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FFXIII-2: The Archylte Steppe bosses

Edit on Feb 18th: Since people seem to have trouble finding the bosses, I did this:

Locations of The Archylte Steppe bosses
Locations of The Archylte Steppe bosses


Well, I managed to take down 3 out of the 4.  Immortal was kind and dropped Romulus & Remus twice. Took a third battle before it gave me Indrajit.

I still need to redo the Ochu and Long Gui battles for their drops.  I managed to get Gandiva from one fight against Ochu but I want the other weapon too. 😛

And so, only Yomi remains.  I tried this battle three times and ended up hitting Retry every single time since it was getting to the point that the enemy was dealing way too much damage.

My mistake was that I didn’t have ANY Sentinel and spent most of my time buffing and healing. For some reason, it didn’t click that it had a tendency to pick on single targets and not attack the entire group (with the exception of the dreadful Wicked Whirl attack).

Someone on Twitter suggested to have at least two SABs for the fight.  A friend on Facebook suggested that SABs were the way to go too so I guess I need to outfit some paradigms with Saboteurs. :3

Actually, had I had the guidebook next to me when I was playing, I would have known to shuffle out the Flanitor and throw in something like a Bunkerbeast instead.

Here’s the set-up the friend had for the fight and given the fact that he farmed Yomi, I would take it this works well:

sab com sab
sab sab sab
com com sab
med med syn
med syn syn
sen sen sen
(Serah Noel Monster)

I also changed up the accessories a bit and put some some magic resistance stuff on both Noel and Serah. Since I had one Bloodguard, I threw that on Noel.  I might switch it to Serah though since Noel’s HP is really high at the moment. ^^;

Update: YAY! Yomi is done! 😀 It was a terrible battle. 😦 It took me 15 minutes and 13 secs and a stupid paradigm shift almost cost me the battle since everyone’s HP was in the red. (Was trying to go into Tortoise when it was about to do the Wicked Whirl but ended up at some other paradigm instead. 9__9) I think the poison did the monster in though since it had piddly life left anyway. XD

Since I have no need for its drop, I’m happy to say good riddance to this boss. 😛

Edit on Feb 16: My paradigms didn’t include a SAB monster, BTW. Pretty sure I had a Flanitor (MED) in place of one. The reason for this was that I didn’t have any saboteur monsters levelled and was way too lazy to begin to raise one. 😛 However, maybe if I did, the fight wouldn’t have taken so long cuz I would have an extra offensive unit instead of simply relying on Noel and Serah to do the job.

Yomi defeated! :D
Yomi defeated! 😀

Now to spend money at Serendipity to buy the 2 remaining fragments at the exchange counter and I guess I’ll continue on with the game now!

Oh wait. I want Grasitha from Ochu, didn’t I? Sigh. Back to the Steppe then …

Update #2: Buh. Five tries later, I suddenly remembered that I had a Blue Chocobo with Item Collector. I swapped it in as my RAV monster even though its HP was wimpy. (It’s not even over 1900. >:/) All I needed to do was end the battle with it anyway so as long as I didn’t change to Relentless Assault while being swarmed by Microchus, this was going to work! :3

And it did! ^__^ (Or maybe it worked because I didn’t throw Mog at Ochu first before starting the battle this time around?)

Ochu drops!
Got both Gandiva & Grasitha in one go! XD

The silly thing is, I have Odinblade and Odinbolt already so I have no real need for these weapons. Well, other than for the Lv. 5 Chain Bonus.

Hmm. Since I spent all this time to get Grasitha, I might as well use it for a while. :3

Update #3 (Feb 16): Did a rematch with Yomi for the hell of things with the paradigms listed above. It cut down the battle time quite a bit! *_* Probably would have been a bit faster if I switched COM COM SAB in more often though.

Here’s the result:

Result from a re-match with Yomi
Result from a re-match with Yomi

Er, the amount of gil you see in the screenshot is a result of having a Durable Collector Catalog equipped on Noel. ^^ It kind of stinks that it dropped a damn Tear of Woe though as a spoil. 9__9

I wonder if anyone is crazy enough to play this battle on high speed? Oh, I guess there ARE people that do it. ^^;;;;

Huh. Apparently, Raspatil is the best for gil farming. :O (Oh yeah~! Scarletite drops!!)

