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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

I’m too lazy to write much about the game so it’ll mostly be of photos and screencaps. XD

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer New 3DS Bundle

I bought the bundle that comes with the New 3DS because I wanted the Isabelle faceplate a lot. ^^ I actually have no need for another handheld since I already own the original 3DS and the XL. Some of the new features of this new iteration is nice though, I guess. Truthfully, I’d much rather have the New 3DS XL but it doesn’t support cover plates. 😦

The only things I don’t like about the bundle are that the game is a digital download (which means I can’t play it on another system unless I do a transfer to another New 3DS system), the location of the power button — maybe it’s more about the button itself as it feels difficult to press in, and the bloody New 3DS itself doesn’t wake up from sleep mode when wifi is on! I did some searching on the web for a solution to the issue and came  across 1 or 2 replies to some forum threads that mention changing settings on a modem or router fixed it. The thing is, these authors didn’t explain what settings were changed.

I’m contemplating sending the device to Nintendo for repair. 😡 The strange thing is that, I’ve left it in sleep mode for almost an hour now and it hasn’t gone comatose. I’ve removed the microSD card since I was backing up the data onto my laptop and haven’t put it back in yet. It’d be bizarre that something on the card that’s causing it. 😡 In such a case, I don’t think getting a new microSD card would solve matters? .___.

Edit: I called Nintendo Support the next day (Oct 7) and have sent in my New 3DS for repair. They said it takes about 3 – 4 weeks before I’ll get it back. Hopefully it won’t take that long! *__*

About the bundled cover plates — only the bottom piece with the dark and light green crosshatching was already on the New 3DS. The Isabelle plate wasn’t. I wonder why it was packaged that way?

New 3DS with Isabelle cover plate
The fat stylus was a purchase I made years ago for use with the DS.

Oh, I got Lyle for the amiibo card. I called him in and then quickly threw together a home. I’ll renovate later. 😛 The cheese pattern for the wallpaper is something I downloaded from a Tumblr page. ^^

Some of the creations I uploaded to the Happy Home Network.

The rest can be found under my nickname, Nuu~♪.

I was disappointed that the game gave me all these phys-ed and track items for the school expansion — only to discover that the second classroom REQUIRED 4 chairs and desks too! Why give me all those things if you don’t want me to use them? I mean, I could, but who has desks and chairs in a gymnasium??? So, in the end, I opted to make a classroom party! However, I visited the school last night and saw this:

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer - Party animals
That is not how you have a party!

The silly students are so determined to have a class that they’ll sit facing the wall. 9__9 Wish the game was programmed in such a way that would make the animals react properly to music in a room with disco balls and a party floor. Ah well. It was fun designing it despite the game not giving me the desired reactions.

Some other screencaps (^^):

Overall, the game is pretty fun even though it’s the same thing over and over. I do wish that we could use patterns for the exterior part of the homes — not just the roofs — including fences. :\ I really really wish we could do without the Nook’s Homes uniform blazer. It sucks that the only time it can be removed is when we’re visiting clients or facilities. 😦 A temporary wardrobe change just isn’t the same.

For the animals I don’t care much about, I’m almost tempted to just open their boxes and call it a day. I will probably end up giving them fully decked out homes though. 😛

Oh yeah! LINE has animated Animal Crossing stickers which are based off of HHD. I converted 2 of the Isabelle ones to animated GIF. :3

Animal Crossing LINE sticker
Distressed Isabelle. ^^
Animal Crossing LINE sticker
Isabelle pride. ^^

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