New Trent iGeek 9900 mAh External Battery for Apple Devices & Others!

Seeing that the battery of my iPod touch 4G drains rather fast, I didn’t want it dying during my time at PAX East with all the line-ups and stuff so I purchased an external battery pack. I’ve used it 3 times already and it’s really great!  But the one extremely great thing about it is that is also comes packaged with a USB adapter for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 (among some other adapters) which allows it to charge via battery OR — and this is the best part — a USB port on a hub or a computer~!

Here’s a photo of the battery and the adapter:

iGeek External Battery Pack with USB adapter for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
iGeek External Battery Pack with USB adapter for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

The battery doesn’t weigh very much and lasts quite a while! I did a charge with my Tab from about 30% with a fully charged iGeek and while the tablet power got to 100% in a few hours, the battery pack still wasn’t emptied~! In fact, it still had two bars left in its own charge.

Now about the USB adapter~! I can FINALLY use the Tab while sitting at my computer or sitting on my bed~! XD For those that don’t know, Samsung, in their infinite wisdom, has made a proprietary and pathetically short cable for the Galaxy Tab 10.1. The cable, without factoring in the connectors, measures about 3 feet or 36 inches. Apple’s cable for the iPod touch (and probably iPhone and iPad as well) measures 3.5 feet or 42 inches. Believe it or not, that half a feet makes a huge difference for me. Hell, I even bought a much longer cable for my touch too. I thought about doing the same for the Tab but then I came across the external battery pack and ALL IS WELL.

Charging the Galaxy Tab 10.1 with a USB hub
Look at this! Charging the Galaxy Tab 10.1 from a USB 2.0 hub! AMAZING!

Anyway, I bought mine from ThinkGeek ( but I FORGOT there was a newer, longer-lasting battery as well.  You can get either one from and other retailers as well. 😀

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