Gonna try switching in a Tonberry for COM since it has the Chaser-type attacks which deal more damage to enemies inflicted with certain debuffs. Wanna try and bring down the time. XD

Oh wow. Durable Hermes Sandals has Auto-Haste which casts Haste at the start of battles! But its accessory cost is 75. It also requires a Trapezohedron. 9__9

Ooh. Took down Immortal in under 2 minutes. Probably would have been faster if I didn’t stop to heal the Tonberry … or fight the stupid sword.

D’oh! 8 minutes and 34 seconds for Yomi. XD

10 thoughts on “FFXIII-2: The Archylte Steppe bosses

  1. how did you kill the immortal 4 times? does it respawn after you kill it as a “mark”? i’m trying to get all the stats of it, do you recommend something (other than librascopes, it hurts my gil so much

    1. You have to go back to the Historia Crux and come back in to change the weather back to cloudy/windy.

      As for enemy info, there IS the Grimoire’s Hat or whatever that shows a piece of info per each kill. However, I could swear that as your characters attack the enemy, more and more of its information will be revealed. This is especially true for Ravagers in that you can discover weaknesses and resistances, etc. based on the type of elemental magic they hurl at enemies.

      Saboteurs should be able to “find” info about debuffs too based on their attacks.

  2. thank you very much…if anyone is struggling on yomi..use that cut my fighting time down to just 10min..great guide again thanks for advice

  3. Hi, just a quick question… were you and your monsters fully maxed out when you fought Yomi? My Syn monster Yakshini is only level 26 and my Sen monster Silver Chocobo is only 23. Do I need to level them up more before attempting to fight Yomi? Noel and Serah are maxed out bar 1 role each (Noel’s medic role and Serah’s synergist role).

    1. I think my Yakshini was maxed out but the Bunkerbeast and Flanitor weren’t. They were still pretty high levelled though. Oh yeah, I guess I should edit the post to mention that I didn’t use the set-up my friend suggested in the end since I don’t have any SAB monsters levelled at all and had SYN, SEN, and MED monsters in the pack and paradigms. Maybe if did follow his advice, it wouldn’t have taken me over 15 minutes to finish the battle.

      I believe Noel and Serah were completely maxed on all roles or at least close to max on every one. I recall both of them had one role left to finish for a long while though but everything else was at lv. 99. ^^

  4. Ok people I beat yomi in about 3-4 min. Have a good team as purple, yellow, and blue chocobos. Lvl 99 of course. Start up the fight boosting with purple chocobo and sabotaging yomi with imperial, then switch to rav, rav, rav formation and stagger him. Then switch to com, com, com and kill his ass. Heal yourself of course and switch to sentinal whenever he uses that flame attack. You should have no problem beating him. I don’t even have any accessories on lol because of that durable collector catalog on. Serah stats are 580 att 677 mag. Noel 1114 att 666 mag

    1. What weapons did you have? I typically stick to Romulus & Remus and Indrajit for these types of fights since I want to get in as much damage as I can in the fastest amount of time. I wonder if I should switch to Odinblade and then just cut ATBs units short by doing 3 instead of waiting for all 5 to fill up.

      I’m not sure I can do well with the suggested COM and RAV set-up since my Noel only has 800-something Strength. (I ended up giving him tons of HP somehow while levelling him. ^^;) The only way to bump his power to something over 1000 is to use another weapon or equip him with strength boosting accessories. :/

      Guess I’ll experiment.

      1. I use Sagittarius on Serah and In paradisum on Noel, and a bunch of power wristbands on Noel as well.

      2. odiblade/nolt necone the strongest weapons but they get stronger by number of fragments you have, but by the time i could really beat yomi easly i had odinblade itswhat i use for noel, i now have serahs final and use that for her

  5. for yomi all you need is sab sab sab & sab sab med syn med med(noel serah animal) i kill yomi in under 5mins 5* each time 40k gil & cp,poison & wound hurt him badly & when he bubbles switch to syn med med cast protectaga etc while serah n animal heal, all my animals are chocobos, black sab, white med..for final weapons immortal common is for serah//rare for noel & ochu vice versa, ochu weak against magic rav rav com everyone will attack him(cast deshell too), once halfway dead switch to com rav com, so your animal will start attacking the little guys once ochu is dead itll be like 2-3 lo left. Immortal cast both main de’s use rav rav com to stagger quickly then com rav com he’ll die quickly n dont worry about its sword…also you need adamantite 2per weapon; win 3 chocobo races in a row unlocking guardian class/unlocking the race that gives it as prize just keep replaying race until you have enough

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