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iOS 8.x Apps Not Updating in App Store

Please refrain from making “This didn’t work for me.” comments since this is not a sure-fire solution. It was one that solved the issue for MY device (which, for the record, is an iPad mini 2 running iOS 8.3 on jailbreak) so I figure I’d share this.

About 2 days ago, all the buttons for the apps waiting to be updated in the App Store flickered from Update to Open the moment I switched to the Updates screen. Some Google searching yielded results that suggested to move to another menu, turn off wifi, return to Updates and quickly tap on the Update button next to an app immediately before it changed back to Open.

While this did work, the apps refused to update; the usual circle with a blue square in the middle that should have appeared just ended up as an empty circle that wouldn’t move. To make matters worse, after I closed the App Store and re-opened it, the apps showed they were updated. However, looking at their version number in iFile (a file manager app for jailbroken devices) showed that no update actually occurred. :/

Other suggestions like turn on automatic updates, log out and log back in either App Store or iCloud, rebooting the device all DID NOT WORK.

What did work was changing the system language to another language and then back to English. It’s crazy, I know, but I verified the version number of the app I selected to test after the update and it was correct (re: most recent version).

Settings menu in iOS 8.3

See also: https://koukoupuffs.net/2014/10/12/problem-apps-on-ios-app-store-wont-update/ and its comments from other users for potential solutions if the above doesn’t work for you.

Temporary Workaround for the Problem of Apps Opening Instead of Updating on iOS App Store

Edit on Oct 14th, 2014: Please don’t comment on this post with “I have this problem as well”-type statements. It’s known that a lot of users are experiencing this. Thanks.

Update on Oct 16th, 2014: I originally posted that this problem affects multiple firmware versions but it seems to be a problem with any devices still using iOS 7.x. I’ve corrected that in my post. I also added some information dispelling stupid rumours and misinformation about being charged to update apps using the workaround.

Update on Feb 19th, 2015: I’ve been meaning to mention this and it’s probably NOT something people want to read but I no longer have this problem after updating to iOS 8.1.

Update on September 20th, 2015: I had a similar problem a few days ago where I just couldn’t update but instead of a useless Update button, everything was showing “Open”. I wrote about how I solved it in this post: http://wp.me/p1PZkv-1LO


I am a victim of the mysterious anti-update problem that seems to affect iDevices — jailbroken or non-jailbroken — running any version of iOS 7 where tapping on the Update button from the Updates page will simply open the application. The Update All button is also greyed out despite the fact that I never turned on Automatic Updates.

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Reviews of some iOS and/or Android apps~

Updated October 18th, 2014: Added a screencap of a review of Terra Battle and an revised review of Fable Age.

Updated September 4th, 2014: Added reviews for Manor Fable and Little Raiders: Robin’s Revenge. 😀

I guess I’ll make this post a repository for reviews that I submit to the App Store and Google Play. For some reason, they don’t always appear. I suppose they could have been rejected but when I see stupid useless 5-star reviews like “Because Kairosoft.” are accepted then I wonder why mine aren’t? Maybe it’s because I’m too honest and write down what I really think of the app?

Please note that I’m not linking to the pages of any of these apps on either iOS or Android stores unless they’re worthy of attention. 😛

Fable Age
Rating: star-ont

Terra Battle
Rating: star-ontstar-ontstar-ontstar-ontstar-ont

(Submitted to iTunes Canada)

A review of Terra Battle and a revised review of Fable Age
Click to see full version.

Hidden Object – Manor Fable
Rating: star-ontstar-ontstar-ont

(Submitted to Amazon Appstore)
This game is terrible to attempt to play through in one sitting. I’m on level 63 on Story mode and only 82% done. The problem with Manor Fable is that it reuses the same few scenaries. The only differences are the placement of some objects and the type of challenge you’re presented with when searching for them. For example, the game may just provide you with silhouettes of the items or write them out in text.

There’s also a match 3 puzzle mini game that serves to add to whatever plot the game has. Honestly, I just want to play the meat of it so I skip through all the dialogue scenes and the diary snippets you obtain from the mini game. I believe I would have cared about it more if the game brought back the story with more frequency instead of having the player randomly go through the same places repeatedly in between “cut scenes”. (Poor sleuths?)

