? I mean, there sure are a lot of them falling around!

“I tripped on air!”

Edit #3: Those Brain Blast terminals are definitely more annoying. Fucking luck questions. I got one at question 8 and I got it wrong. 9_9

3 thoughts on “FFXIII-2: Captain Cryptic needs to die

  1. You absolute genius! You’ve just saved me biting my control pad clean in two. Thanks dude!

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