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FFXIII-2: Finished the game (Spoilers!)

Clocked in at around 62 hours.  That should be pretty average for someone that did a million pit stops (re: sidequests) along the way, right? Or maybe average for someone that did pit stops and kept getting lost in some areas. :3

5-starred all final boss fights! Too bad that doesn’t net me any special trophies or fragments! Also, I was at level 99 for everything already so taking them out didn’t require too much effort. XD

Funny how those fights were infinitely easier than the Proto-behemoth. I’ve yet to manage to kill that thing. Those stupid floating kitty enemies really don’t help matters either. I guess I need a beefier Sentinel monster to survive it or at least figure out some paradigms that’ll work well against it. :\

Edit (Feb 18): It seems like the Proto-behemoth and Schrodingers (stupid floating kitty enemies) don’t reappear again after completing the dungeon???  This didn’t happen before I cleared the Paradox Ending though. Weird. 😦  I want another Schrodinger because of its Auto-Haste ability that you can fuse with other monsters. .___. Maybe I should hunt down other creatures that have the ability. The problem is, I have no idea which ones have it. (Well, as one that can be learned through the Crystarium.)

Oh, fail. I think they appear with Mimi and friends too.

Ah, seems like the Sahagin Prince and Cactuaroni have it.  I’ve yet to catch either, I think. Guess I’ll check it out. Hopefully, I can actually give their abilities to other monsters. >_>

Incidentally, I find it somewhat interesting the “complete guidebook” doesn’t list all the abilities a tamed monster can obtain through levelling. The Battle Ultimania for the game has it but I’m not about to import that just for the information considering I’m finished and don’t plan on spending oodles of time raising monsters.

I’m off to try for some Paradox Endings just for the heck of things. Currently doing Academia 4XX AF. Hoping it doesn’t involve some crazy boss battle. The guidebook doesn’t mention anything like that so … *goes around beaning people with Mog*

Anyway, the ending is quite WTF!  (Somewhat vague spoilers ahead!)

  • Sazh’s son still looks like a Cabbage Patch Kid but he seems less plastic-like, I guess? Or maybe it’s the cruddy video input I have going that’s making it seem that way.
  • It has a total Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back feel to it.  Is Square Enix gunning for FFXIII-3 or download content to continue the story?  Or will Versus XIII somehow factor into this? Seems like they don’t want to let go of this storyline. XD
  • I guess the sequel will give players a chance to save Lightning and Serah.
  • I like how Noel just kind of forgot that someone (was it Caius?) mentioned that destroying the Heart of Chaos would destroy the goddess. I really don’t think he should be surprised at what he did. 😛 I actually kind of expected Noel to undergo some transformation at the end due to extreme sorrow or something. 😛
  • Whatever they’re doing to continue the story, I sure hope they won’t include more places like Academia 500 AF. >:E
  • Oh yeah, I watched the secret ending. It’s even MORE WTF.

3 thoughts on “FFXIII-2: Finished the game (Spoilers!)

  1. Lol XD Square Enix registered a domain called “Final Fantasy XIII-3” late last year I think so there is a possibility of it.

    I’m still running around the place and refusing to play the last chapter. Also racing my chocobo a lot XD

  2. I was able to kill a proto-behemoth by switching to a com-com-com near getting him to 40%ish of his HP. When switching, it has to be done right before he starts to stand up, so that your commandos kill him before he regenerates his HP and starts destroying your party. It is all about timing. This strategy doesn’t require maxed out characters. I did have a decent reaver as my third commando though.

    Then kill the stupid floating kitties.

    1. Yeah, the problem with the way I did it was that I was entirely focused on the stupid cats. I thought I needed Protect and stuff.

      I later decided to look for a Mimi and wait for it to summon a Proto-behemoth just to see how tough it was alone. The party took it out shortly after it stood up. ^^;

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