Little Raiders: Robin’s Revenge
Rating: star-ontstar-ontstar-ont

(Submitted to iOS App Store)
It shouldn’t be a surprise that lengthy timers and “penalties” (re: units being knocked out means equipment breaking unless you have Unbreakable ones) exist to lure people into buying Ambers. In fact, growing the damn tree can take a while without them. At least there’s a ton of missions that’ll let you grind for materials and silver so there’s no need to restock those with premium currency.

Aside from the IAP trap, the game suffers from random crashes which loses game progression data when you load it again, a frustratingly annoying Wishing Well (I get way more weapons than shields and backpacks), and you can only invite Facebook friends? Kind of limiting the pool there.

GAMEPLAY TIP: For fun, I grew my tree through premium currency as you can buy them through the merchant and built facilities based on objectives not related to the “story”/map nodes. DO NOT DO THAT. If you have 2 Storage Warehouses and a Tavern, you will not have room for later facilities that you obtain through blueprints because the merchant will eventually run out of stock on Acorns.

Knights N Squires
Rating: star-ont

(Submitted to Google Play)
This game is seriously for little children or people with extremely low standards when it comes to defining a fun game. Knights N Squires is MIND NUMBING; you run down a single path from left to right slashing away at enemies. Sometimes you’ll throw in a block or a skill. There’s even an AUTO PLAY option cuz the game play is THAT simple. All the staples of freemium crap are here too like daily login bonuses, bringing along “friends” to help, lottery draws for allies, rare materials for upgrades, etc. There’s nothing innovative or interesting. Just cute packaging and a waste of time.

Star Trek Trexels
Rating: star-ont

(Submitted to iTunes Canada)
This should seriously be renamed Star Trek Notifications because that’s pretty much how it’s to be played …. UNLESS you have tons of money to spend on Dilithium Crystals so you can instantly finish everything. Otherwise, you’ll just be waiting and waiting AND waiting for facilities to finish building or upgrading, crew to finish retrieving artifacts or training, and probes to complete their scans of planets. So the natural way to play this is to assign crew to places and start construction on everything that you can and then exit the game. Once you receive notification(s) that something is done, THEN you can continue playing. What a joke!

Whatever happened to keeping players ACTIVELY engaged in a game? The only active thing you can do is shoot debris to replenish Command, Research, and Energy points. You may occasionally get Dilithium as well but the return on this mini shooting game is so small that it’ll take eons to build up stock that way.

Honestly, I don’t dislike the game THAT much to give it a 1-star rating. However, what I DO loathe is developers asking for 5-star ratings to inflate the app’s ranking at the store making it seem like it’s something worthy to be checked out. You want 5 stars? You EARN it, buddy.

The primary method of playing Trexel: relying on the notifications window!
The primary method of playing Trexel: relying on the notifications window!

Pocket Wizard: Magic Fantasy!
Rating: star-ont

(Submitted to Google Play)

This one's in the form of an image because I wanted to show the developer shrugging off my critique.
This one’s in the form of an image because I wanted to show the developer shrugging off my critique.


Tiny Farm: Fix your inventory, Com2uS!

Edit on September 4th, 2014: Com2uS actually revised the inventory system an update or two ago so this post is no longer relevant. However, I’m keeping it here just to show folks that infinite scrolling is a really terrible design.

Phew. It’s been a while since I wrote up an entry on Tiny Farm. I’m still playing it because I love collecting the super cute animals. I just wish animal certificates weren’t so expensive. I’ve long exhausted the ability to buy them with gold. Have to rely on Bells now. 😦

Anyway, Tiny Farm received a massive overhaul a few weeks ago. Oddly, the ONLY revision the inventory UI received was reduced icon sizes so now each page has 2 lines of items instead of a single one. While that reduces the amount of scrolling one had to endure, it still means A LOT of scrolling for someone like me that has tons of things in storage. Sure, I can sell stuff like fences and rebuy them but why would I? Why should I have to? I’d rather save the money to spend on other things like the unnecessarily expensive lottery draw events.

