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Play Store continues to NOT impress

Hey Google, I found no less than 5 games that I want to try out from the App Store today. Too bad I can’t say the same for the Play Store.

See this: I do believe that over 90% of these titles are NOT on Android. And I don’t want knock-offs; I want the ACTUAL apps to be on Google Play. (I know it’s not exactly Google’s fault per se since it’s up to the developers to release their games and programs on Android but there’s gotta be something about the OS or policy that’s keeping them away.)

And is it my imagination or is there STILL nothing on Android that provides the handy wishlist + e-mail updates for tracked apps for price drops as AppShopper, which, incidentally remains iOS-only. (And I THINK I know why — it’s because it has ties to Touch Arcade (referring to it as a sister site and all) which is only focused on Apple stuff. SIGH.)

I know Best Market Apps has the wish list option but I don’t think you can set up e-mail notifications for any changes that happen with the stuff on the list.

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