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Terra Battle x Mobius Final Fantasy (MobiusFF Event)

Terra Battle x Mobius Final Fantasy
First crossover event with a non-Square Enix title!

Woo hoo! The collaboration I wanted came true! ^___^ Alas, it’s not as fun as I thought it would be. .___.

Honestly, I had no idea what I was hoping for. All I wanted was for Mobius to have some sort of crossover with it.

Unlike the usual cutscenes, the story is provided to players as text and stills just like how the narrative parts are in Terra Battle itself. To further the Terra Battle feel, the event region has the main menu background music from the game playing and the regular battle and boss tracks can be heard during fights as well. The map features the backdrop of a planet (I’m unsure of its name and when it’s seen since I stopped playing Terra Battle late last year ^^) and the Animata as seen below.

Terra Battle x Mobius Final Fantasy
I completed most of the map already on the first day. ^^

Every event has a gimmick of sorts on how it’s to be played. You can technically power your way through this map if your jobs — ideally advanced ones like the dragon knight/dragoon or scholar — and cards are at high levels. Otherwise, you’re supposed to make use of the respective cards you get from the Terra Battle bosses and use them against one another as a means to lower their stubbornly high defense.

Terra Battle x Mobius Final Fantasy
The gimmick in this event is to use the Terra Battle cards against each other.
Ma’curi is weak against Grace and Bahl is weak against Ma’curi.

As you move deeper into the planet, the requirements change a little as the boss characters evolve into their higher forms. During the second round of fights, the 3-star rarity versions of the cards are needed, and in the final round, having their 4-star variants is the only way to reduce their defense.

Terra Battle x Mobius Final Fantasy - Fighting Bahl
All Terra Battle characters show up like this.

Between each ring of fights stands Amina who makes the player outfit their deck with multiple Terra Battle cards as it’s the only means to weaken her. Again, card rarity plays a role since the Amina that’s waiting at the planet’s core recommends players bring at least one 4-star Terra Battle card to the fight.

TTerra Battle x Mobius Final Fantasy - All cards
Only 4 characters were included and there’s no new artwork either. 😦

Despite the event being yet another grindfest, the one good thing that I find about it is that we can easily get 4-star cards, and specific monsters with certain support abilities that typically only show up in the Gigantuar region appear here too. The Terra Battle mascot, Hiso alien, can also be obtained as a familiar in the final area of the map. I probably won’t be using the little guy since I don’t care for it all that much. It looks kind of creepy to me. ^^;

Oh, there is another positive thing! The Terra Fragments that the bosses drop are a great way to quickly level up skill seeds. 😀 At 3 Stamina per run, you can get a ton of 3-star Terra Fragments. :3 Well, this is assuming they’ll actually drop them. Bahl’s been giving me her ability card lately. =___=

I’ll end this with two screencaps that show Ma’curi’s Teraspear and Grace’s Terabow in action. Along with keeping the animations, they also have the same sound effects as they do in Terra Battle as well. ^^

Terra Battle x Mobius Final Fantasy - Ma'curi's Teraspear Attack
I like how they included their skill attack animation and graphics. XD
Looks kind of funny in 3D. ^^;
Terra Battle x Mobius Final Fantasy - Grace's Terabow Attack

Whoops. There’s also this: a strange bug appeared while I was playing the event. It only happened once so far though:

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