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Potpourri Post: Games & Life (… What else do I ever talk about? XD)

Gosh. It’s been almost a month, hasn’t it? I really should make more of an effort to post here seeing that I’m paying for the domain name but I spend most of my time on Twitter. ^^; In fact, part of today’s post will contain summaries of topics that I’ve yakked about there. That should make for an easy update, yes? XD Continue reading “Potpourri Post: Games & Life (… What else do I ever talk about? XD)”

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Potpourri Post: Healthy Living & New iOS Games

About Life~!

Just a follow up to the post I made back in December where I wrote about some health issues I have namely high blood pressure and an enlarge thyroid gland. Well, the ultrasound lab results for the latter showed negative so the family doctor still doesn’t know what the cause is but, as I mentioned before, the thyroid is still working as it’s supposed to so he’s suggested to do a check up on it every few months or so.

The blood pressure bit’s not really changed. But it could be because I’m not following the DASH diet to a T. ^^ In fact, I’ve been eating more meat than I should. 😦  The good thing is that I HAVE definitely lost weight. The problem is reducing it further. It’s currently hovering at a point that’s about 6 – 7 pounds less than I used to be at. But there were several days where it was even at lower than that. I suspect the recent intake of white rice and meat (and trying to eat as much as of the homemade loaf of bread as fast as possible) contributed to that.

Anyway, the good thing is that the there hasn’t been any drastic change in blood pressure. I just wish it would show lower values though consider weight loss has happened! But since my hypertension could be something I inherited from my mom, I sometimes wonder if it’ll ever go down. :/

Now for the happier things!

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Let’s be healthy! But what’s this about the recommended daily sugar intake?

For once, I’m not blogging about video or computer games or any sort of entertainment. This time, it’s about life.

I went in for a mini check up back in late November for a surgery I had earlier this month. It turns out that had I not decided to have this surgery — it wasn’t some necessary, I-will-die-if-I-didn’t-go-through-with-it one — I wouldn’t have known that I had a) high blood pressure and a b) thyroid problem.

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