I recorded the video on my iPad mini with Retina to show how idiotic the inventory design is. In it, you will see that I have to scroll forever to find the freakin’ Yellow Lotus Lantern that was automatically placed in inventory after claiming it from the gift area. I know I zoom past it in the initial scroll-by but it’s just to show that it doesn’t pop up at the end like what other sadistic developers may do with new things you get. At least that would make some sort of sense. This lantern showed up on page 7 or so.

The video was originally longer to show that every single item I have in the gift area is subject to the same random treatment but I decided just showing the lantern was enough.

So what can be done to improve the damnable design? Here are my suggestions:

  • ALL new items/animals you get should appear at the BEGINNING of your inventory.
  • Additional tabs on the side to sort between plants/trees, fences, and decorations just like in the freakin’ Store page.
  • Some ability to manually input a search string to look for something.

I wonder if there’s something in the code that’ll make these additions extremely difficult to implement? There’s no reason such logical ideas haven’t found their way into the game yet. It’s been over TWO YEARS since Tiny Farm debuted. Inventories will only get larger over time. >:/

I might fire off a message to Com2uS about this. A few weeks ago, I complained about the simplicity of the Com2uS Hub to them such as the inability to easily locate one’s post and the lack of a search function (for keywords and users) so what’s another complaint? XD They can make pretty looking games but they sure can’t seem to create intuitive user interfaces. The Hub is SO backwater it’s not funny. The way it functions is like a message forum from a few decades ago. 9__9

Tiny Farm: The Frightened Chicken! Σ(◎□◎|||)アアアアア

Frightened Chicken
ウヒャ━━━━━━ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ━━━━━━ !!!! Give love to the chicken in a neighbor’s farm 3 times. Reward: EXP +30, Gold +500

I thought that the update would actually ADD a freaked out looking chicken to the store. XD Anyway, I got the answer from the Com2uS forum: http://global.com2us.com/forum/showthread.php?p=622553. (Uh, the answer is the first tier, regular, plain “Chicken”.)

Incidentally, I don’t publish my Com2uS Hub ID because I can’t commit to visiting anyone’s farm regularly. :/ However, feel free to help those that provided the answer over at the forum. ^^

Really Brief Intro to Road to Dragons (ロード・トゥ・ドラゴン)

This is meant as a simple overview of the game. It’s missing some information since I’m not all that familiar with it. I also don’t plan on figuring things out myself since I’m not interested in keeping with it. However, if you can fill in some of the missing info, feel free to comment on this post~!


Road to Dragons
Title Screen

Another Puzzle & Dragons clone popped up recently on iOS called Road to Dragons, developed and published by Acquire, the company that recently put out Orgarhythm for the PlayStation Vita and Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls for the PS3. The game is currently only available on the Japanese App Store (https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/rodo-to-u-doragon/id562157624?mt=8).

The puzzle mechanic in the game’s a little different than Puzzle & Dragons’ and seems to require a bit more strategy. Well, it does to me since I completely blew past the screen that taught me how to conserve Soul when I move so every time I play, I always run out. XD Sadly, I can’t seem to find any tutorial/manual section under Option so I think the only way to see it again is to reinstall the game and start as a new user. :/

Anyway, Road to Dragons pretty much starts off the same way as P&D where you choose a character that has a specific elemental affinity. The game then assigns two more additional units to help you along. And like P&D, most units have some sort of Skill as well as a Leader Skill which can only be activated if they are in the Leader position in the party formation.

The first dungeon is a tutorial dungeon where the silly looking dragon mascot will walk you through the basics. I didn’t get any screencaps of any of this since I wasn’t planning on writing a tutorial of sorts considering I’m still a little confused about the game myself. Famitsu wrote up a short guides to it at http://app.famitsu.com/20121107_106889/ and http://app.famitsu.com/20121108_107352/ but I’ve yet to go through them. I know the second link doesn’t really help so I think the first one is where the movement and gameplay information is at.

Road to Dragons - Tutorial Dungeon
Quest Select screen. This is a one-time dungeon. :V

Each stage requires a certain amount of Stamina which will recover over time. You can also opt to instantly replenish it with the premium currency known as Rainbow Crystal (虹色水晶). There’s a number underneath Stamina which shows how many squares are needed to get to the Goal or something? I haven’t bothered to look up the kanji.

