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January Potpourri: Games

Wow. It’s been a while since I last posted. It’s mainly because I have trouble thinking about topics I want to spend time writing about. I suppose serial tweeting things that could be topics doesn’t help matters. 😛 Guess I’ll just write about whatever comes to mind. :3

Watch out though — a wall of text is incoming. XD

Mobius Final Fantasy

For everyone following this blog because of Mobius Final Fantasy — I’m sorry but I most likely won’t be writing much about the game anymore as I’ve lost interest in it.

Final Fantasy XV: Moogle Chocobo Carnival

I’m guessing this place is some magical dream that also allows you to take things back to the real (in-game) world? XD After all, only Noctis could participate in the festivities.

I’m disappointed in the prizes we can exchange medallions for. I suppose it’s not a bad option for people looking to stock up on food materials or to get the items needed to upgrade weapons. I may have done the former if there were more mini games to choose from. The best parts of the carnival was the Whack-a-Cactuar and fishing. 😛

I completed the quests with the chocobo chicks (I spent a good hour total looking for my 15th baby chocobo), moogles, park decorating riddles, got all fishing prizes except the reel, and got some bonus photo challenges. The waiter mini game, target shooting, and chocobo racing don’t interest me. I did try them out though.

If they’re going to do another event like this, I really hope it won’t be in Altissia. I still hate navigating the bloody city. >:| But at least Noctis could point warp and Carbuncle allowed fast travel so it was less painful than usual.

Also, those fishing rod and reel prizes should have been carnival-themed skins instead. Is it even possible to get the top prize without having a stronger rod than the prize itself?

Tap Titans 2

A mindless clicker/tapping/incremental free-to-play mobile game. I inherited a clan from the player that created it recently. I assume he was too busy to play. We were stuck at clan quest 9 for a while but after removing inactive members and changing the clan description to include rules and expectations, we finally managed to get some team work going that allowed us to fly through clan quests 9 to 16.

Incidentally, in any game with guilds and clans, if you’re not planning to put some effort into contributing to the group somehow, please don’t join. Similarly, if you’re doing it simply for a “join a clan” achievement, just leave after you get it.

Anyway, here are just a few things that bother me about clans:

  • The weekly clan quest participation counter resets based on local time. I wish the developer would use UTC as the standard instead. Perhaps midnight UTC or something.
  • Players joining another clan retain their participation count from their previous clan. It would be better if they started back at 0 since their past efforts mean nothing in the current clan.
  • Clan names can’t be changed. At least it’s not giving me the option to. :\
  • Not about clan design but, on iOS, there is no notification that a clan quest is available in the notification center or lock screen. :\

Unrelated to clans: Despite all the bug fixes the game has undergone, it still abruptly terminates if I try to watch an ad. Sometimes it even crashes after I watch one. I’ve already written to Game Hive about the issue and they replied saying that it’s device-related. 😦 I’m using an iPad mini 2, for what it’s worth.

Endless Frontier

Another pretty mindless incremental mobile game. 😀 It’s also free-to-play. What I like most about it is that the developer hands out  premium currency like free food and you can also earn it easily as well. But like all F2P games, unless you’re whaling, buying premium items should be done in moderation.

Premium buffs for things like 3x game speed and permanent skill upgrades cost 100 , 500, or 700 gems. The more expensive offerings are evolving and buying units; their price tags are in the thousands.

If you’re into the PvP battles, gems will be spent cycling through opponents to find some that you can actually win against. Each cycle costs 3 gems but you win 10 gems after defeating the other team.

Despite the need for premium currency everywhere, I’ve yet to hit any pay wall and game progress is rather smooth and painless. With each revival, my little army of elves, undead, humans, and orcs progress further than their last run. 😀 However, I anticipate a bit of a “slow down” since unit enhancement is requiring a lot of medals now. :\ (Er, there are 5 currencies in the game but only gems can be purchased. Everything else is earned, won, or given by the developer as special bonuses.)

I can’t comment guilds or guild wars as I only joined one for 5 minutes and didn’t know what I was doing. XD The instructions are not thorough enough. I suppose I could have asked fellow members though.

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate

This is my current video game love. Typical Musou cheese, but it’s fun getting to alternate between three characters in battle. My permanent team consists of Wang Yuanji, Kaguya, and Seimei Abe. XD I loved Wang Yuanji in Dynasty Warriors 7 & 8. Used her to death in both games. I also loved using Sima Shi in them as well but his crowd control relies too much on combos with strong attacks. 😐 The three I’m using can destroy mobs with regular attacks so I don’t need to worry about when to hit the triangle button. Yes, I’m going through the game on Normal difficulty. :3

The weapons system is also pretty fun to work with. I still feel that Freedom Wars should have done a similar weapons upgrade and customization system instead of the idiotic piece of shit the developer came up with.