Road to Dragons - Selecting a stage
Selecting a stage

Oh yeah, the screencap above is of an Event Dungeon which are essentially limited time dungeons which are only available for a certain amount of days or hours. When selecting a stage to play, you can also choose a random stranger and have them accompany you. After you journey with them, you can choose to send off a friend request.

All this is taken from Puzzle & Dragons. :3

Road to Dragons - Selecting a fellow adventurer
The level randomization isn’t as good as Puzzle & Dragons’ since you can choose high level and/or rank characters to join you. :\ Maybe it’s just me but I’d rather help out people that are around the same level as me.

It seems like the point in each stage is to get to Goal as quickly as you can without losing Soul by dictating where to move on the grid. This is done by selecting one of the predetermined paths shown at the bottom of the gameplay area. Each movement will cost you 1 Soul point … unless you know how to move without losing any. :\

Road to Dragons - Tutorial Example
Goofy looking mascot~ Those arrows with blocks in them are the predetermined paths for navigating around a stage.

The grid itself has monsters, chests, and elemental squares littered throughout and landing on a square with a creature throws you into a battle where you trace out a route for your attacks. The game will tell you how much Soul you will consume based on the path you drew out; attacks aren’t executed until you lift your finger from the screen so you can preview the outcome. What’s cool is that you can also preview the amount of damage you will deal to your enemy. (Landing on squares with treasure chests will simply get you whatever’s inside them.)

Road to Dragons - Moving around in a stage
Where to go next? 😐

Having Soul in battle is important since you can combine different attacks and trace out a long chain of them too. Notice the health bar under the monster and the Preview indicator. It’s showing that my selected path will kill it off in one shot. 😀

Road to Dragons - In Battle!
The dotted lines indicate where you can drag your line.

After you reach the goal line, you will face a boss monster and fight it in the same manner as you do with regular enemies.

Should you run out of Soul before reaching the end of the stage, a Grim Reaper-type monster will appear and attack you. I died in the confrontation so I have no idea what happens if you manage to defeat it. XD Having no Soul left also severely limits you in the paths you can select since it restricts you to choosing only those of the same type.

Road to Dragons - The Grim Reaper
I have no Soul. 😦
Road to Dragons - Continue?
Continuing a stage/battle requires 1 Rainbow Crystal.

Overall, the package looks A LOT like Puzzle & Dragons since just about every menu and their functions are the same. I admit that some of these are staples in the freemium RPG world such as fusing units to create stronger ones and having gacha elements where you can pick out random units and such but the layouts and what you perform in them are really carbon copies! Heck, Acquire even thanks GungHo in their Thank You list. One thing I noticed that was different was that you can expand your Friends List with Rainbow Crystals.  :\

Road to Dragons - Shop
At the Shop, you can buy more Rainbow Crystals, restore Stamina, increase the Unit Box (re: roster space), and increase the number of friends you can add. :/
Road to Dragons - Thanks for letting us use your ideas~!
Puzzle & Dragons creator, GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. is thanked~

Puzzle & Dragons is out in English!

Puzzle & Dragons in English

Gungho Online Entertainment America has finally brought over Puzzle & Dragons to Western shores! I’m not sure I’m going to be getting it since I’m hardly playing the Japanese version as it is. ^^ Got up to level 40 in it too and managed to save up to 63 Magic Stones — all which were gifts from GungHo during promotions and celebrations. I just lost interest after a while since I’m stuck with grinding for money to level up and fuse my monsters. I also needed some of those fusion material monsters that are needed to evolve them … which are probably rare drops from higher difficulty dungeons. Sigh.

Anyway, I encourage iOS users to try it out! It’s much more cute and colourful than its blatant clone, Angel Salvation. LOTS more variety in units too. And, as I mentioned in that post, as long as GungHo is active in supporting the game and dishing out Magic Stones to everyone once in a while, I’m sure players will remain with it. The Japan version gets a lot of cross-promotions with other companies too. (And there’s merchandise like little toys and cellphone straps and stuff! TT~) Not sure they’ll do it for the NA version though.

Oh yeah, it doesn’t look like there’s an English Android version just yet which is good, I suppose, since they still need to broaden device support for it, in my opinion. (It STILL doesn’t run on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 with CyanogenMod 10.)