In terms of game progress, I just finished the second ending last night … which unlocked new stages. X_X I do wish the game were shorter since there are still battles in chapters 5 – 8 to unlock. ^^;

I wonder if there will ever be Warriors game for the Final Fantasy franchise? 😡

Oh, one complaint about WO3 — there are hardly any variations on missions and they’re all KO-based. Considering there’s a weapon attribute that can prolong combos, why not have combo-related ones too? :\

More random babblings under the cut. Well, more like just answers to a video game-themed questionnaire that’s been circling on Twitter lately.

Someone posted this questionnaire on Twitter. I’m doing it here because hardly anyone ever likes my tweets. 😛 And when it comes to something like this, I usually only get the 1 or 2 likes anyway.


  1. This was most likely something on the Atari 2600. Adventure? Combat? I dunno. *is a granny*
  2. This pretty much amounts to someone I like to play as or someone that’s cute! I’m going to choose Kirby even though I’m not all that great at Kirby games. 😛
  3. Japanese version of Chaos Legion. As much as I love the game, I don’t like the additions and changes made in the English one.
  4. Maybe Panty Party? I only have it on my wish list. The concept is just so bizarre and hilarious, I think I might have a good time.
  5. Every tutorial NPC ever.
  6. The panhandler outside of Castle Britannia in Ultima VI: The False Prophet. The fucker would trigger a conversation every time he came up to you. I’m unsure you can even evade him if you’re walking by the castle. (Wait. I think this is U6 and not Ultima VII.)
  7. They might not be my fave couple but the first one to come to mind was Cecil and Rosa from Final Fantasy IV. Second couple to pop up was Yuri and Alice from Shadow Hearts 1 & 2.
  8. NIER.
  9. The normal/”good” ending of Shadow Hearts 2/Covenant brought me to tears. Final Fantasy XV ending made me cry too.
  10. DJMAX series.
  11. Everything I play games on; this includes handhelds, mobile devices, consoles, and my computer. :3
  12. Vanquish.
  13. Final Fantasy IV (SFC). I’m unsure if I’ve played it 5 times. I know it’s at least 3 times. ^^ Oh, I also include FFII (US) in this. XD
  14. A screencap of Mog from Mobius Final Fantasy on my Windows 10 desktop. (Cutest moogle ever.)
  16. Sengoku Basara 2.
  17. I can’t think of one. I’ll just pick Waddle Dee from the Kirby games. It’s a cute little enemy. 😛 That’s antagonistic enough.
  18. Kirby. Or maybe Don from the Taiko no Tatsujin/Drum Master series.
  19. Not going to search for an image, but I think it’d be nice to live in a place that’s pleasant, doesn’t get snow or crazy hot weather, and not affected by wars and natural disasters. Also it’d be a place without talking animals.
  20. Action RPG.
  21. I honestly can’t think of one. .__.
  22. Musou Orochi: Maou Sairin (Warriors Orochi 2) pissed me off to no end with its stupid grind-based unlocks and it really felt like it was just an extension of the first game. I only played the Japanese version hence the romaji title. :B
  23. Best graphics: Final Fantasy XIII blew me away. Best art style: Okami comes to mind. Monument Valley is also a gorgeous game art-wise.
  24. Galaga.
  25. NieR: Automata. And maybe DJMax: Respect.
  26. I remember being surprised at the voice acting in Koudelka because, although everyone sounded really angry most of the time, the acting was really well done. There are some other ones like BioShock Infinite, inFamous 2, FFXV; just anything that doesn’t sound like a fucking Saturday morning cartoon. Working Designs and NIS games generally give me that vibe. Oh, the acting in The Sword of Etheria wasn’t all that bad which is pretty crazy considering the lack of promotion the game had like Konami EU just did it as a side project for the heck of things. Maybe they were just lucky to have a decent voice acting director and a good cast. But I do wonder if I’ll feel the same way now if I listened to the characters again. XD
  27. Maybe all the explosions in Just Cause 2.
  28. I don’t really have one. I just buy and play games based on their content.
  29. I don’t believe I have one. 😐 Most of the time I get the “ended up loving” feeling is from games where I have no idea what to expect from them. It’s easier to think of the opposite where I thought I’d like the game but ended up disliking or even loathing it. .hack//Infection, Star Ocean Till the End of Time, and Malicious all fall into that category. I was also looking forward to playing Kingdom Hearts but the camera in the Alice in Wonderland area was so infuriating, I just traded in the game soon afterward.
  30. It’s a toss up between the PlayStation version of Tales of Phantasia and Final Fantasy IV (SFC).

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